High-precision biopsy puncture device for nephrology department and use method of high-precision biopsy puncture device

A high-precision, internal medicine technology, applied in the field of renal puncture, can solve problems such as increased puncture failure rate, impact on puncture accuracy, and puncture offset, so as to reduce safety hazards, increase success rate, and improve accuracy.

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-08-24
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Problems solved by technology

[0007] Kidney puncture has high requirements on the accuracy of puncture, but due to the softness and elasticity of the skin, when the skin is subjected to the force from the puncture needle, it is prone to elasti...
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Method used

By the setting of multi-point shrinkage ring 6, before renal puncture, the suction effect of negative pressure can be used to closely contact the position that the patient needs to puncture with multi-point shrinkage ring 6, when the puncture place is subjected to puncture needle 4 When the puncture force is high, the multi-point shrinkage ring 6 can significantly intercept the range of deformation and fluctuation of the skin under force, reduce the offset caused by the elasticity of the skin when the puncture needle 4 punctures, and then significantly improve the accuracy of kidney puncture and ...
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The invention discloses a high-precision biopsy puncture device for the nephrology department and a use method of the high-precision biopsy puncture device, and belongs to the field of kidney puncture. According to the high-precision biopsy puncture device for the nephrology department, through the arrangement of a multi-point volume shrinkage ring, before kidney puncture is carried out, under the suction effect, the part, needing to be punctured, of a patient is in close contact with the multi-point volume shrinkage ring, and when a puncture position is stressed by a puncture needle, the multi-point shrinkage ring can remarkably intercept deformation fluctuation caused by skin stress at the puncture position, the skin deformation range is narrowed, offset caused by skin elasticity during puncture of the puncture needle is reduced, accuracy during kidney puncture is remarkably improved, and the success rate of kidney puncture is increased. Meanwhile, in cooperation with the effects of the inner extending ribbons and the puncture assisting stabbing rods, the inner extending ribbons are punctured when gradually getting close to the outer extending stabbing rods, the disinfection antibacterial liquid in the inner extending ribbons overflows to the skin of the punctured position, bacterium breeding caused by sweat generated when the position makes contact with the multi-point shrinkage ring is effectively avoided, then the punctured wound is effectively protected against infection, and potential safety hazards are reduced.

Application Domain

Surgical needlesVaccination/ovulation diagnostics +2

Technology Topic

UrologyRenal medicine +6


  • High-precision biopsy puncture device for nephrology department and use method of high-precision biopsy puncture device
  • High-precision biopsy puncture device for nephrology department and use method of high-precision biopsy puncture device
  • High-precision biopsy puncture device for nephrology department and use method of high-precision biopsy puncture device


