Aluminum cell inner lining

An aluminum electrolytic cell and electrolytic cell technology are applied in the field of aluminum electrolytic cell lining, which can solve the problems of shortening the life of the cell, damage to the electrolytic cell, and increasing the voltage drop at the bottom of the furnace, so as to reduce the amount of heat loss, prevent the bottom of the furnace from cooling, The effect of shortening the life of the tank

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-12-10
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This kind of material that has increased in volume through the occurrence of partly infiltrated electrolyte has caused the cathode carbon block to bulge upward, causing the bottom of the furnace to lift, the cathode steel rod to be locally bent and thinned, and the gap between the cathode steel rod and the cathode carbon block Cracks appear to cause electrolyte and aluminum to infiltrate into such cracks, and melting of cathode steel rods leads to early damage and shutdown of the electrolytic cell, a large loss of aluminum liquid and electrolyte, obvious deterioration of technical and economic indicators, intensified deformation of the cell shell, and aluminum electrolytic production. Rising costs and declining economic benefits
[0004] 2) For the lining of ordinary clay refractory bricks, the apparent porosity of ordinary clay refractory bricks is relatively high, generally 22-28%. Infiltration ...
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The invention relates to an internal liner for an aluminum electrolytic cell, which is characterized in that: the internal liner of the electrolytic cell is built by clay firebricks with high density and low porosity, and the apparent porosity of the internal liner is between 13 and 15 percent. The internal liner for the aluminum electrolytic cell can effectively reduce the erosion degree of electrolyte on the fireproof internal liner, reduces the occurrence degree of unfavorable conditions such as breakage and cell shutting of the electrolytic cell, great loss of an aluminum liquid and the electrolyte, obviously worsened technical and economic indicators, reinforced distortion of a cell shell, improved electrolysis production cost of aluminum, reduced economic benefit and so on due to the fact that the electrolyte and the aluminum are leaked into cracks to dissolve a cathode steel bar caused by lifted furnace bottom, local bending and fine-drawing of the cathode steel bar, and the cracks generated between the cathode steel bar and a cathode carbon block because the cathode carbon block is protruded upwards, and has good functions of further energy conservation, long service life and high efficiency on the aluminum electrolysis production.

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[0015] Example
[0016] Use high-density, low-porosity clay refractory bricks to replace traditional impermeable materials or ordinary clay refractory bricks in the lining of the electrolytic cell. The high-density, low-porosity clay refractory bricks have a significant porosity of 13~ 15%, the bulk density is greater than 2.3g/cm 3. In order to facilitate the construction and reduce the number of brick joints, a higher density and low porosity clay refractory brick with a size of 300×150×65mm larger than the traditional specification (230×113×65mm) is used. The electrolytic cell is operating in good condition, which improves the technical and economic indicators and reduces the production cost of electrolytic aluminum.


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