Full-biodegradable vest bag producing process

A production process, vest bag technology, applied in the field of fully biodegradable vest bag production process, can solve the problems of non-degradable, huge amount of use, poor toughness and antibacterial effect, etc., to improve mechanical compatibility, mechanical properties, and interface combination Increased force and white pollution prevention effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-04-24
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Problems solved by technology

At present, most of the vest bags used in the market are made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride raw materials. Due to the huge amount of this vest bag and its non-degradability, it has caused serious waste of resources and environmental pollution.
However, it tak...
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The invention discloses a full- biodegradable vest bag producing process. The process includes the following steps of firstly, adding PBAT, PLA, thermoplastic resin, a chain extender, radix paeoniae alba, the root bark of the peony tree and filler into a high-speed mixer to be stirred and mixed to obtain a mixture; secondly, adding the mixture into a screw extruder to be extruded and mixed, and conducting cooling and granulating after extruding; thirdly, conducting blow molding on obtained granules through a blowing machine to form a composite thin film; fourthly, winding and collecting the composite thin film formed in the third step; fifthly, cutting the composite thin film collected in the fourth step through a roll-up bag machine to prepare roll-up vest bags. The toughness and antibacterial effects are enhanced, the bags can be degraded only after several months, and white pollution is effectively prevented.

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Example Embodiment

[0019] The invention will be further described below. The following embodiments are only used to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention more clearly, and cannot be used to limit the protection scope of the present invention.
[0020] The invention provides a production process of a fully biodegradable vest bag, which includes the following steps:
[0021] (1) Add 30 parts of PBAT, 40 parts of PLA, 8 parts of thermoplastic resin, 4 parts of chain extender, 5 parts of Radix Paeoniae Alba, 7 parts of Danpi, and 20 parts of filler into a high-speed mixer and stir and mix to obtain a mixture;
[0022] (2) Add the mixture to the screw extruder for extrusion and mixing, cooling and pelletizing after extrusion;
[0023] (3) Blow the pellets obtained in step (2) through a film blowing machine to form a composite film;
[0024] (4) Winding and collecting the composite film formed in step (3);
[0025] (5) The composite film collected in step (4) is cut by a continuous roll bag making machine to make a roll waistcoat bag.
[0026] Wherein, the thermoplastic resin is EVA.
[0027] The chain extender is one of BASF's chain extender JONCRYL ADR-4368 or BASF's chain extender JONCRYL ADR-4370S.
[0028] The filler is one or more of talc, light calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide or aluminum hydroxide.
[0029] The stirring and mixing speed is 200-250 r/min, and the time is 20 min. The temperature of the screw extruder is 150-200°C. The temperature of the film head of the film blowing machine is 200-210°C.
[0030] The thermoplastic resin of the present invention can impart excellent toughness and weather resistance to the garbage bag, so that the garbage bag is not easily damaged in the stretched state; the chain extender reduces the interfacial tension of the two phases of PBAT and PLA and increases the interfacial bonding force, thereby improving The mechanical compatibility and mechanical properties of the blending system; the white peony root and paeonum bark make the garbage bag have a good antibacterial effect; and it only takes a few months to degrade, effectively preventing white pollution.


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