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Health-care food for beautifying and brightening hair of dog

The invention provides health-care food for beautifying and brightening hair of a dog, belonging to the field of animal health-care products. The health-care food formula comprises the following components by weight based on 1kg: 10-30g of deep sea fish oil, 10-30g of linseed oil, 5-20g of poppyseed oil, 10-30g of perilla oil, 10-30g of grape seed oil, 10-30g of lecithin, 5-20g of chelate iron, 1-10g of chelate manganese, 5-20g of chelate zinc, 1-5g of chelate copper, 0.05-0.2g of yeast selenium, 150-250g of methionine, 50-150g of lysine, 1-4g of vitamin E, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin D, 0.5-2g of vitamin A, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin B1, 0.1-0.4g of vitamin B2, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin B6, 0.05-0.4g of vitamin B12, 0.05-0.2g of biotin, 0.1-0.4g of nicotinic acid, 1-5g of bacillus, 1-5g of yeast, 120-180gof chicken liver powder, 50-80g of Rosmarinus officinalis and the balance of yeast powder. The components are made into a tablet with the specification of 0.7-0.9g according to a regular tabletting process, and the water content is less than 10%. The health-care food provided by the invention has the advantages of high titer and strong stability and is capable of improving the fur health of the dog, protecting hair follicles and hair shafts against damage, enabling the hair to be smooth and soft, reducing hair slip, promoting regeneration of furs, improving immunity comprehensively and ensuring the dog in a healthy and vital state.

Intravenous immunoglobulin composition

A method for preparing a concentrated, immunoglobulin composition for treating subjects vaccinated against or infected with a pathogenic microorganism, comprising: (a) selecting a population of individuals previously vaccinated against one or more antigens associated with the pathogenic microorganism; (b) determining the level of specific antibodies immunoreactive with the pathogenic microorganism in a blood or blood component of the individuals to identify very high titre individuals having a very high titre of the specific antibodies; (c) combining blood or blood components comprising immunoglobulins from the very high titre individuals; and (d) purifying and/or concentrating the product of step (c), thereby obtaining a concentrated immunoglobulin composition. Also disclosed is a concentrated immunoglobulin composition comprising specific antibodies immunoreactive with a pathogenic microorganism, characterized in that the titre of specific antibodies of the composition is at least 5 times higher than the average titre of specific antibodies of a population of individuals previously vaccinated against one or more antigens associated with the pathogenic microorganism. The composition has a relatively high protein concentration and a low percentage of protein aggregates, and is therefore suitable for both iv and im administration. In a preferred embodiment, the pathogenic microorganism is smallpox virus or vaccinia virus.
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