Yeast for pear wine brewing, preparation method and fermentation completion judgment method

A technology for Saccharomyces cerevisiae and yeast, which is applied in the field of use method and fermentation completion judgment, purification, pear wild yeast and its separation, can solve the problems of impure aroma and flavor of pear fruit, difficulty in realizing standardized production, and affecting the accuracy of judgment, etc. To achieve the effect of complete and complete fermentation, obvious hanging cup, and improved wine yield

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-11-02
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[0002] Common fruit wine yeast is generally used in the fermentation process of pear wine, such as active dry yeast for wine brewing, which is not specific, which makes the wine body uncoordinated, and the aroma and flavor of pear fruit that pear wine should have is not pure.
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The invention relates to a yeast for pear wine brewing, a preparation method and fermentation completion judgment method thereof. The yeast is a wild yeast separated from pome. The preparation method includes: S1: preparing pear juice; S2: conducting proliferation culture; S3: performing selective culture; S4: carrying out purification and proliferation; S5: performing domestication; and S6: conducting screening, and finally, preparing the yeast obtained in S6 into yeast with bran as the carrier so as to be convenient for use. For the yeast brewed pear wine prepared by the method, the fermentation completion judgment method combines chemical judgment with sensory judgment. The pear wine brewed from the yeast prepared by the method provided by the invention has strong and elegant pome flavor, has mellow wine body and obvious wine tears, does not cause dizziness after people drinking, almost has no adverse physiological response, also has high nutritional value, and is beneficial to human health after moderate drinking by people. In addition, the method combining chemical process and sensory attributes is employed to reach the scientific judgment of fermentation completion, so that the fermentation broth can ferment thoroughly, the wine yield is increased, and the pome aroma and fruit wine mellowness can be well retained.

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  • Yeast for pear wine brewing, preparation method and fermentation completion judgment method
  • Yeast for pear wine brewing, preparation method and fermentation completion judgment method
  • Yeast for pear wine brewing, preparation method and fermentation completion judgment method


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Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 1
[0027] The special yeast used for brewing pear wine of the present invention is the wild yeast isolated from pear fruit.

Example Embodiment

[0028] Example 2
[0029] A preparation method of the yeast used for brewing pear wine: S1: taking pear juice: crushing fresh pears, beating, filtering and extracting the juice to obtain fresh pear juice; S2: proliferating and culturing: taking the The obtained fresh pear juice is cultivated at 28-30°C for 48-72 hours to achieve the purpose of multiplying the number of bacteria in the fresh pear juice; S3: selection culture: the selection medium is made into a plate, sterilized and cooled, and the "marker" is used to Line method" to paint the pear juice cultured in step S2 on the plate, place it at 28-30°C for 60-72 hours, and isolate bacteria from no less than 8 plates each time; the selection medium needs to be pressed frequently. Boil, sub-package, and sterilize at 105°C for 30 minutes before use; S4: purification and proliferation: after the cultivation in step S3, according to the characteristics of yeast colonies (these characteristics are the usual morphological characteristics of most yeasts, such as The shape is spherical, oval, elliptical or lotus root-shaped, etc. The individual cells are large, generally 1-5 microns or 5-20 microns. The yeast has no flagella and cannot swim; the surface of the colony is smooth, moist, sticky, It is easy to stir up, the colony texture is uniform, the color of the front and back, the edge and the central part are very uniform, and the colonies are mostly milky white, etc.) to carry out aseptic operation, pick a single colony with strong growth (that is, the growth from a single cell) The bacterium cells of pure colonies) are inoculated in the slant medium, and continuously cultivated at 28-30° C. for 60-72 hours; the components of the slant medium and the contents of various components are the same as the selection medium. S5: Domestication: multiple generations of domestication are carried out in the domestication medium to enhance the stability of its performance; the number of domestication is not less than 10 generations; the components of the domestication medium and the contents of various components are the same as the selection medium same. S6: Screening: Separate and cultivate the single bacterial strain (i.e. purified strain) continuously acclimated and cultivated according to the method in steps S3-S4 again, and select the single bacterial colony (i.e. pure bacterial strain) with the most robust growth Inoculate into slant medium for culture; then carry out a series of performance measurements (growth potential, reproduction rate, fermentation power, wine production rate, wine flavor, etc.) Inoculate on the carrier (for example, inoculate on the bran), and then pass small-scale laboratory tests and production medium-scale tests to finally screen out pears with strong growth potential, high reproduction rate, strong fermentation ability, high wine yield, and excellent aroma and flavor of pear wine. Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain is used as a special yeast for brewing pear wine; S7: the yeast obtained in step S6 is made into a yeast for brewing pear wine with bran as a carrier.

Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 3
[0031] The composition of the selective culture medium described in the present invention can be following composition (mass percentage): 1. the wort+2% agar of 5 Baume degree; 2. 5 Baume degree wort juice 48%, agar 2%, 1.7 Baume Fresh pear juice 50%; ③ 1.7 Baumé fresh pear juice 98% + 2% agar.


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