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Electric heater and control method thereof

The invention provides a control method of an electric heater. The control method comprises the following steps: (S1) when the electric heater is started to operate, the environmental temperature is detected in real time; (S2) the electric heater is controlled to operate for first time with predetermined first power until the present environmental temperature reaches a predetermined temperature; (S3) the environmental temperature increasing speed within the first time is obtained; and a predetermined power table is inquired according to the environmental temperature increasing speed to obtain the operating power of the electric heater; (S4) the electric heater is controlled to operate for second time with the operating power; and (S5) the operating power of the electric heater is adjusted according to a variation value of the present environmental temperature within the second time and the predetermined power table; and the steps (S4) and (S5) are repeated. The control method can enable the electric heater to intelligently heat at a constant temperature, so that the continuous closing or opening of an electric switch is prevented, the energy conservation and the environmental protection are achieved, and the comfortable experience of users to the constant-temperature requirement is increased. The invention further provides the electric heater.

Nanocrystalline wood floor geothermal composite structure

The invention discloses a nanocrystalline wood floor geothermal composite structure, comprising an extruded sheet thermal-protective coating and a heat conduction floor layer. The technical key points are as follows: the upper part of the extruded sheet thermal-protective coating is evenly provided with closed grooves, the upper part of the extruded sheet thermal-protective coating and the closed groove positions are respectively distributed with a heat conduction layer evenly, a heating cable is paved in the closed groove with the heat conduction layer, and the upper part of the heat conduction layer is directly paved with the heat conduction floor layer with a wear-resistant surface course. The composite structure is not manufactured by lyophobic materials, thus having waterproof function. When in use, a user can set the temperature by proper motion as required, and especially at night, night off-peak electricity is introduced for warming, thus alleviating the peak electricity conflicts of a grid transmission system, replacing a coal-fired boiler and satisfying large area heating. The invention also has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, environment protection without pollution, small occupied area, low heating cost, long service life, wide application range, capability of being widely used indoor and outdoor and the like.
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