Efficient electro-deposited heavy metal cleaning system

A heavy metal and electrodeposition technology, applied in metallurgical wastewater treatment, neutralized water/sewage treatment, water/sewage multi-stage treatment, etc. Social benefits, easy installation effect

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[0003] Since the existing heavy metal pollution treatment technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and will cause pollution transfer, it is easy to cause secondary pollution, and it is difficult to deal with ultra-low concentration of harmful heavy metal pollution
In practical applications, several me...
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The invention provides an efficient electro-deposited heavy metal cleaning system which comprises a filtering membrane, an efficient heavy metal electro-deposition membrane, a delivery pump, a reaction tank, a control system, a feedback regulation system and a supporting structure. The delivery pump feeds tail water into the reaction tank; heavy metal ions in the tail water have a reduction reaction in the process of passing through the efficient heavy metal electro-deposition membrane, and then are uniformly deposited on the metal electrode filtering membrane; the water subjected to treatment is fed back to a production workshop through the delivery pump; the feedback regulation system regulates the adding amount of heavy metals in an electroplating workshop according to the heavy metal ion concentration of the tail water; the control system monitors the effective running of the components. The technique is a cleaning technique, and implemented by taking electrons as a cleaning agent; the efficient electro-deposited heavy metal cleaning system is applicable to more than 98% of heavy metals in existing known industrial wastewater, and the clearance rate of heavy metals is over 99.9%, so that the problem that an existing heavy metal treatment technique is poor in ultra-low concentration treatment effect is effectively solved. The cleaning system is specially designed according to the characteristics of the compositions of industrial wastewater, and has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency, no secondary pollution, and the like.

Application Domain

Water contaminantsWaste water treatment from metallurgical process +3

Technology Topic

IonHeavy metals +12


  • Efficient electro-deposited heavy metal cleaning system
  • Efficient electro-deposited heavy metal cleaning system


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Example Embodiment

[0025] In order to enable those skilled in the art to better understand the technical solutions of the present invention, and to make the above-mentioned objectives, features and advantages of the present invention more obvious and understandable, the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the structural diagram.
[0026] The structure diagram of a high-efficiency electrodeposition heavy metal cleaning system engineering example is as follows figure 2 As shown, the workshop tail water first passes through the filter membrane at the front end of the reaction tank. The filter membrane is one or a combination of microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, and reverse osmosis membrane according to the composition of the tail water. After the tail water is filtered, the heavy metal ions are reduced by electrons when they pass through the high-efficiency heavy metal electrodeposition film, forming heavy metal crystals and uniformly deposited on the high-efficiency heavy metal electrodeposition film. The pH value detection and adjustment sensor integrated inside the high-efficiency heavy metal electrodeposition film adjusts the pH value of the water and the overpotential adjustment sensor adjusts the overpotential. The two work together to achieve the best conditions for heavy metal electrodeposition; at the same time, it can be based on heavy metals. The number of ion species and recycling requirements configure the number of high-efficiency heavy metal electrodeposition films, and use the principle of different overpotentials required for the reduction of different types of heavy metal ions to deposit the same types of heavy metals on the same high-efficiency heavy metal electrodeposition film. The treated water is filtered through a filter membrane for further purification, and then sent to the electroplating workshop through a transfer pump for recycling.


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