Preparation method of nisin aqueous solution with high clarity and high potency

A technology of nisin and aqueous solution, which is applied in the fields of chemical instruments and methods, food science, decapeptide, etc., can solve the problems of low titer and insufficient clarity of nisin aqueous solution, achieve high titer and reduce transportation costs , the effect of less salt content

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-10-24
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[0004] The purpose of the present invention is to solve the technical problem...
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The invention discloses a preparation method of a nisin aqueous solution with high clarity and high potency. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1), taking nisin powder of which the potency is larger than 35000 IU/mg, and adding into distilled water to prepare an aqueous solution of which the potency is 50000 IU/mg; (2), carrying out ultrafiltration treatment on the aqueous solution through a 2000 D ultrafiltration membrane, so as to obtain a clear aqueous solution; (3), filtering the clear aqueous solution through 0.2 mu m microporous filtering membrane after sterilizing for 10 min under the temperature of 80 DEG C, so as to obtain the nisin aqueous solution. The nisin aqueous solution is prepared by taking high-purity nisin as a raw material, filtering through the ultrafiltration membrane, desalting and condensing by a reverse osmose membrane, the potency of the nisin aqueous solution is higher than 1000000 IU/mL, can be placed for one year without turbidity, and can be widely used in preservation of beverages, healthcare products, green products and the like.

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[0018] The present invention will now be described in further detail in conjunction with the embodiments. The application of the present invention is not limited to the following embodiments, and any form modification to the present invention will fall into the protection scope of the present invention.
[0019] The method for preparing an aqueous solution of high-definition clarity and high titer nisin of the present invention includes the following steps:
[0020] (1) Take nisin powder with a potency greater than 35000 IU/mg into distilled water to prepare an aqueous solution with a potency of 50000 IU/ml;
[0021] (2) The above-mentioned aqueous solution was subjected to ultrafiltration treatment through 2000D ultrafiltration membrane to obtain a clear aqueous solution; it should be noted that during trial production, three specifications of ultrafiltration membranes of 3000D, 2000D and 1000D were selected and tested one by one, and it was found that 3000D ultrafiltration membrane The membrane has running material, the 2000D ultrafiltration membrane is clear and there is no running material, and the 1000D ultrafiltration membrane is turbid, so the 2000D ultrafiltration membrane is finally selected, where D is the atomic mass unit Dalton;
[0022] (3) Sterilize the above-mentioned clear aqueous solution at 80°C for 10 minutes and then filter it through a 0.2μm microporous membrane to obtain an aqueous solution of nisin so that there is no visible precipitate.
[0023] Preferably, the step (3) is followed by the following step (4):
[0024] (4) The salt in the nisin aqueous solution is removed by an ultrafiltration membrane, and then concentrated to obtain a low-salt nisin aqueous solution, wherein the mass content of the salt is less than 3%, and the salt includes sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, sodium sulfate and potassium sulfate.
[0025] Preferably, 3≦pH value≦4 of the low-salt nisin aqueous solution.
[0026] Preferably, the following step (5) is further included after the step (4):
[0027] (5) The low-salt nisin aqueous solution is allowed to stand at 25° C. for one year to make it free of visible deposits.
[0028] Preferably, the low-salt nisin aqueous solution has high-definition clarity, and its 354 nm transmittance is ≥37.1%.
[0029] Preferably, the low-salt nisin aqueous solution has a high titer, and its titer is ≥1000000 IU/ml.
[0030] The aqueous solution prepared by this method has high titer and can reduce transportation costs; there are few impurities, and nisin powder with a titer greater than 35000IU/mg is prepared by desalination. Impurities, such as some other metabolites produced by fermentation, are few; clear and transparent, There is no flocculent precipitation at room temperature for more than one year, which can be used for the preservation of juice and other beverages; the salt content is small, and the food flavor is not affected.


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