Micron-scale low hydroxyl OH<-> crystal powder production process method

A production process and technology of crystal powder, applied in the direction of silicon dioxide, silicon oxide, etc., can solve the problems of high impurity content of high-purity crystal powder, inability to use crystal ceramics and making special high-temperature resistant devices, etc., to achieve low impurity content and particle size. Uniform, simple process effect

Active Publication Date: 2013-09-25
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Micron level low hydroxyl OH - Crystal powder is one of the key materials widely used in domestic high-end technical fields, and it is also a key application material for crystal ceramics and special high-temperature-resistant devices. At present, the traditional domestic production process of high-purity crystal powder is through baking, roller C...
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The present invention discloses a micron-scale low hydroxyl OH<-> crystal powder production process method, which comprises the following steps: (1) selecting a high purity crystal raw material and treat; (2) crushing the high purity crystal raw material; (3) carrying out secondary crushing on the crushed crystal powder; (4) carrying out cavitation vibration on the obtained crystal powder by using an ultrasonic vibration machine; (5) carrying out acid washing 4 on the obtained crystal powder; (6) carrying out high temperature baking on the obtained crystal powder; (7) carrying out secondary acoustic cavitation on the baked crystal powder; (8) carrying out magnetic separation impurity removal on the obtained crystal powder; and (9) carrying out high temperature hydroxyl removal and impurity removal purification on the impurity-removed crystal powder. The method is simple. In addition, low hydroxyl OH<-> content is less than or equal to 5 pm, and crystal powder purity is more than or equal to 99.99999%.

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[0025] A micron-scale low hydroxyl OH - The production process method of crystal powder, the implementation steps are as follows:
[0026] 1) Select high-purity crystal raw materials, and sequentially carry out processing processes such as pickling, baking, crushing, screening, acid soaking, medium magnetic, flotation removal, high magnetic, and drying;
[0027] 2) The high-purity crystal raw material is first-level pulverized with a manganese steel counter-roller, and the pulverized particles are 100-300 mesh;
[0028] 3) The 300-mesh crystal powder is crushed by a quartz counter-roller in two stages, and the crushed particles are 500-800 mesh;
[0029] 4) 500-800 mesh crystal powder is subjected to 20-50 kHz high-frequency primary cavitation vibration with an ultrasonic vibration machine to obtain 1000-2500 mesh;
[0030] 5) 1000-2500 purpose crystal powder was acid washed with sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid for 48 hours;
[0031] 6) Baking the crystal powder after 48 hours of pickling with a high temperature kiln at 850°C;
[0032] 7) The 1000-2500 mesh crystal powder after baking is subjected to 20-50 kHz high-frequency secondary acoustic wave cavitation with an ultrasonic vibration machine, so that the 1000-2500 mesh crystal powder forms secondary particle blasting, and the ultrasonic cavitation effect acts on the crystal. After the particle acceleration and kinetic energy, the free impurities in the crystal powder are released and overflowed, and the purity of the crystal powder is ≥99.999%. At the same time, the ultrasonic wave is continuously cavitated for 8 hours, and the crystal powder of 3000-3500 mesh can be obtained, reaching the micron level;
[0033] 8) The 3000-3500 purpose crystal powder is magnetically separated with a high magnetic machine (15000 Gauss), and finally metal impurities are removed;
[0034] 9) The 3000-3500 mesh crystal powder that has undergone ultrasonic cavitation is dehydroxylated at a high temperature of 980 °C for 8 hours in a high-temperature dehydroxylation furnace, so that the impurities in the crystal powder are further cracked, separated and released at high temperature to achieve low hydroxyl OH - ≤5pm, crystal powder purity ≥99.99999%.


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