Method for simultaneously extracting polyphenol and flavone

A technology of flavonoids and red skins, applied in the field of deep processing of agricultural products, can solve the problems of deep development and utilization of olive kernels and other issues, and achieve the effects of low cost, high yield and simple operation

Active Publication Date: 2017-06-20
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At present, the utilization of olives is mainly used for pressing olive oil, but there is almost no deep develo...
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The invention belongs to the field of farm product deep processing, and particularly relates to a method for simultaneously extracting polyphenol and flavones. After the olive nut dehulling, red peels and kernels are separated; the separated red peels are dried, crushed and sieved, and are added into a mixed solution of ethanol and water; filtering is performed after heating extraction; filter liquid is collected; concentration and drying are performed to obtain the polyphenol and the flavones; the yield and the purity are high; the operation of the extraction method is simple; convenience and high speed are realized; the industrial production is facilitated.

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Antinoxious agentsPlant ingredients

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ChemistryFlavones +5


  • Method for simultaneously extracting polyphenol and flavone
  • Method for simultaneously extracting polyphenol and flavone


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[0015] Example 1
[0016] (1) After the olive pits are dehulled, the red skin is separated from the nuts, and the separated red skin is naturally dried at room temperature (25°C), crushed, and passed through a 60-mesh sieve;
[0017] (2) Take 50 g of the sieved red skin obtained in step (1) and place it in a beaker, and add 500 mL of a mixture of ethanol and water with a volume ratio of 3:1, and place the beaker in a 50°C constant temperature water bath shaker , Stir and extract the red skin for 30min, centrifuge and filter, collect the filtrate,


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