Antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag

An anti-static, aluminum film technology, applied in the direction of layered products, metal layered products, synthetic resin layered products, etc., can solve problems such as time-consuming, affecting product function and life, troublesome, etc., to achieve strong adaptability to the environment, good Heat insulation effect and wide application range

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-03-02
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] 1. Static electricity absorbs dust, changes the impedance of line parts, and affects the function and life of the product;
[0005] 2. The insulation or conductor of the component is damaged due to the electric field or current, so that the component cannot work;
[0006] 3. Due to the heat generated by the instantaneous electric field or current, the component is injured, but it can still work and the life span is damaged
[0008] 1. Concealment, the human body cannot directly perceive static electricity unless electrostatic discharge occurs, but the human body may not feel an electric shock when electrostatic discharge occurs, because the electrostatic discharge voltage perceived by the human body is 2-3KV;
[0009] 2. Latency, the performance of some electronic components does not decline significantly after being damaged by static electricity, but multiple cumulative discharges will cause internal damage to the device and form hidden dangers, and increase the sensitivity of the device to static electricity. Any method can be solved;
[0010] 3. Randomness, under what circumstances will electronic components be damaged by static electricity? It can be said that from the time a component is produced until it is damaged, all processes will be threatened by static electricity, and the generation of these static electricity is also random. Sex, because the generatio...
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The invention discloses an antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag. The antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag comprises a bag body; from outside to inside, the bag body comprises a sunscreen shell fabric layer, a thermal dispersing thermal insulating shell fabric layer, an aluminum film layer, and a supporting layer successively; the sunscreen shell fabric layer is prepared via blending and knitting of polyester fiber and mulberry silk fiber; the thermal dispersing thermal insulating shell fabric layer is prepared via blending and knitting of tencel fiber and flax fiber; the support layer comprises a metal layer and a textile fabric used for covering the surface of the metal layer; the textile fabric is prepared via sewing of an antistatic knitted cloth; the antistatic knitted cloth is prepared via weaving of monofilament spandex and anti-static fiber. According to a preparation method, the shielding bag possesses excellent thermal insulating effect via adopting of sunscreen shell fabric and the thermal dispersing thermal insulating shell fabric; and the supporting layer is used for effectively solving problems that static is generated in storage and transportation processes, and structural strength of the shielding bag is low. Environmental adaptive capacity of the antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag is excellent; application range is wide; and the antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag is capable of adapting different processing environment preferably.

Application Domain

Synthetic resin layered productsMetal layered products

Technology Topic

Flax fiberPolyester +7


  • Antistatic heat-insulating aluminum film bag


  • Experimental program(3)

Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 1
[0027] An anti-static and heat-insulating aluminum film bag of this embodiment includes a bag body. The bag body includes a sun-proof fabric layer 1, a heat-dissipating and heat-insulating fabric layer 2, an aluminum film layer 3, and a support layer 4 from the outside to the inside. 1 It is woven by blending polyester fiber and mulberry silk fiber, and the heat-dissipating fabric layer 2 is woven by blending Tencel fiber and flax fiber. The thickness of the aluminum film layer 3 is 5mm. The support layer 4 includes a metal layer and is wrapped in a metal layer. The surface of the fabric, the fabric is sewn by anti-static woven cloth, the anti-static woven cloth is made of monofilament spandex and anti-static yarns, the fabric is composed of 2 layers of anti-static woven cloth, and the support layer 4 is 650um in thickness.

Example Embodiment

[0028] Example 2
[0029] Compared with the embodiment 1, the sun protection fabric layer 1 is replaced by a blended weaving of spandex fiber, polyester fiber and mulberry silk fiber, and the others are the same.

Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 3
[0031] Compared with the embodiment 1, the heat dissipation and heat insulation fabric layer 2 is replaced by a blended weaving of vinylon fiber and ramie fiber, and the others are the same.


Thickness3.0 ~ 5.0mm
Thickness55.0 ~ 80.0µm

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