Quick forming device for titanium alloy multi-layered plate and forming method thereof

A multi-layer board and titanium alloy technology, applied in forming tools, metal processing equipment, manufacturing tools, etc., can solve the problems of complex forming process, long time-consuming single piece, high equipment requirements, etc., and achieve good welding quality, fast forming speed, The effect of fast diffusion rate

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The forming process of this method is complicated. Due to the need for separate hot pressing forming ...
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The invention designs a quick forming device for a titanium alloy multi-layered plate and a forming method thereof. The device comprises upper and lower graphite molds, a graphite electrode, a pulse direct current power supply, a pressurizing device and a test sample. The method comprises the following steps of generating a lot of resistance heat and discharging heat with a short time, as a directcurrent pulse current directly passes the test sample coated with a solder resist in a special area, wherein the test sample is heated quickly to enter an ultra-plastic state; then introducing gas, wherein the area, coated with the solder resist, of the test sample is swelled quickly; and meanwhile, achieving diffusion bonding by atom exchange in the area which is not coated with the solder resist so as o further form the multi-layered plate quickly. The device can remarkably shorten the forming time of the titanium alloy multi-layered plate and has the advantages of being high in forming speed, low in forming cost and suitable for forming various titanium alloy multi-layered plates.

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  • Quick forming device for titanium alloy multi-layered plate and forming method thereof
  • Quick forming device for titanium alloy multi-layered plate and forming method thereof
  • Quick forming device for titanium alloy multi-layered plate and forming method thereof


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[0024] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with accompanying drawing.
[0025] like figure 1 As shown, a rapid prototyping device of a titanium alloy multilayer plate of the present invention includes a thermal insulation sealed box 1, a graphite upper mold 2, a graphite lower mold 3, a temperature measuring hole 4, a graphite electrode 5, a ventilation pipe 6, and a DC pulse power supply 7 and the sample, the sample is two TC4 titanium alloy discs; the graphite electrode 5 is divided into the first electrode and the second electrode, the first electrode is connected to one end of the DC pulse power supply through a wire, and the second electrode is connected through a wire At the other end of the DC pulse power supply; the sample is located between the graphite upper mold 2 and the graphite lower mold 3, and the graphite upper and lower molds are respectively connected to the pulse power supply through two graphite electrodes 5; the two ends of the electrodes can apply pressure to it through a pressurizing device, The whole device is placed in the heat-insulation sealed box 1.
[0026] The principle of a rapid prototyping device for titanium alloy plate parts of the present invention: firstly, the sample is pretreated to remove surface impurities and destroy the surface oxide layer, and then apply solder resist on the corresponding position of the contact surface of the sample, and then pre-process the sample along the edge. Weld and leave an air passage, weld an air pipe at the opening of the air passage, place the processed sample between the graphite upper mold 2 and the graphite lower mold 3, and press the device in advance to ensure that the two samples are fully contacted. Turn on the pulse power supply 7 to energize the sample. After the two samples are energized, the temperature rises rapidly. At the same time, under the action of pressure, the contact surface reaches interatomic contact and interatomic diffusion occurs, while the position coated with solder resist does not diffuse. Welding; when the temperature reaches the superplastic temperature range of titanium alloy, the sample is ventilated through the vent tube for inflatable forming. Since the titanium alloy has excellent plasticity in the superplastic state, multi-layer sheet forming can be realized in a short time.
[0027] In the titanium alloy multilayer rapid prototyping device and its forming method described in the above invention, a graphite mold is selected, and the graphite mold material is an open technology; the pulse frequency of the pulsed direct current power supply 7 is 1-200 Hz, and the peak value of the pulse current is 10000A , the base value current is 55%-70%; the temperature during ventilation is 900-1000°C, the applied pressure is 5-10MPa, and the ventilation time is 30s.
[0028] In the specific welding process, use sandpaper to polish the surface of the sample, pickle after alkali cleaning to destroy the oxide layer on the surface of the sample, make the surface of the sample fully contact, apply solder resist on the corresponding position of the sample, and weld the edges of the two samples in advance. Connect the trachea; put the processed sample between the upper and lower graphite molds and apply pressure to make them fully contact and fix; the heat preservation sealed box is filled with protective atmosphere in advance before starting. After the forming is completed, the furnace is cooled to room temperature, and the pressure is removed to obtain a formed part.
[0029] like figure 2 , image 3 As shown, in order to further illustrate a kind of rapid prototyping device of titanium alloy multilayer plate and its forming method that the present invention proposes, titanium alloy two-layer plate is taken as an example and the forming process of the present invention is described in detail as follows:
[0030] The first step of pretreatment process: the sample is polished with sandpaper and then coated with solder resist, and then the sample is pre-soldered. The position of solder resist application is as follows: figure 2 As shown, when applying solder resist, attention should be paid to coating the airway part to prevent the airway from being blocked during pre-soldering, and finally the sample and the airway are welded.
[0031] The second step is as image 3 As shown, load the pretreated sample into the device, pressurize and fix the sample, and pass an electric current to heat the sample. When the temperature rises to 900 degrees, pass the gas for 3 minutes and keep it warm for 15 minutes to complete the bulging.
[0032] The third step is to stop the ventilation, turn off the power, remove the pressure, wait for the temperature to cool down, and then take out the molded part. The above-mentioned and listed explanatory diagrams only take the titanium alloy two-layer plate unit as an example, and the complete titanium alloy two-layer plate is as follows Figure 4 shown.
[0033] It should be pointed out here that the present invention is suitable for manufacturing titanium alloy multilayer boards, including two-layer boards, three-layer boards, etc. For the pretreatment of three-layer boards, see Figure 5 , the forming process is the same as the forming process of the two-layer plate, and will not be repeated here.


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