Method for preparing Miao highly flavored type salting soup

A technology of strong-flavored and pickled soup, which is applied in the field of pickled food, can solve the problems of not involving pickled soup and being difficult to be elegant, and achieve the effect of fragrant smell, promoting health and increasing appetite

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-01-23
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Problems solved by technology

However, the original Miaojia salted soup has a special smell, which is difficult for many people to accept, and it cannot be...
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Method used

For making its taste more fragrant and delicious, should often add ice-cold well water, often get food, every 60 days add the soup feet of light uncooked rice oar or pound rake mill powder. After the pickled soup is made, add fresh red pepper, cowpea, cuc...
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The invention discloses a method for preparing Miao highly flavored type salting soup. The method comprises the following steps of: 1, determining the mass ratio of raw materials; 2, drying green vegetables in the sun until the green vegetables are withered, washing and twisting, stir-frying sticky rice and soybeans until the sticky rice and the soybeans become yellow, smashing and mixing for later use; 3, preparing pepper, garlic, sticky rice milk, white spirit, unboiled water, ginger stem leaves, pungent litse fruit, epimedium herb stem leaves, rice milk water, salt and salting soup for later use; 4, putting the green vegetables, the ginger stem leaves, the epimedium herb stem leaves, the pepper, the garlic, the pungent litse fruit at the bottom of a container in a ratio in a mode of adding a layer of green vegetables and a layer of the mixture of smashed sticky rice and soybeans alternately, pressing by using a weight, pouring the salting soup, the white spirit, the unboiled water, the sticky rice milk and the salt into the container, capping and sealing for fermentation in a water seal mode; and 5, after fermentation, continuously adding the rice milk water into the container until the salting soup becomes light yellow to obtain the finished product, filling, sealing, sterilizing and warehousing to obtain the Miao highly flavored type salting soup. The salting soup prepared by the method contains rich nutritional ingredients, has strong fragrance and a health-care effect and can rich people's lives and promote the good health of people, and peculiar smell is removed.

Application Domain

Food preparation

Technology Topic

ChemistryGreen Vegetable +7


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Example
[0016] Take 4000 grams of green vegetables, 1000 grams of glutinous rice, 1000 grams of soybeans, 250 grams of Chinese pepper, 250 grams of garlic, 2000 grams of old pickled soup, 500 grams of cold water, 500 grams of glutinous rice milk, 50 grams of salt, 250 grams of white wine, and 200 grams of ginger stems and leaves. 250 grams of Mujiangzi, 250 grams of Epimedium stems and leaves.
[0017] Wash the vegetables in the sun and wring dry, stir-fry the glutinous rice and soybeans, mash and mix; select a well-sealed earthen jar, and pick up the washed and dried vegetables, pepper, garlic, ginger stems and leaves, wood ginger seeds, epimedium Put the stems and leaves into the bottom of the jar, and then put a layer of green vegetables and a layer of glutinous rice and soybean mixed noodles. Use a clean stone to press the green vegetables on the bottom of the jar to prevent it from floating on the surface of the marinated soup, and pour it into the jar. The prepared old pickled soup "introduction", white wine, cold well water at a temperature lower than 5℃, glutinous rice milk, salt, cover the altar, pour the altar water and seal it for about 30 days and wait for it to ferment, open the altar cover and add it after 30 days Rice milk water, until the pickled soup turns pale yellow and gives off a strong fragrance.
[0018] In order to make it more fragrant and delicious, cold well water should be often added, and the soup should be fed frequently. Every 60 days, add lightly raw rice paddle or the soup feet of raking and grinding flour. After the pickled soup is made, add bright red peppers, cowpeas, cucumbers, eggplants, vegetables, blue melon, string beans, garlic moss, etc. for pickling according to your preferences; add cool well water in time after adding vegetables or scooping the pickled soup And white wine to ensure its pure taste and fragrance.


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