Novel pipeline filter device

A pipeline filter and a new type of technology, applied in the field of filters, can solve problems such as inconvenience in life and affect normal work, and achieve the effects of convenient sewage discharge, convenient installation and cleaning, and large sewage capacity.

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-04-26
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The new pipeline filter is an indispensable filter device for the pipeline system of the conveying medium. Its function is to filter the mechanical impurities in the medium, and can filter the rust, sand in the sewage, and a small amount of solid particles in the liquid to protect the equipment pi...
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The invention provides a novel pipeline filter device. The novel pipeline filter device comprises an inlet channel, a cylinder body, a first handle, a filtering net, a U-shaped groove, a connecting pipe, a filtering basket, a flange cover, a transverse channel, a transverse isolating and blocking body, a second handle and an outlet channel; and the inlet channel and the outlet channel are formed in the left end and the right end of the cylinder body correspondingly, the first handle is connected with the filtering net, the connecting pipe is formed at the lower end of the cylinder body, the filtering basket is arranged in the connecting pipe, the flange cover is arranged at the bottom of the connecting pipe, the transverse channel is formed in the lower side of the cylinder body, the transverse isolating and blocking body is arranged in the transverse channel, and the right end of the transverse isolating and blocking body is connected with the second handle. The novel pipeline filterdevice has the beneficial effects that the novel pipeline filter device has the advantages of easy manufacturing, advanced structure, convenient mounting and cleaning, large dirt accommodating capacity, small resistance, convenient pollution discharging, wide application range, easy operation during cleaning and the like, normal using is not affected during cleaning, and unnecessary trouble is prevented from being brought to the life of people.

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Filtration separation

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Example Embodiment

[0014] The technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be clearly and completely described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention. Obviously, the described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, rather than all the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0015] Attached figure 1 Description, the new pipeline filter device of the present invention includes an inlet channel 1, a cylinder body 2, a first handle 3, a filter screen 4, a U-shaped groove 5, a nozzle 6, a filter basket 7, a flange cover 8, a transverse channel 9, The transverse baffle 10, the second handle 11 and the outlet channel 12, the left and right ends of the cylinder body 2 are the inlet channel 1 and the outlet channel 12 respectively, the first handle 3 is connected with the filter screen 4, and the cylinder body 2 A connecting pipe 6 is opened at the lower end, a filter basket 7 is arranged inside the connecting pipe 6, a flange cover 8 is arranged at the bottom of the connecting pipe 6, the transverse channel 9 is arranged inside the lower side of the cylinder 6, the transverse channel 9 A transverse baffle 10 is provided inside, the right end of the transverse baffle 10 is connected with the second handle 11, a U-shaped groove 5 is provided on the lower side of the cylinder 2, and the lower end of the filter screen 4 is U-shaped and U-shaped. Type grooves 5 are matched, the filter screen 4 can be moved up and down by controlling the first handle 3, and the lateral barrier can be moved left and right by controlling the second handle 11. The filter screen 4 and the filter basket 7 The mesh number is 10-480. The lower end of the filter screen 4 and the periphery of the lateral barrier 10 are both provided with rubber bodies, and the lower end of the connecting pipe 6 can be closed up and down.
[0016] Specific working process: When cleaning is required, move the filter screen 4 down to the bottom end of the filter screen 4 into the U-shaped groove 5 by controlling the first handle 3, and then move the filter basket 7 down to the lower end of the transverse channel 9 , Then move the lateral barrier 10 to the left, and then take out the filter basket 7 for cleaning.
[0017] For those skilled in the art, it is obvious that the present invention is not limited to the details of the above exemplary embodiments, and the present invention can be implemented in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or basic characteristics of the present invention. Therefore, from any point of view, the embodiments should be regarded as exemplary and non-limiting. The scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims rather than the above description, and therefore it is intended to fall within the claims. All changes within the meaning and scope of the equivalent elements of are included in the present invention. Any reference signs in the claims should not be regarded as limiting the claims involved.
[0018] In addition, it should be understood that although this specification is described in accordance with the implementation manners, not each implementation manner only includes an independent technical solution. This narration in the specification is only for clarity, and those skilled in the art should regard the specification as a whole The technical solutions in the embodiments can also be appropriately combined to form other implementations that can be understood by those skilled in the art.


Mesh10.0 ~ 480.0mesh

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