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Method for preparing semi-interpenetrating network gel polymer electrolyte thin film

InactiveCN101125935ASimple methodFast productionSecondary cellsHexafluorophosphateSol-gel
The invention discloses a preparation method of semi-interpenetrating network gel polyelectrolyte film. The preparation steps are that: firstly, methacryloxypropyl trimethoxy silane is hydrolyzed and crosslinked through a sol-gel method and dimethacrylate ethylene glycol is added to get a mixture; the mixture is mixed with tetrahydrofuranm solution of nitrile rubber and the solution is evaporated to get pre-polyblend film, then pre-polyblend film is solidified by UV-light irradiation to absorb 1M hexafluorophosphate lithium electrolyte solution to prepare the semi-interpenetrating network gel polyelectrolyte film directly. The semi-interpenetrating network ensures the system with better mechanical property, better compatibility between medium polar components in the mixing polymer system and liquid electrolyte, thus the liquid electrolyte is easy to be absorbed for gelation and has relatively high ionic conduction rate. The ionic conduction rate of the prepared semi-interpenetrating network gel polyelectrolyte film can be up to 2.28 is multiplied by 10-3S cm-1 at 30 DEG C and the electrochemical stability is up to 4.6V at room temperature. The invention has simple preparation technique and quick production speed by UV-light irradiation, thereby being applicable to mass industrial production.

High-simulation mud plate picture workmanship

The invention provides a high-simulation mud plate picture workmanship. The high-simulation mud plate picture workmanship comprises the following steps of: sieving silver sand and fine earth, mixing the silver sand and the fine earth, and adding auxiliary materials to the mixture to obtain coarse slurry; sieving the sieved sand and earth again, and adding other auxiliary materials after the sieved sand and earth are mixed, thus obtaining fine silt; manufacturing white paste by a white poster pigment and purified water; uniformly painting the coarse slurry on a bottom plate which is unlikely to deform, uniformly painting the fine silt on the dried coarse slurry, and drying the fine silt; airing the white paste which is uniformly painted on the dried coarse slurry, thus obtaining a mud plate; processing a high definition picture by a computer, carrying out automatic color separation on the high definition picture by an electronic color separation machine, and cutting the picture to ensure that the size of the picture is same with that of the mud plate; printing the picture on the mud plate through ultraviolet planographic printing equipment in a high precision manner, thus forming a printing layer; and processing the mud plate to have a vintage effect, thus obtaining a high-simulation mud plate picture. The high-simulation mud plate picture manufactured by the workmanship does not mix with personal emotion and individuality of fabricators, can remain artistic conception and emotion of original work really, is high in production speed and efficiency, is adaptive to the variation of temperature and humidity, can resist the variation of the power of hydrogen in air, is fine, smooth and distinct and can be kept for a long time.
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Lightning protected cable for communication base station

ActiveCN103325489AThe chance of being blown by lightning is reducedFast productionInsulated cablesCommunication cablesCarbon blackGround plane
The invention belongs to the technical field of cables and relates to a lightning protected cable for a communication base station. The lightning protected cable for the communication base station comprises a cable core, an inner protecting sleeve, an armor layer, an outer protecting sleeve and a ground layer. The lightning protected cable for the communication base station is characterized in that a first protecting layer is arranged outside the cable core, the inner protecting sleeve is arranged outside the first protecting layer, a second protecting layer is arranged outside the inner protecting sleeve, the ground layer is arranged outside the second protecting layer, the armor layer is arranged outside the ground layer, and the armor layer is coated with the outer protecting sleeve; the armor layer is a single-face film covering steel belt and the face, in contact with the ground layer, of the armor layer is a non-film-covering face; the first protecting layer and the second protecting layer are both mica tapes; the outer protecting sleeve comprises, by weight, the following raw materials of 71 parts of polyethylene, one part of anti-oxygen 1010, 12 parts of aluminum hydroxides, 0.5 part of HK-type antistatic agent, 3 parts of ethyl acetate, 1 part of carbon black, 10 parts of zirconium oxide and 1.5 parts of polyethylene wax. The lightning protected cable for the communication base station has the advantages of being simple in manufacturing, high in production speed, capable of enabling the electrical resisting rate of the ground layer to be low, low in maintaining cost, small in dust adsorption, pressure resistant, and good in flame resistance.

Reflective geometric holographic film based on two-dimensional characteristics and preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to the field of 3D display, and discloses a reflective geometric holographic film based on two-dimensional characteristics, and a preparation method and application thereof. Thereflective geometric holographic film comprises a series of pentagonal columnar primitive prisms with cross sections being first right-angled triangles or combinations of rectangles and second right-angled triangles, and the pentagonal columnar primitive prisms are used for retroreflecting light irradiated on the pentagonal columnar primitive prisms; a plurality of transparent layers and reflecting layers which are arranged at intervals are arranged in the columnar primitive prisms along the length direction; a layer of reflecting film is arranged on the inclined plane where the right-angle side of the cross section of each columnar primitive prism is located, and the error range of the right angles contained by the first right triangles and the pentagons and the angles formed by the reflecting layers and the length directions of the columnar primitive prisms is within +/-5 degrees. Through simple cutting and machining based on two-dimensional characteristics, the process cost is low,and large-scale production is easy to achieve; the primitive film is preferably a flexible primitive film, the product yield is high; and due to the flexible characteristic, the product can meet the requirements for folding, winding, storage and the like.

Shielding case progressive die

The invention discloses a shielding case progressive die, which comprises an upper die base, an upper baffle, a lower template, and a lower die base. A pre-punching module, a flash module, a middle punching module, a projection point module, a bottom punching module, a trilateral folding module, one-side folding module, two-side folding module, an upper punching module, an idle module, a leveling block, and a two-side shearing module are arranged on the lower template in turn. An upper base plate, the upper baffle, a striper plate, and the lower template are arranged between the upper die base and the lower die base in turn; an auxiliary leveling block is arranged on the striper plate and corresponds to the leveling block on the lower template. A guide post is arranged in the upper baffle in a penetrating mode; a guide sleeve which corresponds to the guide post is arranged in the lower template; an isoheight sleeve is arranged on the upper die base; a delivery error resistant device is arranged inside the upper die base; a spring is arranged between the upper base plate and the upper baffle; and a lifter pin is arranged on the lower die base. The shielding case progressive die has the advantages of higher production rate, better product quality, better product flatness, and higher production safety.
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