Shield prefabricated segment

A technology of shield prefabricated segments and shield prefabricated tubes is applied in shaft linings, tunnel linings, underground chambers, etc., which can solve the problems of difficult cutting of steel bars, property damage, dangerous tunnel traffic safety, etc., and reduce the labor intensity of workers. , the effect of saving time and cost, reducing transportation costs

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-12-11
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The concrete reinforcement of traditional prefabricated segments often uses steel bars. During the production process, the steel bars are not easy to cut and often damage the cutting tool. The steel bars are easy to corrode in the cold an...
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The invention relates to the technical field of road and bridge construction, and concretely discloses a shield prefabricated segment which can be used in tunnel construction. The main body of the shield prefabricated segment is poured by concrete and is arched as a whole. The shield prefabricated segment includes an inner surface and an outer surface. A convex platform is arranged on the inner surface. Reinforcement in the concrete used for pouring the shield prefabricated segment adopts a glass fiber reinforced polymer. Compared with conventional concrete reinforcement which adopts steel bars, the shield prefabricated segment adopts the glass fiber reinforced polymer as the reinforcement which has corrosion resistance, can prolong the whole life of the shield prefabricated segment, has high tensile strength which is about twice the load of ordinary steel bars of the same specification, and is light in weight which is only one quarter of the weight of the steel bars of the same specification. Therefore, shield prefabricated segment greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces the transportation cost, can be easily cut so as to avoid damages to cutting heads in the production process, and can save time and cost.

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Underground chambersTunnel lining +1

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RebarTunnel construction +4


  • Shield prefabricated segment


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example: such as figure 1 As shown, a shield prefabricated segment, the shield prefabricated segment main body 1 is made of concrete and is arched as a whole, including an inner surface 2 and an outer surface 3, and the inner surface 2 is provided with a boss 4 for The reinforcement in the concrete for pouring the shield prefabricated segment adopts glass fiber reinforcement, and also includes a thermoplastic interlayer 6. The thermoplastic interlayer 6 is arranged on the outer surface 3. The softening temperature of the thermoplastic interlayer 6 exceeds 110°C, preferably at 140 to 100°C. Materials made between 170°C. The thermoplastic barrier 6 should advantageously have at least a small degree of elasticity to be able to overcome stresses caused, for example, by temperature-induced differences in expansion between the thermoplastic barrier 6 and the shield prefabricated segments, without the thermoplastic barrier 6 being Damaged or torn and the sealing function of the compartment 6 is not impaired.
[0021] In this embodiment, four square fixing holes 5 that run through the entire shield prefabricated segment body 1 are provided at both ends of the inner surface 2, and four square fixing holes 5 that run through the entire shield prefabricated segment body 1 are provided on the surface of the boss 4. There is also a circular fixing hole 5 in the middle of the four square fixing holes 5, which is convenient for the connection and fixing between the shield prefabricated segments and the inside of the tunnel.
[0022] In this embodiment, the glass fiber reinforcement is produced by the following steps: resin infiltration tank → sizing mold → spiral coiling → spraying quartz sand → high-speed cutting saw → deformation → traction equipment → curing channel.
[0023] In this embodiment, the glass fiber reinforcement is made of three raw materials: glass fiber roving, resin matrix and curing agent, and the proportions of the three are 75%, 23% and 2% respectively. Among them, the glass fiber roving The alkali content of the roving is less than 1%.
[0024] Glass fiber reinforcement can also be made of three raw materials: high-strength glass fiber coarse sand, resin matrix and curing agent, and the proportions of the three are 75%, 23% and 2% respectively.
[0025] The above-mentioned resin matrix used to make glass fiber bars is epoxy resin or vinyl resin or a mixture of epoxy resin and vinyl resin.


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