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An antiviral drug used in the treatment of AIDS

Compositions of polyacids and polyethers and methods for their use in reducing adhesions

InactiveUS6869938B1Improve anti-adhesion performanceBiocideSurgeryMicrosphereThrombogenicity
The present invention relates to improved methods for making and using bioadhesive, bioresorbable, anti-adhesion compositions made of intermacromolecular complexes of carboxyl-containing polysaccharides, polyethers, polyacids, polyalkylene oxides, multivalent cations and/or polycations. The polymers are associated with each other, and are then either dried into membranes or sponges, or are used as fluids or microspheres. Bioresorbable, bioadhesive, anti-adhesion compositions are useful in surgery to prevent the formation and reformation of post-surgical adhesions. The compositions are designed to breakdown in-vivo, and thus be removed from the body. Membranes are inserted during surgery either dry or optionally after conditioning in aqueous solutions. The anti-adhesion, bioadhesive, bioresorptive, antithrombogenic and physical properties of such membranes and gels can be varied as needed by carefully adjusting the pH and/or cation content of the polymer casting solutions, polyacid composition, the polyalkylene oxide composition, or by conditioning the membranes prior to surgical use. Multi-layered membranes can be made and used to provide further control over the physical and biological properties of antiadhesion membranes. Membranes and gels can be used concurrently. Antiadhesion compositions may also be used to lubricate tissues and/or medical instruments, and/or deliver drugs to the surgical site and release them locally.

Waterproof roll capable of carrying out chemical bonding and physical crosslinking synergism with concrete

The invention discloses a wet-laying and pre-laying waterproof roll which is made by the following processes: dipping and coating a modified asphalt compound on a blank body, controlling the thickness and sizing, coating a membrane, rolling, and the like, wherein the modified asphalt compound contains modified asphalt, a plasticizer, an antioxidant, a functional auxiliary agent and a filling gent. A preparation method of the waterproof roll comprises the following steps: putting substrate asphalt in a reaction pot, adding a thickening agent, irregular polyethylene and styrene-polybutadiene-styrene segmented copolymer, evenly mixing, heating and stirring for 1.5-2 hours, then reducing the temperature to about 180 DEG C, adding padding, the plasticizer, the antioxidant and the functional auxiliary agent into the reaction pot and stirring for 0.5-1h, evenly mixing and modifying, then conveying into a colloid mill for repeatedly milling to the material, then dipping and coating the modified asphalt on the blank body, controlling the thickness, sizing, coating the membrane and rolling, and finally preparing the waterproof roll which has excellent performance and can carry out chemical bonding and physical crosslinking synergism with the concrete, namely, a CPS waterproof roll for short.
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