Sampling detection equipment for controlling uniform dispersion of nano-powder

A technology of uniform dispersion and sampling detection, applied in solid separation, preparation of test samples, sampling, etc., can solve problems such as low referentiality and difficulty in obtaining samples, and achieve the effect of avoiding coagulation and improving efficiency.

Active Publication Date: 2022-03-11
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[0004] Since the purity and application performance of nanopowder are easily affected by factors such as manufacturing method and process during the manufacturing process, the powder will be tested by sampling before it is put into production, and the content of additives and finished products will be tested. However, if the nano-powder is stored in a storage environment with high air humidity, i...
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The invention relates to the technical field of powder mixing equipment, in particular to sampling detection equipment for controlling uniform dispersion of nano-powder, which comprises a base, a shell movably mounted at the upper part of the base and a screening cavity arranged in the shell, and the screening cavity is used for screening the powder by a certain mesh number. A certain amount of powder is put into the shell, the friction device rotates to drive the powder to rotate in the shell in a circulating and reciprocating mode, the protrusions arranged at the bottom of the friction device enable the powder to continuously rub and make contact with the arc-shaped blocks at the bottom of the shell, and therefore the condensed powder is continuously rubbed to be broken; powder meeting the mesh number requirement is filtered out from the filter screen, meanwhile, air is intermittently blown into the screening cavity through the air expansion pipe arranged above the friction cover to assist in dispersing the congealed powder, meanwhile, the powder attached to the outer wall of the shell can be scraped away, congelation is avoided, and the qualified sample screening efficiency is improved.

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  • Sampling detection equipment for controlling uniform dispersion of nano-powder
  • Sampling detection equipment for controlling uniform dispersion of nano-powder
  • Sampling detection equipment for controlling uniform dispersion of nano-powder


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Example Embodiment

[0038] Example: reference Figure 1-10 A uniform dispersion of nano powder controlling sampling apparatus, comprising a circular base, in the middle of an inner side of the base according to the present embodiment is attached to a motor 11, while the upper end of the second screw with the base 1 and the upper base of the housing 1 located , while the housing 2 equipped with a rotatable friction 21, the bottom of the friction gear has two slots 21, the motor 11 is connected to the output end corresponding to the bottom of the slot 21 of the friction pin cards in actual use the present embodiment is not limited to use in the motor 11, other drive mechanism may also be used as an alternative to low speed requirements screening process in the present embodiment, 50 to 80 revolutions / min, is insufficient to produce a centrifugal force of the friction polishing unit 21 out.
[0039] The upper casing 2 defines four circumferentially spaced feed holes 12 of the housing 2 is provided with a ring shape inside the sieving chamber 3, the orifice 12 is provided above the sifting chamber 3, to the screen the powder can be poured when the inside of the block 3 Figure 1-2 Funnel additional material is shown, and is rotated by letting the powder on the sieve chamber 3 reciprocates the friction device 21 is pressed to touch the composite powder from the required number of inner housing 2 out of the screen.
[0040] The chassis 1 is provided along the inner edge of a snap ring 13, the snap ring has a snap connection 13 for storing powder sieved storage case 15, the storage box 15 is positioned directly below the screen 4 is, after completion of the collection after the powder process, opening the housing 2, the storage box removed.
[0041] A lower portion of the screw housing 2 is mounted an annular screen 4, the lower end 21 is located at the circumference of the friction at the location of a moving path of the powder defines four discharge holes 14, the nano holes sieve filter 4 corresponding to the discharge the lower end of the hole 14 is provided, in this Example 4 using polymer mesh membrane filter material, with different filter pore aperture in the actual use of the process, performed to improve the detection of the powder batches of different numbers of mesh diversity, the entire filter process is shorter, while the number of samples required the detection of relatively small, cylindrical housing 2 as a whole, sieving chamber 3 communicates with the inlet orifice 12 and an annular outer edge distributed along the inside direction of the housing 2, 21 and the friction 2 disposed concentrically rotatably mounted on the lower housing while the housing 2.
[0042] 21 is a spherical friction upwardly by a hemispherical-shaped friction cover 212 and 212 provided at the lower end of the annular friction cover 213 constituting the skirt, the skirt direction of the second end 213 toward the arc-housing, the arc end surface located there there are four projections distributed over the circumference 211, when the memory is sieved powder chamber 3, through the rotation of the friction device 21, so that the adjacent projections 211 is formed between a push interval, will drive the powder and the powder scraping body moves a certain distance, while moving toward the sieved powder experience chamber 3 during movement in the direction of the cavity wall with the cavity wall and pressing.
[0043]The projection 211 on the arc end of the friction cover 212 is planned in an arc shape, and the middle portion of the projection 211 is gradually thinned towards both sides, and there are four curved blocks 22 on the inner end surface of the housing 2, so that When the adjacent protrusion 211 moves a certain amount of powder, the powder can move the powder while rubbing between the projections 211 and the arc block 22, and the powder condensed together Broken and rescottate, change the relative position between the powders, and the four curved blocks 22 are distributed and the arc is toward the projection 211.
[0044] The outer outer outer outer edge direction of the housing 2 is provided with an annular boss 23, and the arc surface of the boss 23 faces one end toward the screening cavity, so that the raised 211 pushes the powder while moving, the arc surface The height is beneficial to let the powder arched on the end face of the inner end face of the housing 2 to move into the mobile trajectory, and will not be accommodated at the angle, which is not easy to accumulate in the corner, this example compared to the traditional vertical end surface. The boss 23 is located below the projection 211.
[0045] A fastening cover 5 is provided at the upper end of the housing 2, the housing 5 is inserted into a bowl structure, buckled on the upper end of the friction cover 212, and the inner side of the buckle 5 has six airbags 51, this example The airbag 51 is integrally an elliptical body shape, and a disabled block 214 is provided with four circumferential distributions on the outer end surface of the friction cover 212, and the block 214 is an elliptical body shape, the movement trajectory of the block 214 and the convex surface of the airbag 51, At the same time that the dish 214 moves with the frictional 21, the abutment between the arcs causes the airbag 51, and the lower end of each airbag 51 is connected to a airbladder tube 52, and the air-flutter 52 is facing the sieve cavity. 3. The discharged gas will blow the powder to the powder and increase the powder of the powder.


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