Heating tube forming process

A molding process and heating tube technology, applied in the direction of heating element shape, etc., can solve the problems of small heating area, high energy consumption, poor heat transfer effect, etc., and achieve the effect of good heat transfer effect, large heating area and high thermal efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-12-04
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[0002] The heating elements of existing electric tea stoves, water heaters, etc. generally use electric heating wires. Because the electric heating wire is a wire heating element, the heating area is small, and the area in contact with the material to be heated is also small, the heat transfer effect is poor, and the temperature rises slowly; The temperature difference of the material to be heated is large, and the heating wire often...
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Method used

[0029] The heating tube manufactured by this molding process is provided with an over-temperature protector connected in series with the electrothermal film in the heating tube. The electric heating film is a nanometer non-metallic heating element, which does not produce oxides, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The electrode ring and the silver paste arranged in the groove of the electrode ring and th...
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The invention relates to a heating tube forming process. A heating tube comprises a quartz glass tube, the inside of the quartz glass tube is coated with an electrode silver paste ring which is electrically connected with an electrode collar, a copper wire is welded onto the electrode collar, the head of the copper wire is welded onto a screw, the opening of an electrothermal film carrier is sealed through a seal cover in which a through hole is formed, and screw penetrates the through hole. The heating tube forming process comprises the steps of spraying a heating film, cleaning the glass tube, drying the glass tube, coating sliver paste, solidifying the sliver paste, welding electrodes, assembling the heating tube, testing the heating tube and capping a plastic connector. The film layer of the heating tube is stable within 5000 hours, and the heating tube is highly reliable; an electrothermal film covers the surface of the electrothermal film carrier, so that the heating surface of the electrothermal film is large, the heat transfer effect is good, the warming is fast, and the heat efficiency is high.

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Heating element shapes

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Heating filmCopper wire +10


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Example Embodiment

[0019] A heating tube forming process. The heating tube includes a quartz glass tube, an electrode silver paste ring is coated in the quartz glass tube, an electrode ring electrically connected to the electrode silver paste ring, and a copper wire is welded to the electrode ring, The head of the copper wire is welded to a screw, the opening of the electric heating film carrier is sealed by a sealing cover, a through hole is opened in the sealing cover, and the screw passes through the through hole. The forming process steps are as follows:
[0020] Spraying the heating film: turn on the air valve and power supply of the air compressor and the film spraying machine, and turn on the temperature control; put the medicine to the designated position, turn on the machine to spray the medicine on the gun head; coat the surface of the glass tube with mud; the system returns to the original point, And put the mud-coated glass tube close to the bottom on the conveyor belt; cut to the manual button conveyor belt to enter, and then calibrate the position; install the spraying water, set the spraying machine to operate the program parameters. After the temperature rises enough, switch the automatic gear and operate normally; a special person will take out the heating tube with a clamp and place it on the iron frame;
[0021] Cleaning the glass tube: open the air valve and water valve, then turn on the power to start, turn on the operation mode and switch to manual first, check whether the machine is in the reset state, after the reset action is completed, switch to the automatic state, and the sprayed glass tube is pressed to the bottom Discharge on the conveyor belt, press the automatic start button to run normally, ensure that the inner wall will not be scratched, and pour out the residual water;
[0022] Glass tube drying: set the temperature of the drying oven to 120℃±10℃; place the cleaned glass tube on the drying oven and arrange for oven drying;
[0023] Coating silver paste: Take the adjusted silver paste and put it into the silver paste box, put the dried heating tube into the fixture, start up and run, the glue printing machine automatically completes clamping, dipping, and printing shaft extension, The printing rubber axis descends, the product rotates, the glue is brushed, the printing rubber axis rises, the printing axis exits, the glue is applied, the second point is to print the glue, and the heat pipe is loosened. After the printing work is completed, take out the heating tube and enter the next job cycle;
[0024] Silver paste curing: Open the curing oven door, push the cart with the heating tube into the curing oven and fix it, then close the oven door and lock it, turn on the power button, blast button and heating button, and set the curing oven temperature When the required parameters are reached, when the temperature reaches 100℃, open the exhaust vent to exhaust smoke. After 10 minutes, close the exhaust vent and perform high temperature curing until the temperature rises to the required set temperature parameter. The set temperature controller parameter is: 460℃± 10℃, set the parameters of the over-temperature protection device as: 450℃±10℃, keep the temperature at a constant temperature for 30 minutes after the temperature is reached, after the curing is completed and cooling, wear high-temperature gloves and take it out;
[0025] Welding electrode: Use cutting pliers to cut the copper wire to the required length, use needle-nose pliers to fix the copper wire on the copper ring, and clamp it with crimping pliers, solder the copper wire and electrode ring firmly with a soldering iron, and the size of the tin wire is the diameter ¢1.2MM, environmentally friendly lead-free solder, active solder core;
[0026] Heating tube assembly: Use pliers to put the welded electrode snare on the cut small glass tube, and weld the screws tightly, then install it into the heating tube, put the welded short electrode snare on the cut small glass tube, and install the warm After tightening the screws, install the heating tube, install the white silicone cover of the heating tube, and put on the gasket to tighten the screw;
[0027] Heating tube test: Put the assembled heating tube on the plastic twist cap, put it into the designated test rack container and tighten it, turn on the power supply according to the designated test voltage, and record the relevant test data. After the test is completed, sort by power Put it away; the heating tube power and voltage requirements test (such as: 220V/380V), the test time is 5 minutes, and the most stable test parameter value is taken, and the test data is written on the heating tube with a color-proof double-ended pen;
[0028] Beer plastic joint: Place the tested heating tube close to the mold, step on the foot switch, rotate the heating tube 180 degrees after the punching action is completed, and punch again. After the action is completed, take out the pressed heating tube.
[0029] In the heating tube manufactured by adopting this molding process, an over-temperature protector connected in series with the electric heating film is arranged in the heating tube. The electric heating film is a nanometer non-metal heating element, does not produce oxides, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The electrode ring and the silver paste arranged in the groove of the electrode ring and the electric heating film carrier are chemically bonded into one body, and there is no fear of falling off. The film layer is stable within 5000 hours and has high reliability; the electric heating film is covered on the electric heating film carrier On the surface, the heating area of ​​the electric heating film is large, the heat transfer effect is good, the temperature rises quickly, and the thermal efficiency is high
[0030] It should be emphasized that the above are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and any simple modifications, equivalent changes and modifications made to the above embodiments based on the technical essence of the present invention still fall within the scope of the technical solutions of the present invention.



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