Albizia julibrissin scented tea and making method thereof

A manufacturing method and technology of Albizia Julibrissin are applied in the directions of tea spice, tea treatment before extraction, etc., to achieve the effects of simple manufacturing method, prevention of harm to human body, and improvement of taste.

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At present, there are few products on the market that utilize Albizia juliensis and tea together, and there is a great need for a kind of Albizia juliensis sc...
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The invention discloses an albizia julibrissin scented tea, which is characterized by being composed of the following component by weight percentage: 65%-80% of albizia julibrissin, 20%-35% of tea and 1%-5% of an aromatic. The albizia julibrissin is fragrance retained dried followers obtained after removing pigment from dried petals. The particle sizes of the albizia julibrissin and tea are controlled at 10-20 meshes. The tea can be green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Kuding tea, or other tea products. The aromatic is dried plant flowers able to release various fragrances. The making method consists of: drying and chopping the albizia julibrissin and tea respectively, carrying out sieving, winnowing and grading to obtain fine particle albizia julibrissin and tea with a particle size of 10-20 meshes, then mixing the fine particle albizia julibrissin and tea according to the ratio, then adding the aromatic according to the ratio, conducting scenting for 60-120min, and then performing packaging, thus obtaining the albizia julibrissin scented finished tea product.

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Pre-extraction tea treatmentTea flavoring

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Epigallo-catechin gallateAromatic agent +6


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Example 1
[0014] An albizia julibrissin flower-scented tea, which is characterized in that it is composed of albizia julibrissin in the following weight percentages, tea leaves, and aromatics. After the petals are dried, the pigment on the petals is removed, and only the floral fragrance is retained. The particle size of flowers and tea is controlled within 10-20 mesh, and the distribution ratio of each group is as follows: Albizia julibrissin 65%-80%; tea 20%-35%; fragrance 1%-5%.
[0015] The tea leaves are green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Kuding tea, or other finished teas.
[0016] The fragrance is dried plant flowers that can release various fragrances.
[0017] The albizia flower and tea leaves are respectively dried, chopped, sieved and classified by winnowing, to obtain fine particles of albizia flower and tea with a particle size in the range of 10-20 meshes. According to the above-mentioned ratio, first mix the fine particles of Albizia Flowers and tea leaves are added with fragrances according to the above-mentioned ratio, and after scenting for 60-120 minutes, the package is the finished product of albizia flower fragrance tea.
[0018] When the fragrance is a liquid floral fragrance, a sprayer is used to spray the prescribed amount of fragrance in the formula while rotating in a rotating drum that has been equipped with evenly mixed fine-particle albizia flowers and tea leaves; the fragrance is micronized When the solid floral fragrance of the capsule is used, a cantilever double spiral cone mixer is used to add a prescribed amount of fragrance to the mixture of fine-grained albizia flower and tea in the mixer; when the fragrance is dried plant flowers, cut the dried plant flowers After crushing, add it to the evenly mixed mixture of fine-particle Albizia julibrissin and tea leaves according to the prescribed amount of the formula. It can be mixed manually or mechanically.


Granularity range10.0 ~ 20.0mesh

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