Annealing method of oxide semiconductor film by utilizing deep ultraviolet laser

An oxide semiconductor and deep ultraviolet technology, which is applied in semiconductor/solid-state device manufacturing, electrical components, circuits, etc., can solve the problems of inability to meet large-scale and low-temperature processing, long annealing time, easy to damage the substrate, etc., and the time to reach is short. , the treatment range can be selected, the effect of low energy consumption

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-05-17
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Problems solved by technology

These traditional annealing methods have problems such as high power consumption, long annealing time, and easy damage to the substrate.
[0004] Therefore, the tradit...
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Method used

The present invention scans continuously on film by laser, makes the surface appearance of film, and physical state is improved, and has improved light transmittance, makes STO optical bandgap increase,
Thin film sample preparation: us...
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The invention belongs to the field of deep ultraviolet laser annealing, and discloses an annealing method of an oxide semiconductor film by utilizing deep ultraviolet laser. The method comprises the following steps of preparing an amorphous oxide semiconductor film on a glass substrate, horizontally placing the film on a sample stage, setting a minimum distance between a laser device lens and a film sample, setting a movement speed of a laser beam, setting a transverse overlapping rate and a longitudinal spacing of beam movement, and then performing transverse continuous scanning by the laserbeam till all areas are effected. According to the method, continuous scanning is performed on the film by the deep ultraviolet laser, so that the surface topography, the physical property and the optical characteristic of the film are improved; the luminous transmittance is improved; and an optical band gap of STO by laser treatment is increased. Compared with the traditional high-temperature heat treatment, the method has the advantages of high energy, optional treatment range, short time, low energy consumption and the like; and the time for effecting a complete 10*10mm sample is only 1.98s.

Application Domain

Semiconductor/solid-state device manufacturing

Technology Topic

Velocity of lightOxide semiconductor +18


  • Annealing method of oxide semiconductor film by utilizing deep ultraviolet laser
  • Annealing method of oxide semiconductor film by utilizing deep ultraviolet laser
  • Annealing method of oxide semiconductor film by utilizing deep ultraviolet laser


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Example 1
[0030] A method for annealing an oxide semiconductor thin film using a deep ultraviolet laser includes the following steps:
[0031] First, prepare an amorphous oxide semiconductor film on a clean glass substrate with a vacuum magnetron sputtering apparatus;
[0032] Second, treat the film with a deep ultraviolet laser: (1) Set the beam moving speed to 1230mm/s; (2) Set the laser energy density and power according to the thickness of the film sample, and then set the horizontal overlap and vertical spacing of the beam movement (3) Place the film flat on the sample stage, set the minimum distance between the laser lens and the sample to be 101μm, and scan the light beam continuously across the film sample according to the above parameters until all areas are applied.


Vertical spacing35.0 ~ 45.0µm
Vertical spacing41.0µm
Thickness<= 40.0nm

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