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Preparation of dietary fiber from rice bran particles and application of the same in sausage

The invention provides preparation of dietary fiber from rice bran particles and application of the same in sausage, and belongs to the technical field of food processing. The preparation method comprises the following steps: taking defatted rice bran as a raw material, pulverizing, sieving, soaking in alkali liquor, allowing proteinase hydrolysis and amylase zymolysis, centrifuging, taking residues, dissolving the residues in 95% ethanol according to weight-volume ratio of 1:4, allow precipitating of dietary fiber, drying the precipitate after suction filtration to obtain the dietary fiber; and allowing superfine pulverization of the extracted dietary fiber to obtain the dietary fiber from rice bran particles. The superfine pulverization technology can help greatly improve physical and chemical properties of the dietary fiber from rice bran particles such as water retention, oil retention and expansive force, and improve taste and can be applied to the sausage by selecting the best particle size range and addition level. The dietary fiber made from rice bran particles has the advantages of richness in nutrition, low cost, innocuity and safety, and simple and convenient preparation method. The dietary fiber made from rice bran particles expands use scope of the defatted rice bran, provides the foundation for further research on properties of the dietary fiber from defatted rice bran, and promotes research and development of functional sausage.

Cobblestone steamed bread making method

The invention discloses a cobblestone steamed bread making method. The method comprises the steps that firstly, flour, salt, baked crushed peanut kernels, stir-fried sunflower seed kernels, yeast powder and fennel are taken to be added into a dough mixer, vegetable oil and drinking water at the temperature of 11 DEG C to 30 DEG C are simultaneously added at the constant speed, and stirring is conducted while the vegetable oil and the drinking water are added; secondly, an appropriate amount of the flour and the vegetable oil are added again, and stirring is continuously conducted for 10 min to 20 min; thirdly, mixed dough is taken out of the dough mixer to be fermented; fourthly, the fermented dough is cut into a plurality of equal parts; fifthly, each part of the dough is rolled into a cake with the thickness of 8 mm to12 mm through a rolling pin; sixthly, cobblestones are put into an electric griddle to be heated; seventhly, the rolled cakes are put into the electric griddle in which the cobblestones are laid, the electric griddle is covered with a griddle cover, heating is conducted for 15 minutes, the cakes are turned over to the other sides, and then baking is conducted for 5 minutes. According to the cobblestone steamed bread making method, by increasing the thickness of cobblestone steamed bread, the problems that the cobblestone steamed bread is prone to extrusion and moisture are solved; by increasing the diversity of the raw materials, the mouthfeel is improved; by increasing the using amount of the vegetable oil, the baked cobblestone steamed bread is more attractive in color and luster.

Mulberry leaf tea and preparation method thereof

The present invention discloses a mulberry leaf tea and a preparation method thereof. The mulberry leaf tea consists of the following raw materials: 80-100 parts of mulberry leaves, 10-12 parts of mulberries, 8-10 parts of haws, 6-8 parts of pumpkins, 20-30 parts of fagopyrum dibotrys leaves, 8-10 parts of cassia seeds, 4-6 parts of pueraria lobata flowers, 3-5 parts of dracocephalum moldavica, 2-4 parts of wisteria sinensis, 3-4 parts of gnaphalium affine, 4-6 parts of artemisia lactiflora, 1-2 parts of schisandra chinensis pollen, and 20-30 parts of lotus juice. The obtained mulberry leaf tea merges the nutritional and functional ingredients of the fagopyrum dibotrys leaves, is subjected to multiple fermentation which increases the dissolution rate of the product active ingredients and enables the products to be more easily digested, at the same time improves the mouthfeel and palatability, and is yellow, red and bright in soup color, is pure and authentic in fragrance, is mellow and sweet in taste. At the same time, the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are added in the recipe of the raw materials to be blended, the conventionally extracted unpalatable medicinal flavor is eliminated, and meanwhile, the mulberry leaf tea can improve health-care value, has efficacies of clearing heat and clearing away toxins, tonifying liver and strengthening stomach, lowering lipids and sugars, etc., and can improve organism blood balance and is very suitable for a long-term drinking of patients with high cholesterol, hypertension, and high blood sugar.

Slurry-typed automatic coffee machine and control system thereof

The invention relates to a slurry-typed automatic coffee machine and a control system thereof, and belongs to the technical field of vending machine control systems. The slurry-typed automatic coffee machine comprises a rack, as well as an industrial control operation department, a coffee production department and a cup discharging department which are mounted on the rack, wherein the industrial control operation department, the coffee production department and the cup discharging department are respectively controlled by an industrial control operation system, a mechanical control system and a cup discharging control system; the coffee production department comprises a grinding device, a brewing and stirring device, a water supply device, a heating device, a peristaltic device and refrigerating device; the water supply device comprises a tap water supply channel and a bucket water supply channel, the refrigerating device comprises a refrigerated cabinet and an ice maker, and the cup discharging department comprises a cup barrel, a cup discharging device and a cup cover taking device. According to the invention, slurry raw materials are adopted to solve the harms of powder additives so as to enhance the taste of coffee and make the coffee healthy and safe; the refrigerated cabinet is used for ensuring the freshness of the materials; the ice maker is used for expanding the scope of customer requirements; the water supply device which is compatible with the tap water supply channel and the bucket water supply channel facilitates diverse water sources to lower the operation cost.

