B ultrasonic ultrahigh frequency probe device for livestock

A B-ultrasound and high-frequency technology, applied in applications, ultrasound/sonic/infrasonic diagnosis, medical science, etc., can solve the problems of narrow range of application occasions, lack of flexibility and strength, poor practical performance, etc., to achieve short detection time, Excellent practical performance and the effect of ensuring precision

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-04-08
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Problems solved by technology

At present, the probes of veterinary B-ultrasound instruments are relatively complicated, and the scope of application i...
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Method used

Based on above-mentioned, the beneficial effect of the present invention is: simple in structure, easy to make, by adopting high-frequency linear array probe, can accurately distinguish subtle lesion in B-ultrasound examination, has guaranteed the carefulness of animal B-ultrasound examination , widely used in B-ultrasound inspection of horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and other animals, so that the data can be displayed intuitively and clearly during the measurement process, with short detection time, high accuracy and excellent practical performance. This is a very good innovative solution with great ma...
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The invention discloses a B ultrasonic ultrahigh frequency probe device for livestock. The B ultrasonic ultrahigh frequency probe device comprises a housing, wherein a scanning head is arranged at the top of the housing, a sound lens is arranged inside the scanning head and is connected with a central processing unit inside a controller through a pressure sensor, an array type transducer is arranged at one end of the central processing unit, a digital scanning converter is arranged at the other end of the central processing unit, an external interface and a display interface are sequentially formed in the digital scanning converter, and a display window is connected with the display interface through a video synthesizer. By adopting a high-frequency linear array probe, fine focuses can be accurately distinguished in B ultrasonic inspection, and the carefulness of the B ultrasonic inspection of the livestock is ensured; the B ultrasonic ultrahigh frequency probe device is widely applicable for B ultrasonic inspection of the livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats and dogs, so that data can be visually displayed in a measuring process, is short in inspection time, high in accuracy rate and excellent in practicability, is a good innovation scheme, and has a market popularization prospect.

Application Domain

Ultrasonic/sonic/infrasonic diagnosticsInfrasonic diagnostics +1

Technology Topic

Ultrahigh frequencyB mode ultrasonography +10


  • B ultrasonic ultrahigh frequency probe device for livestock


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0015] In order to make the technical means, creative features, objectives and effects achieved by the present invention easy to understand, the present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with specific embodiments.
[0016] See figure 1 , A veterinary B ultra-high frequency probe device, including a housing 100, the top of the housing 100 is set as a scanning head 110, the scanning head 110 is installed with an acoustic lens 120, the acoustic lens 120 is connected to the central processing unit inside the controller 150 through a pressure sensor , One end of the central processing unit is provided with an array transducer, and the other end of the central processing unit is provided with a digital scan converter. The digital scan converter is sequentially provided with peripheral interfaces and display interfaces. The display window 160 is connected through a video synthesizer. Display interface.
[0017] In addition, an operation button 170 is opened at the bottom of the display window 160. The shape of the scan head 110 is rectangular, and the frequency of the probe chip inside the scan head 110 is 3.5 MHz-6.6 MHz. A control switch 130 is provided on the surface of the housing 100.
[0018] The application process of the present invention is: scanning the beasts through the scanning head, the acoustic lens transmits the data to the central processing unit through the pressure sensor, and the central processing unit integrates the data through the array transducer and calculates the result of the calculation. The data is fed back to the central processing unit, and the central processing unit transmits the data to the digital scan converter. The digital scan converter can transmit the data through the peripheral interface, which can be displayed intuitively through the display interface, and has excellent practical performance.
[0019] Based on the above, the beneficial effects of the present invention are: simple structure, convenient manufacture, by using a high-frequency linear array probe, it can accurately distinguish fine lesions in B-ultrasound, ensuring the thoroughness of animal B-ultrasound, and is widely applicable For B-ultrasonic examination of horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and other animals, the data can be displayed intuitively and clearly during the measurement process. The detection time is short, the accuracy rate is high, and the practical performance is excellent. The innovative plan has great prospects for market promotion.
[0020] The above shows and describes the basic principles and main features of the present invention and its advantages. Those skilled in the industry should understand that the present invention is not limited by the foregoing embodiments. The foregoing embodiments and descriptions only illustrate the principles of the present invention. Without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, the present invention will have Various changes and improvements, these changes and improvements all fall within the scope of the claimed invention. The scope of protection claimed by the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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