Anti-sinking rapid assembling platform

A flat and fast technology, applied in the platform field, can solve the problems of slow assembly and disassembly, inconvenient cleaning, and easy damage, and achieve the effects of weight reduction, convenient flow diversion, and low cost

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-04-29
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[0006] However, the platform decks in the prior art are mostly made of polyurethane, which has problems such as inconvenient cleaning and easy damage. Heav...
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The invention provides an anti-sinking rapid assembling platform, comprising two or more assembling modules, wherein the assembling modules are connected with each other through bolts and corner positioning clips on the side ends; each assembling module is composed of six same rectangular assembling plates; a flowing water trough is formed in the middle part of the top surface of each assembling module; a top-down running water trough is formed in the middle part of any side surface of each assembling module; a top-down running water trough is also formed in the middle part of the opposite side surface of the assembling module on the side surface; the flowing water troughs in the three surfaces are communicated with one another to form a running water channel. The anti-sinking rapid assembling platform provided by the invention has the great advantages of being high in quality, portable, and free to assemble and can be repeatedly used; sewage falling to the anti-sinking rapid assembling platform can be rapidly drained to the ground.

Application Domain

Helicopter landing platformTheatres

Technology Topic

Agricultural engineeringWatering trough +2


  • Anti-sinking rapid assembling platform
  • Anti-sinking rapid assembling platform


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Such as figure 1 with figure 2 As shown, the anti-sag quick assembly platform of the present invention includes two or more splicing modules, and the splicing modules are connected to each other by side end bolts and corner positioning clips. Each splicing module is composed of 6 identical rectangular splicing modules. Board composition
[0030] The middle part of the top surface of the rectangular splicing plate is provided with a flow groove, and the middle part of any one side of the rectangular splicing plate is provided with a flow groove from top to bottom, and is opposite to the rectangular splicing plate on the one side. The middle part of the side is also provided with a top-down flow groove, and the flow grooves on the three sides communicate with each other to form a flow channel;
[0031] And the top surface of the rectangular splicing board slopes downward from its edge to the flow trough;
[0032] The rectangular splicing plate is composed of a composite structural plate and a trough frame connected to both sides of the composite structural plate. Side bolt holes are provided on the trough frame on the four sides of the rectangular splicing plate, and the side bolt holes are located on the composite structural plate. There are bolt installation holes;
[0033] The four corners of the rectangular splicing board are provided with corner positioning card mounting holes;
[0034] The length of the rectangular splicing board is twice the width, the long sides and the long sides of the two rectangular splicing boards are spliced ​​side by side to form a square, and the four rectangular splicing boards are respectively spliced ​​with the four sides of the square.
[0035] Further, the composite structure board is composed of two layers of aluminum panels and an aluminum honeycomb filled in between.
[0036] Further, the bolt mounting holes are horseshoe-shaped or circular.
[0037] Further, the composite structure plate is provided with gas circulation holes.
[0038] Further, the side end bolt holes are divided into horizontal bolt holes that are horizontal to the composite structural plate and vertical bolt holes that are perpendicular to the composite structural plate.
[0039] Further, each surface of the splicing module is provided with two running water grooves.
[0040] Of course, the present invention can also have various other embodiments. Without departing from the spirit and essence of the present invention, those skilled in the art can make various corresponding changes and modifications according to the present invention, but these corresponding All changes and deformations shall belong to the protection scope of the appended claims of the present invention.


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