Pearl barley juice drink and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN104082817AImprove tasteOptimize processing technologyFood preparationPearl barleyNutritional composition
The invention discloses a pearl barley juice drink and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method of the pearl barley juice drink product comprises the following steps: pretreating pearl barley, grinding into thick liquid, processing all the thick liquid into paste, performing mild enzymolysis, filtering, blending, homogenizing, sealing and packaging. According to the pearl barley juice drink and the preparation method thereof, the process of processing all the thick liquid into paste and filtering the paste and the biological enzymolysis technology are integrated to produce the pearl barley juice drink in cooperation with high-pressure homogenization technology, so that starch is adequately pasted and a part of starch is hydrolyzed, pearl barley starch is effectively prevented from being recrystallized during the storage process of the drink product, thus the retrogradation of the starch is prevented, the shelf life of the pearl barley juice drink is prolonged, multiple nutrients such as vitamin B and polysaccharide in pearl barley are fully retained, and the taste and flavor of the pearl barley juice product are improved; the preparation method is easy to operate, is in favor of large-scale industrial production, and promotes the industrial development of deep processing of starch food.

Electronic cigarette liquid containing tobacco extract and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an electronic cigarette liquid containing tobacco extract. The electronic cigarette liquid comprises the following components in parts by weight: 1-2 parts of tobacco extract, 10 parts of deionized water, 15-60 parts of glycerol, 26.5-69 parts of propylene glycol, and 0-8 parts of auxiliary materials. A preparation method of the electronic cigarette liquid comprises the following steps of using the flue-cured tobacco leaves, drying and crushing into powder, sterilizing by ultraviolet rays, adding the deionized water, accelerating the solvent extraction, adjusting the pH (potential of hydrogen) value of the obtained extraction liquid to 10-13 by sodium hydroxide, distilling by water steam, re-extracting the distilled liquid by food level ethyl acetate, depressurizing and concentrating the extraction liquid, obtaining the water steam distilling tobacco extract, dripping into a mixture of the deionized water, the glycerol, the propylene glycol and the auxiliary materials, and uniformly stirring, so as to obtain the electronic cigarette liquid. Compared with the prior art, the electronic cigarette liquid has the characteristics that the tobacco extract has no pigment, the content of harmful matters is low, the components are simple, the water solubility and high boiling point are realized, and the electronic cigarette liquid is favorably prepared in the subsequent period.

Health care liquor with immunity boosting function and preparing method thereof

The invention discloses a preparing method for health care liquor with an immunity boosting function. The preparing method includes the following steps of 1 raw material processing, wherein raw materials include, by weight, 20-30 parts of beautiful millettia roots, 10-15 parts of barrenwort and 3-5 parts of medlar, the beautiful millettia roots are cleaned, sliced and smashed after being dried in the sun, the medlar and the barrenwort are cleaned, aired in a shady, cool and ventilating place and then smashed; 2 high-pressure processing, wherein the beautiful millettia roots obtained in the step 1 are put into a high-pressure tank, the high-pressure tank is pressurized until the pressure is 20-30 MPa, the pressure is uniform and kept for 10-20 min, and then normal pressure is recovered; 3 steam explosion processing, wherein the medlar and the barrenwort obtained in the step 1 are put into a steam explosion tank, and the explosion pressure is 3.0-3.5 MPa and kept for 150-200 s; 4 soaking, wherein the raw materials obtained from the step 2 and the step 3 are mixed evenly and put into a container, rice wine is poured into the container, and the container is capped and sealed to soak the raw materials; 5 postprocessing, wherein a soak solution obtained from the step 4 is taken out, filtered and subpackaged. The invention further relates to health care liquor obtained by adopting the method, and the health care liquor is golden, clear and transparent, and has a delicious mouthfeel and a slight smell of traditional Chinese medicines.

Method for comprehensively reclaming quartz vein polymetallic oxidized ore resources

ActiveCN101612606AHigh recovery rateImprove tasteLiquid solutions solvent extractionFlotationGravity separationCarbon in pulp
The invention provides a method for comprehensively reclaming quartz vein polymetallic oxidized ore resources, which comprises the following steps: firstly, crushing and grinding crude polymetallic oxidized ore, and then carrying out flotation for separating the crushed and ground ore into molybdenum concentrates and ore tailings; secondly, alkaline-leaching the molybdenum concentrates with the pH value of 11-14 for forming leaching residue and leaching solution, adopting the carbon-in-pulp process for extracting rough gold from the leaching residue, and carrying out flotation on the ore tailings after the extraction for obtaining lead concentrates; thirdly, extracting the leaching solution in the step two, adding medicaments into the residual extract liquor, reclaiming ammonium rhenium acid, back-extracting the extract liquor, and then forming ammonium molybdate by acid precipitation; and fourthly, carrying out gravity separation to the ore tailings in the step one for obtaining quartz concentrates and the ore tailing, acid-washing the quartz concentrates for obtaining arenaceous quartz, and discharging the ore tailings. The method adopts the manners of separating step by step and extracting layer by layer, integrates a plurality of processes, and fully reclaiming valuable metals such as gold, molybdenum, lead, rhenium and the like, so the comprehensive utilization rate of the ore is over 80 percent.
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