Method and apparatus for efficiently extracting or separating nano-grade matter in solution

A nano-scale, high-efficiency technology, applied in ultrafiltration and other directions, can solve the problems of high sealing and firmness requirements of pipelines and filter devices, prone to potential safety hazards, and increase manufacturing costs, etc., to increase solution fluidity and regeneration. Strong force and long service life

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[0003] (1) Due to the use of pressurized filtration, the tightness and firmness of the pipeline and filter device are required to be high, which will increase the manufacturing cost. At the same time, because it is produced under pressure, it is prone to sa...
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The present invention discloses a method for high-effectively extracting and separating nano-grade substance from solution and its equipment, belonging to the field of substance extraction and separation technology. Said equipment includes coarse filtration system, fine filtration system, ultrafiltration system, negative pressure suction system, back-flushing system and whole system program controller.

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  • Method and apparatus for efficiently extracting or separating nano-grade matter in solution


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[0025] The present invention is described in further detail by the following examples.
[0026] figure 1 Shown is a schematic diagram of the device structure used to realize the method for extracting or separating nano-scale substances in the solution of the present invention. The device consists of a fine filtration system 37, an ultrafiltration system 38, a negative pressure suction system 39, a filter tube backwashing system and the entire device The program controller is composed. Below in conjunction with process method and its device structure and working process are described in detail as follows:
[0027] After the solution to be treated is coarsely filtered or precipitated, the coarsely filtered solution 20 containing substances (impurities) with a particle size below 15-20 μ is injected into the open container 37-1 of the fine filtration system 37, and when the solution is filled, start self-priming Pump 17, the solution of substance (impurity) particle size below 3-10 μ will flow in the open container 38-1 of ultrafiltration system 38 through fine filter pipe 19, and the concentrated solution that precipitates in coarse filtration solution precipitation chamber 22 passes through bottom outlet 36 discharge. After the fine filter solution 15 is filled, start the automatic explosion pipes 28, 30 and the automatic heater 29. For solutions with different viscosities and different properties, the heating temperature has different requirements, and the temperature control range can be between 40-80°C. Explosion can make the solution flow without precipitation, and heating can reduce the viscosity of the solution, enhance fluidity, and improve filtration efficiency. When the heating temperature of the fine filtration solution reaches the set temperature, open the negative pressure suction system 39, and when the vacuum gauge 3 reaches the set value, open the negative pressure inlet 4 and the normally open solenoid valve 5, and the particle size of the substance (impurity) is 0.05-0.1 The solution below μ will enter the negative pressure container 2 of the negative pressure suction system 39 through the ultrafiltration module 10 . When observing that the liquid level reaches the set position from the liquid level display mark 41, close the negative pressure outlet 1 and the normally open solenoid valve 5, open the purification solution outlet valve 24 and discharge the purification solution into a clean container for subsequent use.
[0028] During the working process of the whole set of filtering device, before the purification solution 40 in the vacuum container 2 is filled, the automatic fine filtration, automatic ultrafiltration, automatic backwashing, automatic heating, explosion and automatic circulation are carried out according to the instructions of the program controller. . So the filtration efficiency is relatively high.
[0029] The filter tube aperture of the fine filter tube 19 is controlled between 3-10 μ, and the nano-scale ceramic filter tube aperture in the ultrafiltration assembly 10 is controlled between 0.05-0.1 μ. Through the fine filtration and ultrafiltration of this device, such graded filtration will reduce the probability of filter tube clogging, and at the same time, an automatic backwashing procedure for nano ceramic filter tubes is set within a reasonable time, thus greatly improving the filtration efficiency.
[0030]In the negative pressure suction system 39, since the sucked ultrafiltration solution is sprayed out by the sprayer 42, a small amount of moisture and air in the ultrafiltration solution pass through the fibrous filter layer 43, and are drawn out by the negative pressure outlet 1, and The water-free, air-free purification solution 40 then remains in the vacuum vessel 2 .


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