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Example Embodiment

[0047] Example 1:
[0048] See figure 1 , A high precision high-tech biopsy puncture device, including the bed plate 1, and the upper end of the bed plate 1 is fixed to the back plate 2, and the two back plate 2 is mounted, and the puncture assembly 3 is mounted on the puncture assembly 3. Needle 4, two backplanes 2 are also fixed to the finite-tape, and the limit belt is located directly below the puncture needle 4, and the limit belt includes two straps 5 that are fixedly connected to the two backplane 2, two A multi-point syndrome ring 6 is fixed between the straps 5.
[0049] See Figure 2-3 , Multi-point compartment 6 lower card plus multiple uniform distributed constitutive positioning hemispheres 7, and the harm positioning half of the slide 7 is hoisted with multiple uniform distributed suction positioning holes 8, multi-point syndrome ring 6 interior Multiple compartment 9 matches the retracted positioning a hemisphere 7, the tape 5 is inlaid, and the tube 11, the strap 5 and the vent line 11 are made of elastic materials, so that the two can adapt to different fat thin. The patient, so that the multi-dot marker 6 can better bind the patient to the portion where the patient needs to be puncture, and the venting tube 11 runs through the back plate 2 and extends to the back plate 2, and the other end of the air-winding tube is embedded to a multicast Within the ring 6, and in line with the wind cavity 9;
[0050] The inner wall of the retracted positioning hemisphere 7 is fixedly connected to a plurality of uniformly distributed internal defects 14, and the plurality of inner delayed belts 14 are distributed between the suction positioning hole 8, and the internal defective belt 14 is made of the elastic film-shaped material, which is subject to When the force of the epitaxial hike 13 is easily punctured, and the internal filling of the inner fills is filled with disinfection inhibition, see Image 6 , The sterilization of antibacterial fluid is unsaturated in the inner delay 14, and the disinfecting antibacterial liquid fill is 50-60%, the amount of filling is too much, which is easy to cause the elasticity of the overall flexibility of the endogenic tape 14, and the gravity is large. , So that it is not easy to be extended by the blower of the blower, extensive, the amount of filling is too small, and the spilled disinfection inhibic fluid is not obvious to the sterilization of the skin of the thorn, so that the wounds in the puncture have a certain Infected hidden dangers.
[0051] See Figure 4 The tip end of the winding chamber 9 is fixed to the hike, which helps the tab rod through the wind sole 9 and extend into the retracted positioning hemisphere 7, to help the hike includes fixed connection with the tip of the winding chamber 9 The rod 10 and the helix center ball 12 fixed to the lower end of the fixed lever 10, the outer end of the assisted center ball 12 fixed to a plurality of uniformly distributed epitaxial hoses 13, and the epitaxial hikes 13 are made of hard materials, so that With a certain carryingability, when the lactor 14 is close to the outer extension rod 13 under the suction action of the blower, the local portion may be subjected to a larger extrusion force from the outer tuning rod, thereby facilitating the fracture of the internal delay 14, and epitaxially The tab 13 is exhibited a sharp shape, and further protects the inner trace 14 when it comes into contact with the epitaxial hike 13, thereby causing the inside of the sterilization inhibition to overflow, disinfecting the skin of the puncture, see Figure 5 When performing negative pressure inhalation by the blower, the intratus trace 14 is attached to the center of the hindering hemisphere 7, thereby spilling with the sterilization of the sterilization in contact with the hike, and overflowing to more points The skin is in contact with the patient in contact with the patient. When the multi-point syndrome ring is in contact with the patient's skin, the skin caused by sweat, and the sterilization of the antibacterial fluid can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria treated due to sweat. The wound effectively protecting the puncture is not prone to infection, reducing safety hazards, significantly improving the safety of puncture and success rate.
[0052] An accurate high kidney internal medicine biopsy device, which uses the following steps:
[0053] S1, first is lying on the bed plate 1 by the patient, and then mark the line to be puncture;
[0054] S2, the end of the bobbin 12 ends outside the back plate 2 connects the air-proof end of the blower, and realizes the negative pressure suction treatment on the retracted positioning hemisphere 7;
[0055] S3, the internal defective zone 14 moves at the center of the hollow, and is in contact with the epitaxial hike 13;
[0056] S4, the multi-point syndrome ring 6 on the limit belt needs to be punctured by the patient, and gently press, so that the suction positioning hole 8 on the retracted positioning hemispherion 7 is sealed by the skin, thereby achieving multiple shrinkage The reachaving ring 6 is fixed to the skin at the label, and the end portion of the air-wind tube 11 is sealed, so that the sterilization of the sterilization of the antibacterial fluid is overduous;
[0057] S5, turn off the blower, and control the puncture needle 4 to the center of the multi-point zoom 6 in the center of the puncture ring 6, according to the conventional operation.
[0058] Through the setting of multi-point harvesting ring 6, the patient needs to be punctured with the multi-point compressive ring 6 is tightly contacted with the multi-point compressive ring 6 before the suction of the kidney puncture. When the puncture is punctured by the puncture needle 4 When the multi-point compatible ring 6 can significantly intercept the range of deformation fluctuations in the skin, reduce the flexibility of the skin, which further improves the precision of the kidney puncture during the puncture needle 4, and improves the kidney puncture. The success rate, at the same time, together with the end of the inner trace 14, and the role to help the tab, the inner florph 14 will gradually close to the outer tuning rod 13, and the internal disinfecting antibacterial fluid is overflowing to the skin of the puncture. Effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria that breed by sweats caused by contact with multi-dotted loops 6, which in turn effectively protects the wounds of puncture are not prone to infection, and reduce safety hazards.


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