Cock valve with alarm

A technology for alarms and plug valves, applied in the field of plug valves, can solve the problems of reduced maintenance efficiency, poor sealing effect of plug valves, loose plugs, etc., and achieve the effects of improving maintenance efficiency, good sealing performance, and convenient disassembly and assembly

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-05-01
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] However, when the conventional plug valve needs to be repaired after long-term use, the handle, screw cap, valve seat, etc. in the valve body must be removed to repair the inside of the valve body, but because the valve se...
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Method used

This plug valve with alarm, its valve seat and valve body are movable connection, can disassemble valve seat and cock together when maintenance is needed, easy to disassemble, improved maintenance efficiency; Simult...
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The invention relates to a cock valve with an alarm. The cock valve is characterized in that the cock valve comprises a valve body (1), the middle of the valve body (1) is provided with a valve seat (2), and the valve seat (2) and the valve body (1) are arranged in a separated from; a cock (5) is arranged in a middle through hole of the valve seat (2), the top of the valve body (1) is connected with a screw cap (7) through a thread, and the top of the screw cap (7) and a transversely-arranged handle (8) are hinged; and the screw cap (7) is rotated through the handle (8), and the alarm is arranged in a front side pipeline of the valve body (1). According to the cock valve with the alarm, disassembling and assembling are convenient, the maintenance efficiency is improved, sealing performanceis good, and leakage prevention under high and low pressure can be achieved.

Application Domain

Plug valves

Technology Topic

EngineeringScrew cap +1


  • Cock valve with alarm


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Example Embodiment

[0012] See figure 1 , The present invention relates to a plug valve with an alarm, including a valve body 1, a valve seat 2 is arranged in the middle of the valve body 1, and the valve seat 2 and the valve body 1 are arranged separately. A valve seat cushion ring 3 and a valve seat sealing ring 4 are provided between the seat 2 and the valve body 1, a cock 5 is provided in the middle through hole of the valve seat 2, and a cock 5 is provided between the cock 5 and the valve body 1 Sealing ring 6, the top of the valve body 1 is connected with the screw cap 7 through threads, the top of the screw cap 7 is hinged with a handle 8 arranged horizontally, and the screw cap 7 is rotated by the handle 8. The front side tube of the valve body 1 An alarm is set in the road, which can monitor the flow rate of the plug valve. After comparing with the normal flow rate, it will alarm if it is higher or lower than the standard.
[0013] This kind of plug valve with alarm has a movable connection between the valve seat and the valve body. When maintenance is needed, the valve seat and the plug can be disassembled together, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and improves the maintenance efficiency; at the same time, the valve seat and the valve body , And a plug sealing ring and packing are arranged between the plug and the valve body, which has good sealing performance and can prevent leakage at high and low pressures.


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