Waste gas afterheat boiler for ore heat furnace

A technology of waste heat boiler and submerged arc furnace, which is applied to furnaces, furnace components, waste heat treatment, etc., and can solve problems such as insignificant economic benefits, low energy utilization rate, and unstable safety

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-10-03
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[0002] The existing silicon ore production process uses direct evacuation of the high-temperature flue gas generated during the production process or uses small boilers with low thermal efficiency or a small number of forced circulation waste heat boilers with high operating costs and unstable safe...
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The invention discloses a waste gas afterheat boiler for an ore heat furnace, comprising a furnace barrel, a superheater, a coal economizer, a steel support, a smoke inlet device, a smoke outlet device, a front water-cooling wrapped wall, a middle water-cooling partition wall and a back water-cooling wrapped wall, wherein a cavity front room consists of the front water-cooling wrapped wall and the middle water-cooling wrapped wall, a tube bundle region back room consists of the middle water-cooling wrapped wall and the back water-cooling wrapped wall, and a full water-cooling wrapped dual-room structure consists of the cavity front room and the tube bundle region back room. The waste gas afterheat boiler has the beneficial effects that an ore heat kiln waste gas afterheat boiler adopts a combined type full water-cooling wrapped dual-room structure, is free of a horizontal smoke flue, jointly uses one water-cooling partition wall, is large in space, makes the most of radiant heat, is good for using high-temperature smoke, and is free of an accumulated ash attaching body, so that the difficulties of ash accumulating and coking on a heating surface can be effectively solved, and the afterheat use ratio can be improved.

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Increasing energy efficiencySteam generation using hot heat carriers +1

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FlueSuperheater +9


  • Waste gas afterheat boiler for ore heat furnace
  • Waste gas afterheat boiler for ore heat furnace
  • Waste gas afterheat boiler for ore heat furnace


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[0014] An exhaust gas waste heat boiler of a submerged arc furnace, comprising a boiler drum 1, a superheater 2, an evaporator 3, a water heater 4, a steel frame 5, a flue gas inlet device 6, a flue gas outlet device 7, etc., and is characterized in that it also includes a front chamber Water-cooled wall 8, middle water-cooled partition wall 9, back room water-cooled wall 10, front room water-cooled wall 8 and middle water-cooled partition wall 9 form a cavity front room 11, middle water-cooled partition wall 9 and back room water-cooled wall 10 Control area rear room 12.
[0015] The front chamber 11 of the cavity and the rear chamber 12 of the tube bundle area constitute the fully water-cooled and coated inverted "U"-shaped double-chamber structure of the exhaust gas waste heat boiler without horizontal flue.
[0016] The flue gas process is that high-temperature flue gas enters the high-temperature resistant and dust-proof inlet device, and then enters the cavity front chamber composed of the front and rear water-cooled pack walls and the middle water-cooled partition wall, and then passes through the top of the cavity front room and enters the tube bundle back room , And pass through the superheater, evaporator, and water heater arranged in the rear chamber of the tube bundle in turn, and finally enter the flue gas outlet device.


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