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Systems, methods, and compositions for production of synthetic hydrocarbon compounds

A process and system for producing hydrocarbon compounds or fuels that recycle products of hydrocarbon compound combustion—carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, or both, and water. The energy for recycling is electricity derived from preferably not fossil based fuels, like from nuclear fuels or from renewable energy. The process comprises electrolysing water, and then using hydrogen to reduce externally supplied carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, then using so produced carbon monoxide together with any externally supplied carbon monoxide and hydrogen in Fischer-Tropsch reactors, with upstream upgrading to desired specification fuels—for example, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel fuel, and others. Energy released in some of these processes is used by other processes. Using adiabatic temperature changes and isothermal pressure changes for gas processing and separation, large amounts of required energy are internally recycled using electric and heat distribution lines. Phase conversion of working fluid is used in heat distribution lines for increased energy efficiency. The resulting use of electric energy is less than 1.4 times the amount of the high heating value of combustion of so produced hydrocarbon compounds when carbon dioxide is converted to carbon monoxide in the invention, and less than 0.84 when carbon monoxide is the source.

Controllable air ducts for feeding of additional combustion air into the area of flue gas channels of coke oven chambers

ActiveUS9039869B2Reduce carbonizationGood heat distributionCombustible gas coke oven heatingCoke oven safety devicesBrickCombustion
A device for feeding and controlling secondary air from secondary air ducts into flue gas channels of horizontal coke oven chambers is shown. The flue gas channels are located underneath the coke oven chamber floor on which coal carbonization is realized. The flue gas channels serve for combustion of partly burnt coking gases from the coke oven chamber. The partly burnt gases are burnt with secondary air, thus heating the coke cake also from below to ensure even coal carbonization. Secondary air comes from the secondary air ducts connected to atmospheric air and to the flue gas channels. Controlling elements are mounted in the connecting channels between the flue gas channels and secondary air ducts which can precisely control the air flow into the flue gas channels. Thereby, it is possible to achieve a much more regular heating and heat distribution in coke oven chambers. The actual controlling devices in the connecting channels can be formed by turnable pipe sections, wall bricks, or metal flaps. It is particularly advantageous to utilize a hump-like facility (tabouret) which sits in the secondary air ducts and which is comprised of a tabouret plate with a central opening that is slid under the corresponding embranchment to regulate the gas stream. The controlling mechanism can be actuated manually, electrically, or pneumatically. Thereby, the controlling device can also be automated.

Real-time issuing method and system of safe and economic operation state of thermal power plant

The invention provides a real-time issuing method and a real-time issuing system of a safe and economic operation state of a thermal power plant. The method comprises the following steps: building a real-time communication protocol among SIS, MIS, a video monitoring system and 3D-GIS; building a three-dimensional model indicating a production area view of the thermal power plant by utilizing a 3D-GIS technology to ensure that the three-dimensional model corresponds to equipment, heat distribution pipelines, valves and the like in a real production environment; processing data, video pictures, expert knowledge bases and the like pushed by the SIS, 3D-GIS and the video monitoring system by a GIS server and integrating to three-dimensional model corresponding positions; supplying the safe and economic operation state and fault solution strategies of location point equipment or systems. According to the real-time issuing method and the real-time issuing system, the complete coverage of the safe and economic operation state monitoring requirements and fault solution strategies of the unit are achieved, so that the occurrence of major accidents caused by ignorance of data abnormity due to human factors can be greatly reduced, and the safe and economic operation and the management level of the thermal power plant are effectively improved.
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