Simple combined gear

A combined and simple technology, applied in the direction of belts/chains/gears, components with teeth, portable lifting devices, etc., can solve the problems of high equipment use and maintenance costs, not in line with the maximization of corporate interests, and small transmission power, etc. problems, to achieve the effect of saving production time, low professional level requirements, and simple machinery and equipment

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-10-01
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However, in some occasions with low speed, low transmission power and low transmission precision, the machinery does not have high requirements for the precision of the gears. If the gears proce...
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The invention relates to a simple combined gear. The simple combined gear is characterized by comprising a plurality of single-piece gear bodies which are formed through cold stamping and are of the same specification, and the single-piece gear bodies are sequentially stacked and fixedly connected. The simple combined gear is simple in structure, convenient to manufacture and produce and low in cost and is suitable for low-load occasions with low requirements for accuracy and transmission, a traditional gear machining method is changed, production efficiency is greatly improved, and production cost is saved.

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Portable liftingGearing elements

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StampingManufacturing engineering +3


  • Simple combined gear


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with specific drawings and embodiments.
[0014] like figure 1 As shown, the simple combined gear in the embodiment is mainly composed of three single-piece gears 1 of the same specification, and the three single-piece gears 1 are stacked in sequence and connected by riveting through cylindrical pins 2 .
[0015] like figure 1 As shown, the monolithic gear 1 in the present invention is a monolithic gear 1 obtained by a cold stamping die, and the disc surface of the monolithic gear 1 is provided with through holes uniformly arranged along the circumferential direction, and cylindrical pins 2 are arranged in the through holes. The three single-piece gears 1 are riveted together by a riveting machine. It is required that the height of the two ends of the riveted cylindrical pin 2 higher than the end face of the gear does not exceed 1mm.
[0016] The simple combined style gear of the present invention is suitable for occasions with low speed, small transmission power and low transmission precision, and can realize the transmission function of the gear. Compared with gear shaping and hobbing, stamping gear has high production efficiency, simple stamping equipment, low requirements for production operators' professional knowledge, saving processing time and cost, and maximizing the interests of production enterprises.


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