Bos frontalis and bos indicus and bostaurus inter-species distant hybridization method

A distant hybridization, cattle technology, applied in the field of hybridization, can solve the problems of slow growth rate, low individual product rate, small size of cattle, etc., and achieve the effect of improving production performance, good reproductive performance, and good production performance.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-05-04
云南省草地动物科学研究院 +1
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On the one hand, the population of large-breed cattle in my country is very limited. In addition, the systematic research and application of cross-breeding utilization of large-breed cattle, cattle, and zebu is lagging behind. The excellent genetic resources of purebre...
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Method used

[0029] Embodiments of the present invention The present invention improves the production performance of hybrid cattle by interspecies hybridization between large amount cattle and Yunnan yellow cattle. In order to rationally utilize resources of my country's local fine-bred cattle Bostaurus, Zebu, and Bostaurus (Bostaurus), the utilization potential of hybridization and the prospect of hybr...
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The embodiment of the invention provides a bos frontalis and bos indicus and bostaurus inter-species distant hybridization method. The method comprises the steps of cross parent selection, cow estrus synchronization treatment, hybridization method, pregnancy check, growth performance of cross-bred cattles, and karyotype and paternity testing method. The stress resistance of inter-species hybrid of cultivated bos frontalis and Brahman and bostaurus is high, production performance is good, meat quality is good, and reproductive performance of cows is good, while bulls are sterile. The scientific basis is provided for reasonable utilization and crossbreeding of local fine breed bos frontalis, bos indicus and bostaurus in China.

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Animal husbandry

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Heterodea muelleriBreeding cattle +8


