Coating barrier film and method for preparing same

A technology of isolation film and coating, applied in the field of coating isolation film and its preparation, can solve the problem of no product on the market, and achieve the effect of great promotion and application value, strong applicability and convenient construction

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-01-07
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[0002] Coating isolation technology has been widely used in the coating isolation of electromechanical equipment, motor vehicles, instruments, buildings, bridges, furniture, and temporary corrosion and rust prevention of steel, non-ferrous metals and allo...
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The invention relates to a coating isolating film and a preparation method thereof; PVC, high chlorinated polyethylene, dimethylbenzene, engine oil, manganese naphthenate and other 5 raw materials are selected; dissolution, medium-speed dispersion, detection and filtration production processes are adopted; the coating isolating film solves the defects of the prior coating isolating methods, such as paper adhesion, tape adhesion or butter application, etc. can be used for the coasting and isolating of coatings dried at normal temperature or below 120 DEG C in the forms of brush coating or spray coating, is simple to be constructed, suitable for a plurality of types of materials, has strong adaptability and high promotion and application value.

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EngineeringSpray coating +6


  • Coating barrier film and method for preparing same
  • Coating barrier film and method for preparing same
  • Coating barrier film and method for preparing same


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The technical content of the present invention will now be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0010] 1. The raw materials used in the present invention and their weight percentages are:
[0011] ①Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): 7.3%-9.3%;
[0012] ②High chlorinated polyethylene (HCPE): 7%-9%;
[0013] ③Xylene: 67.9%-69.9%;
[0014] ④ Engine oil: 9%-11%;
[0015] ⑤Calcium base grease: 0.07%-0.09%;
[0016] ⑥Sodium-based grease: 0.06%-0.08%;
[0017] ⑦Manganese naphthenate: 1.3%-3.3%;
[0018] ⑧Defoamer (BYK141): 0.01%-0.03%;
[0019] ⑨Leveling agent (BYK306): 0.01%-0.03%;
[0020] ⑩Dibutyl ester: 0.05%-0.07%.
[0021] 2. The specific production process of the present invention is:
[0022] (1) Dissolve:
[0023] Add the raw materials ① polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ② high chlorinated polyethylene (HCPE) and ③ xylene into the paint mixing tank, and start stirring to dissolve.
[0024] (2) Medium speed dispersion:
[0025] Add the raw materials ④ engine oil, ⑤ calcium-based grease, ⑥ sodium-based grease, ⑦ manganese naphthenate, ⑧ defoamer (BYK141), ⑨ leveling agent (BYK306) and ⑩ dibutyl ester into the paint mixing tank, and disperse at medium speed ( 600r/min) about 1h.


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