Automatic feeding device for copper plate

An automatic feeding device, copper plate technology, applied in the stacking, transportation and packaging of objects, electrolysis process, etc., can solve the problems of solution splashing, human injury, etc., achieve stable parameters, avoid human injury, and avoid unstable factors Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-21
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[0004] The purpose of the present invention is to provide an automatic feeding device for copper plates. Through the setting of the feeding mechanism, the material conveying mechanism and the ...
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The invention discloses an automatic feeding device for a copper plate, and relates to the technical field of copper material production. The automatic feeding device comprises a bottom plate, and a feeding mechanism and a discharging mechanism are arranged at the two ends of the bottom plate correspondingly; and the feeding mechanism comprises a vertical plate arranged at one end of the bottom plate, a supporting plate is arranged on the side, close to the discharging mechanism, of the vertical plate, a notch is formed in the end of the supporting plate, and a material stirring rotating roller is arranged at the notch. A pushing cylinder is arranged on in the position, above the supporting plate, of the vertical plate, and a pushing plate is arranged at the end part of the pushing cylinder; and a material conveying mechanism is arranged in the position, between the feeding mechanism and the discharging mechanism, of the bottom plate . Through the arrangement of the feeding mechanism, the material conveying mechanism and the discharging mechanism, mechanical feeding is conducted in the using process, the labor intensity of feeding is reduced, and unstable factors of manual feeding are avoided.

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Stacking articlesElectroforming processes

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  • Automatic feeding device for copper plate
  • Automatic feeding device for copper plate
  • Automatic feeding device for copper plate


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[0032] Example 2
[0033] Automatic feeding method, the automatic feeding method includes:
[0034] STP1, vertically placed on the support plate 111, and then protrude by the control push cylinder 114, and the die roller 113 is rotated, and the copper plate is adjusted to the horizontal shape and placed on the conveyor belt 121;
[0035] STP2, the copper plate is moved to the tray 17 under the action of the conveyor belt, and after the pressure sensor detects the pressure signal, the microstructure cylinder 18 is retracted to achieve a copper plate on the tray 17 by clamping plate 181;
[0036] STP3, drive the rotary motor A171 to rotate, so that the control tray 17 is inclined or vertically, then control the rotary motor B19 to rotate, the control tube 192 is removed, and then control the microstructure cylinder 18 project, then the copper plate slipped from the tray 17 .
[0037] The above can be lifted down by controlling the lifting device 131, and a multilayer copper plate is placed on the tray 17.
[0038] When using, the pressure signal analysis determines the number of copper plates placed on the tray 17, and the number of layers placed, and then the number of layers placed can be controlled by the processor to control the lifting device 131 to the corresponding height according to the number of layers required. Can be completed next time.


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