Cleaning tool of ESD electrotome with injection function

A technology for cleaning tools and electric knives, applied in the field of medical devices, can solve the problems of polluting the operating room environment, prolonging the operation time, wasting drugs, etc., and achieving the effects of avoiding secondary infection, saving operation time, and preventing damage

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-11-05
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The method of increasing the injection pressure will cause the drug to be sprayed out, wasting the drug and polluting the environment of the operating room; while the method of directly using a fine needle to unclog it has the risk of punctur...
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The invention discloses a cleaning tool of an ESD electrotome with an injection function. The cleaning tool comprises an inner needle, a sleeve and a reset spring, wherein the sleeve is in sleeving on the outer side of the inner needle; a needle tip is arranged at the front end of the inner needle, a driving rod is arranged at the rear part, a clamping ring is arranged in the middle of the driving rod, a pressing part is arranged at the tail end, and a transition part is arranged between the tail end of the needle tip and the driving rod; the front end of the sleeve is provided with an ESD electrotome insertion groove and a containing cavity for containing the inner needle; a needle hole is arranged on the middle position of the bottom of the ESD electrotome insertion groove; the inner needle is arranged in the containing cavity; the clamping ring slides in the containing cavity and achieves a limiting effect; and the reset spring pushes the inner needle to move to the direction away from the ESD electrotome insertion groove. The cleaning tool is simple in operation, and surgery time can be greatly saved. When an injection hole dredging operation is carried out, the electrotome and the injection hole are effectively protected and prevented from being damaged. In an electrotome dredging process, the inner needle is located in the sleeve in the whole process, medical staff can not be punctured, and secondary infection is avoided.

Application Domain

DiagnosticsSurgical instruments for heating

Technology Topic

Secondary infectionMedical staff +3


  • Cleaning tool of ESD electrotome with injection function
  • Cleaning tool of ESD electrotome with injection function
  • Cleaning tool of ESD electrotome with injection function


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1
[0025] The present embodiment discloses a cleaning tool having an injection function ESD knife, comprising inner needle 1, the sleeve 2 and a return spring 3. An outer sleeve 2 provided in the inner needle.
[0026] 1 is provided with the inner needle distal tip 11, the rear portion is provided with a drive rod 12, the drive lever 12 is provided with an intermediate position of snap ring 13, the end of the pressing portion 14 is provided. 11 and the tip end of the drive rod 12 is connected at a transition portion 15 is provided. The distal end 15 conical transition portion.
[0027] The distal end of the sleeve 2 is provided with ESD knife insertion groove 21 and the accommodating chamber 22 accommodating the needle 1. ESD knife insertion groove bottom 21 is provided with an intermediate position of the pinhole 23. 1 accommodating the inner needle 22 provided in the cavity, and snap ring 13 functions as a sliding stop effect in the receiving chamber 22. 11 the tip 23 penetrates the pinhole. Pressing the pressing portion 14, the puncture needle 11 from the pinhole 23 and extends to the ESD 21 is inserted into the knife slot. The return spring pushing the inner needle insertion groove ESD direction away from the knife movement.
[0028] ESD knife insertion groove 21 is provided with a front end to facilitate insertion of the ESD knife 4 fillet 24. ESD knife insertion groove 21 of an outer diameter equal to the inner diameter of the blade 4 of the electrical ESD.
[0029] like Figure 5 After, since the injection holes 5 blade 4 is in the central position of the electrical ESD, the ESD ESD electric knife blade 4 is inserted into the insertion slot 21, automatic alignment of the pinhole 235 with the injection orifice, the injection orifice 5 and the retracted knife ESD 4 internal, then press the pressing portion 14 can quickly use the tip 11 to clear the injection hole 5. After use, the return spring 3 so that the inner needle 1 is reset.


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