Probiotics strain preparation and culture method thereof

A culture method and technology of probiotics, applied in the field of probiotics, can solve problems such as long production cycle, low production efficiency, and long activation time, and achieve the effects of saving costs, improving production efficiency, and increasing the number of active lactic acid bacteria

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-06-22
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] At present, the bacterial strains used in the food industry are in the form of direct injection powder, which is produced by dry dormant technology. The bacterial strains n...
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Method used

In summary, increasing skimmed milk powder, white sugar, glucose in the probiotic strain preparation of the present invention provides suitable nutrient matrix for Lactobacillus casei, so that Lactobacillus casei can enter the logarithmic phase quickly and ferment, and culture method is by traditional Dormant strains are cultured and multiplied in a special nutrient substrate, and put into production, which can effectively improve production efficiency and save costs; increase the number of active l...
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The invention discloses a probiotics strain preparation. The probiotics strain is obtained by fermenting the following raw materials in percentage by mass: 11.5-12.5 % of skim milk powder, 4.5-5.5 % of white sugar, 6.5-7.2 % of glucose, 0.05-0.055 % of lactobacillus casei, the balance of purified water, wherein the sum of the mass percentages of the raw materials is 100%. The invention further provides a culture method of the probiotics strain preparation. For the probiotics strain preparation provided by the invention, skim milk powder, white sugar and glucose are added for providing suitablenutrition media for lactobacillus casei, so that lactobacillus casei can rapidly enter the logarithmic phase for fermentation and production, therefore, the production efficiency is effectively improved, the cost is saved, and meanwhile, the number of active lactic acid bacteria of the product is improved.

Application Domain

BacteriaMicroorganism based processes

Technology Topic

ProbioticD-Glucose +6


  • Probiotics strain preparation and culture method thereof
  • Probiotics strain preparation and culture method thereof
  • Probiotics strain preparation and culture method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0055] Embodiment 1-3:
[0056] The probiotic strain preparation of embodiment 1-3, the probiotic strain is obtained by fermentation of the following raw materials in mass percentage:
[0057] Table 1 embodiment 1-3 probiotic strain preparation proportioning
[0060] The probiotic bacterial strain preparation of embodiment 1-3 all adopts following culture method to carry out, and method comprises,
[0061] Water quality control steps: make drinking water through triple filtration and reverse osmosis system to make purified water, the pH value of purified water is 6.60-6.90;
[0062] Feeding step: heat up the purified water to 50-60°C, then put in skim milk powder, white sugar and glucose, and start the circulation pump to circulate the mixed materials;
[0063] Dissolution step: stop the circulating pump after feeding, stir to fully dissolve the material and recover to obtain milk. During the dissolution step, start stirring once every 20 minutes, stir 3 times in total, each stirring time is 30s, and then keep warm at 50-55°C 60min;
[0064]Homogenization step: raise the temperature of the heat-preserved milk to 60-65°C, and then perform homogenization. Firstly, the first-level homogenization is performed, and then the second-level homogenization. The homogenization pressure: the first-level is 4MPa, and the second-level is 20MPa;
[0065] Sterilization step: heat the homogenized milk to 95-97°C, pump all the milk into the seed tank, keep it warm in the seed tank for 100 minutes, then stir, start stirring once every 20 minutes, stir 5 times in total, each time The stirring time is 30s, and the temperature is lowered to 35-37°C after stirring;
[0066] Inoculation step: Pour Lactobacillus casei into sterilized milk, stir slowly and evenly to obtain fermentation stock solution;
[0067] Fermentation step: culture the fermentation stock solution at 35-37°C for 26-30 hours, when the acidity is 130-150°T and the pH value is 3.80-4.00, stop the fermentation to obtain the fermentation liquid;
[0068] Refrigeration step: transfer the fermented liquid into a refrigerated tank at 2-6°C for refrigerated storage, the refrigerated time is less than or equal to 7 days, and the probiotic strain preparation is obtained after the test reaches the standard.


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