Antiviral traditional Chinese medicine composition

A composition and anti-viral technology, applied in anti-viral agents, drug combinations, anti-bacterial drugs, etc., can solve the problems of many toxic and side effects, high price, complicated preparation process, etc., and achieve remarkable curative effect and effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-12-04
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[0002] In modern society, science and technology have made great progress, and life sciences have also developed greatly. There are also many inventions such as antibiotics and injection vaccines. There are not only a variety of western medicine antibiotics, but...
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The invention discloses an antiviral traditional Chinese medicine composition. The composition comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 20-40 parts of honeysuckle stems, 15-25 parts of radix isatidis, 7-13 parts of folium mori, 7-13 parts of flos chrysanthemi, 10-20 parts of radix scutellariae, 25-36 parts of gypsum, 17-25 parts of rhizoma imperatae, 10-20 parts of rhizoma chuanxiong, 12-18 parts of fructus aurantii, 10-20 parts of flos lonicerae, 10-20 parts of fructus forsythiae, 10-20 parts of radix saposhnikoviae, 10-20 parts of radix bupleuri, 11-21 parts of rhizoma ligustici, 11-21 parts of radix angelicae, 10-20 parts of radix platycodi, 10-20 parts of pericarpium citri tangerinae and 20-30 parts of herba centipedae. The traditional Chinese medicine composition hasa reasonable ratio of the raw materials, can effectively resist viruses, and has a remarkable effect, and the viruses are not likely to develop drug resistance and drug tolerance.

Application Domain

Antibacterial agentsAntivirals +3

Technology Topic

Ligusticum chuanxiongHoneysuckle +12


  • Antiviral traditional Chinese medicine composition


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Example Embodiment

[0011]Example one
[0012]Weigh the raw materials according to the following proportions: 30 parts of honeysuckle, 20 parts of Radix isatidis, 10 parts of frosted mulberry leaves, 10 parts of chrysanthemum, 15 parts of scutellaria, 30 parts of gypsum, 20 parts of Imperatae root, 15 parts of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 15 parts of Citrus aurantium, 15 parts of honeysuckle Servings, 15 portions of Forsythia suspensa, 15 portions of Fangfeng, 15 portions of Bupleurum, 15 portions of Ligusticum vulgare, 15 portions of Angelica dahurica, 15 portions of Platycodon grandiflorum, 15 portions of dried tangerine peel, 20 portions of Goose nongrass
[0013]Preparation method: First select the required Chinese medicine raw materials by weight, respectively pulverize and pass through 80 mesh sieve, the obtained powder is mixed with appropriate amount of conventional pharmaceutical excipients, and then made into pharmaceutically acceptable pills, tablets or granules according to conventional molding process. In the composition, the traditional Chinese medicine raw material powder in the antiviral composition accounts for 90% of the total weight.
[0014]Usage: It is divided into two stages: prevention and treatment. For prevention, take one dose every half an hour before breakfast for one week; for treatment, take one dose each morning, midnight, and half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. One course of treatment is In three days, usually 2 to 5 courses can be cured.

Example Embodiment

[0015]Example two
[0016]Weigh the raw materials according to the following proportions: 20 parts of honeysuckle vine, 15 parts of Radix isatidis, 7 parts of mulberry leaves, 7 parts of chrysanthemum, 10 parts of scutellaria, 25 parts of gypsum, 17 parts of Imperata cylindrica, 10 parts of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 12 parts of Citrus aurantium, 10 parts of honeysuckle Servings: Forsythia suspensa 10, Parsnips chinensis 10, Bupleurum vulgare 10, Ligusticum vulgare 11, Angelica dahurica 11, Platycodon grandiflorum 10, Tangerine peel 10, Goose non-grass 20.
[0017]The preparation method and use method are the same as in Example 1.

Example Embodiment

[0018]Example three
[0019]Weigh the raw materials according to the following proportions: 40 parts of honeysuckle, 25 parts of Radix isatidis, 13 parts of frosted mulberry leaves, 13 parts of chrysanthemum, 20 parts of scutellaria, 36 parts of gypsum, 25 parts of Imperata cylindrica root, 20 parts of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 18 parts of Citrus aurantium, 20 parts of honeysuckle Servings: Forsythia suspensa 20, Parsnip 20, Bupleurum 20, Ligusticum chinensis 21, Angelica dahurica 21, Platycodon grandiflorum 20, Tangerine peel 20, Goose non-grass 30.
[0020]The preparation method and use method are the same as in Example 1.
[0021]Typical clinical case
[0022]Case 1: Yang Moumou, female, 49 years old, from Jianghu Farm in Tianmen City, Hubei Province, went to see a doctor on January 15, 2020. She had a high fever of 39.2 degrees, a dry cough, general fatigue and pain, and difficulty breathing when going up 3 stairs . On the 16th, the body temperature dropped to 38.2 degrees after taking the pill of Example 3 each time before dinner, morning, lunch and dinner, and the symptoms of dry cough were alleviated; after taking the medicine on the 17th, the body temperature was 37.5 degrees and the fatigue and pain were alleviated. After taking the medicine on the 18th, frequent spitting , Body temperature is 36.9 degrees, three stairs will not have difficulty breathing; after taking the medicine on the 18th, the body temperature is normal 36.3, spitting is frequent, and the pain disappears; after taking the medicine for 4 consecutive days, the symptoms disappeared, and then taking the medicine for three days to strengthen .
[0023]Case 2: Li Moumou, male, 38 years old, from Jianghu Farm in Tianmen City, Hubei Province, developed a fever of 38.2 degrees, dry cough, general fatigue and pain on January 10, 2020; starting on February 11, each morning, lunch and dinner Taking the tablet described in Example 1 once, the body temperature returned to normal 36.5 degrees on the 13th, the dry cough was significantly reduced, and the fatigue and pain were significantly reduced. After taking the tablet for 3 consecutive days, the body returned to normal on the 16th.


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