Plant growth regulator-glutamic acid and its preparation

A plant growth regulator, glutamic acid technology, applied in the directions of plant growth regulators, biocides, animal repellents, etc., can solve problems such as glutamic acid that has not been reported, achieve significant application effects, and promote flower and ear development. , Improve the effect of fruit setting

Inactive Publication Date: 2005-02-16
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Problems solved by technology

At present, there are many researches on the effects of glutamic acid on the growth of animals and human diseases. For example, in animals, adding it to the feed o...
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Method used

In litchi, longan young fruit stage with formula B, dilute 1500 times with water, can make t...
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The invention is a plant growth regulator: glutamic acid and its preparation. It provides a new high-performance, micro-toxic, safe, no-pollution plant growth regulator harmless to human beings and animals-glutamic acid and its preparation, mixed of the following components in weight percent: glutamic acid 0.1-99.9%, stabilizer 0-30%, synergist 0-30%, penetrating agent 0-24%, solvent or fillings 0-80%, disperser 0-10%, aseptic 0-3%, and pH-value regulator 0-0.5%. It has an obvious effect on crop growth regulation. It is a purely natural product; has an inhibiting effect on new treetops and young leaves as well as top buds and an effect of in advance aging the new treetops stopping growing in advance; it can impel the leaflets on the ears to fall off and has a remarkable effect of promoting the growth of the ears and increasing fruit bearing rate.

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BiocideAnimal repellants +1

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[0043] Application example 1
[0044] In the winter shoots of litchi and longan, glutamic acid is used as the original medicine. Diluted 1500 times with water can make the small leaves of winter shoots of litchi and longan fall off, accelerate the turning of large leaves to green, and turn green 5-10 days in advance. However, spraying with 500mg/L of ethephon can kill all the new shoots of lychee and longan. In case of bad environment, such as weak tree body, injury, drought, humidity, etc., it is easy to cause old leaves to fall off, and the tree will die in severe cases.


[0045] Application example 2
[0046] In the bud stage of litchi and longan, use formula A, diluted with water 1000 times, can make the leaflets on the flower spike of litchi and longan fall off, and promote the development of female flowers, increase the proportion of female flowers, and have no adverse effects on the flower buds. But spray with 200mg/L of ethephon, although it can make the small leaves on the flower ear fall off, it will cause the flower drop at the same time. When it encounters high temperature, the flower ear slowly dries up.


[0047] Application example 3
[0048] In the young fruit stage of lychee and longan, use formula B and dilute 1500 times with water, which can reduce the shedding of the young fruit of lychee and longan, increase fruit setting and increase yield.
[0049] The beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows:
[0050] 1. Glutamic acid is a new high-efficiency, slightly toxic, safe, non-polluting, and safe for humans and animals. It is a pure natural product.
[0051] 2. It has an inhibitory effect on the growth of young leaves and top buds of new shoots, and has the effect of premature maturity on new shoots that stop growing.
[0052] 3. It has the effect of promoting the shedding of small leaves on the flower spike, which has a significant effect on promoting the development of the flower spike and improving fruit setting.


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