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Example Embodiment

[0015] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions and advantages of the present invention clearer, the present invention will be described in further detail below.
[0016] The method of interspecies distant hybridization between large-fronted cattle and zebu and yellow cattle in the embodiment of the present invention is characterized in that it comprises the following steps:
[0017] (1) Selection of hybrid parents: male parent: 4-8 years old, healthy, genetically stable, excellent large bull bull or excellent bull’s frozen semen; female parent: 3-10 years old, healthy, Zebu breeds with stable genetic performance, obvious appearance characteristics, normal sexual cycle and reproductive function, and moderate body condition, such as Brahman cows and Yunnan yellow cattle cows;
[0018] (2) Selection of natural estrus cows and simultaneous estrus treatment of cows: selection of natural estrus cows: observe and record the estrus time and estrus performance of the cows to determine the time of insemination; The cow undergoes a pregnancy check and the progesterone vaginal suppository is CUE-MATE TM Or CIDR? Progesterone vaginal suppository is inserted into the cow's vagina. On the 8th day, the PGF2α analogue chloroprostenol 0.6mg/head is injected once, and the CUE-MATE is withdrawn on the 10th day. TM Or CIDR?, withdraw from CUE-MATE on day 11-13 TM Or 24-76h after CIDR?, observe estrus 2-3 times a day, each time for more than 20 minutes, and record the time and performance of estrus, and perform insemination if the estrus is good;
[0019] (3) Breeding: Large amount of cattle frozen semen quality requirements: produced by the Yunnan livestock frozen semen station according to national standards, thin tube frozen semen specification 0.25mL/dose, sperm motility after thawing is more than 0.35, and the effective sperm count is more than 10 million; Thawing large amount of beef frozen semen: use 37.5℃ warm water bath for 8-10 seconds to defrost large amount of beef frozen semen, wipe off the water on the surface of the thin tube, sterilize it with alcohol cotton ball, and cut off the sealing end with a special thin tube. Insemination gun; insemination: after rectal examination to determine the degree of estrus in estrus cows, the rectal grasped insemination method is used for timely insemination, the site of insemination is deep insemination of the uterus; an average of 2 inseminations in one estrus /Head, the insemination volume is 0.25mL/time, a total of 0.5mL; and fill in the breeding registration form.
[0020] Benjiao
[0021] Put the excellent big bulls into the cattle cow herd, the male and female cows are raised in the same group, and the bulls mate with the estrus cows freely;
[0022] (4) Pregnancy examination and data recording: 60-90 days after the insemination of the cow, the pregnancy diagnosis shall be carried out by rectal examination to determine whether it is pregnant or not, and fill in the pregnancy examination record form.
[0023] Paternity test of the first generation of hybrids between large cattle and zebu
[0024] Choose frozen semen of large bull bull (male parent), zebu cow (female parent, Brahman) and hybrid calf (F 1 ), the DNA was prepared by phenol-chloroform extraction method; 9 microsatellite loci were selected for PCR amplification, and the amplified products were colored by non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and silver nitrate staining method; the image was identified by software Calculate the relative chance (RCP) value of the parent-child relationship and make parental judgment. The identification result RCP is 99.9949%, indicating that the bull and the calf have a parent-child relationship, and they are a standard triplet family member, thus confirming the authenticity of the cross.
[0025] Karyotype analysis of the first hybrid of large-fronted cattle and zebu
[0026] Collect male large-fronted cows, female Brahman cows and their hybrid generation (Grandma F 1 ) Blood, according to Shan Xiangnian et al. (1980) method for karyotype analysis. Karyotype analysis results, big-head cattle, brahman cattle and grandma F 1 The number of chromosomes are 2n=58 (28 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes), 2n=60 (29 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes), and 2n=59 (57 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes). Two pairs of chromosomes have a 2/28 Robertson translocation, and the 28th pair is only one unpaired telocentric chromosome).
[0027] Growth performance of hybrid cattle
[0028] It is feasible to hybridize large-head cattle with zebu and yellow cattle, hybrid F 1 The hybrid has obvious advantages, fast growth and development, good production performance, and strong adaptability. The cows can breed and have strong fecundity, but the bulls are sterile. For grandma (Brahman cattle♀×big-fronted cattle♂), big yellow cross-bred cattle (Yunnan yellow cattle♀×big-fronted cattle♂) and Daxi yellow crossbreeds (cross between Simmental cattle and cattle♀×big-fronted cattle♂) , 6-month-old, 12-month-old, 18-month-old, and 24-month-old body weight index measurement results show that: large-fronted cattle and Brahman crosses F 1 The average daily weight gain of bulls and cows at birth, 6, 12 and 18 months of age is 68.18%, 37.12%, 45.07% and 40.13% higher than that of large-fronted cattle, respectively; the average daily gain of bulls and cows of 0-18 months of age is higher than that of large-fronted cattle. 35.98% and 39.85%; rhubarb is 50.90%, 23.99%, 24.40%, 29.56%, and 52.85% higher than Yunnan yellow cattle respectively; the average daily gain from birth to 24 months old, Daxihuangza (301.90g) is significantly higher For Dabenza (264.67g) and Yunnan Yellow Cattle (164.89g), Dabenza (164.89g) is significantly higher than Yunnan Yellow Cattle. Cross between large-fronted cattle and Yunnan yellow cattle F 1 The heterosis rates of birth weight, 12-month-old and 24-month-old body weights were 28.21%, 3.87% and 4.20%, respectively. Bull and Brahman F 1 Bulls weigh up to 500-750kg at 4 years old, have good production performance, high fattening and slaughter rate, and good meat quality.
[0029] Embodiments of the present invention The present invention improves the production performance of crossbred cattle through interspecies crosses between large cattle and Yunnan yellow cattle. For our country’s local fine-bred cattle, large-head cattle, zebu and yellow cattle ( Bostaurus ) Reasonable utilization of resources, hybrid utilization potential and hybrid breeding prospects. The present invention adopts the hybrid improvement technology of artificial insemination after the estrus treatment of the cows at the same time, and the bred large-fronted cattle, Brahman cattle and yellow cattle have strong stress resistance. Good production performance, good meat quality, and good reproductive performance of cows provide corresponding technical support for the rational utilization of the resources of large-head cattle, zebu and yellow cattle and cross-breeding.
[0030] What is disclosed above is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, which of course cannot be used to limit the scope of the present invention. Therefore, equivalent changes made according to the claims of the present invention still fall within the scope of the present invention.


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