Universal control module for gun AC servo driver

A general control, AC servo technology, applied in the direction of motor speed or torque control, control system, weapon accessories, etc., to achieve the effect of high reliability and small size

Pending Publication Date: 2021-02-12
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: in order to solve the current problems of the control circuit, how to provide a universal control mo...
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Method used

(1) In order to improve the anti-jamming ability of communication, communication module all selects the chip of self-isolation DC/DC for use, and wherein CAN communication module selects the ADM3053 transceiver of U.S. AD company, and communication rate can be up to 1Mbps, and bus support can reach 110 nodes, 20-pin SOIC package, simple peripheral circuit; the 485 serial port communication module uses the ADM2682E transceiver of AD Company, the communication rate is 16Mbps, and the bus supports up to 256 node connections; the 232 serial port communication module uses the ADM3251E transceiver of AD Company, communication The rate is 460kbps.
(5) logic control module carries out logical processing to the six-way PWM signal that computing control module is exported to dr...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of circuit design of AC servo drivers in gun servo systems, and particularly relates to a universal control module for a gun AC servo driver. According tofunctions to be realized by a circuit of the control module, a control circuit is divided into an interface module, an I/O isolation module, a power conversion module, a communication module, a position calculation module, an operation and control module, a logic control module and a signal conditioning module according to a universal and modular design method, wherein the communication module comprises a CAN communication module, an RS485 communication module and an RS232 communication module; the position calculation module comprises a rotary transformer position calculation module and a photoelectric encoder position calculation module, then circuit design is conducted on all functional modules of the control circuit, electronic components involved in the circuit are patch products which are small in size and reliable in function, and printed board layout and design are conducted according to a multilayer board design method for minimizing layout, so that a control module product with the size of 130mm*85mm is formed.

Application Domain

Weapon componentsElectric motor speed/torque regulation

Technology Topic

Functional moduleCircuit design +11


  • Universal control module for gun AC servo driver
  • Universal control module for gun AC servo driver
  • Universal control module for gun AC servo driver


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0038]Example 1
[0039]In this embodiment, the functional modules of the control circuit are sorted out according to the modular idea, such asfigure 2 , Which includes:
[0040](1) The communication module completes the digital communication function between the host computer and the control module. The module includes a CAN communication module, a 485 serial communication module, and a 232 serial communication module to meet the different communication requirements of the host computer;
[0041](2) The position calculation module converts the motor rotor angle signal into a digital quantity. The module includes a photoelectric encoder position calculation module and a resolver position calculation module to adapt to different motor rotor position feedback forms;
[0042](3) The I/O isolation module electrically isolates and level matches the digital I/O signal of the input and output control module;
[0043](4) The signal conditioning module performs filtering and voltage adjustment on the input analog quantity, and then inputs it to the calculation and control module for A/D conversion after adjustment;
[0044](5) The logic control module performs logic processing on the six-channel PWM signals output from the arithmetic control module to the drive module and the protection signals output from the drive module to the control module to ensure the reliable transmission of the six-channel PWM signals of the control module under normal working conditions;
[0045](6) The power conversion module converts the standard control power provided by the artillery into the working power required by each module, including +5V and ±12V;
[0046](7) The interface module 1 realizes the information transmission and control power supply between the host computer and the control module, and the interface module 2 realizes the information transmission between the control module and the drive module;
[0047](8) According to the layout of reasonable and minimized layout, as attachedimage 3Shown.
[0048]The technical content of this embodiment also includes the device selection and circuit realization of the above functional modules.
[0049](1) In order to improve the anti-interference ability of communication, the communication modules are all equipped with isolated DC/DC chips. Among them, the CAN communication module uses the ADM3053 transceiver of the American AD company. The communication rate can be as high as 1Mbps, and the bus can support up to 110 nodes. , 20-pin SOIC package, simple peripheral circuit; 485 serial communication module uses AD company ADM2682E transceiver, communication rate is 16Mbps, bus supports up to 256 node connections; 232 serial communication module uses AD company ADM3251E transceiver, communication rate 460kbps.
[0050](2) The position calculation module of the photoelectric encoder selects the SN65175D of American TI company to perform level conversion on the position difference signal output by the photoelectric encoder, and count the quadrature encoded pulses through the QEP circuit of the DSP peripheral, according to the number of pulses And frequency to determine the angular position and angular velocity of the motor respectively; the resolver position calculation module uses AD company AD2S83AP, which converts the two-way sine-changing analog quantity with the phase quadrature output by the resolver into the corresponding digital quantity. DSP can directly Read in for calculation of angular position and angular velocity.
[0051](3) The I/O isolation module uses a photocoupler to isolate the input and output digital signals, and is completed by using the patch optocoupler ACPL-217 of Avago Company;
[0052](4) The signal conditioning module integrates an operational amplifier to filter and calculate the input analog quantity, using the OPA2277U patch dual integrated operational amplifier of the American BB company;
[0053](5) The logic control module adopts the EPM570T100 programmable logic device from ALTERA, USA to realize the logic control between the control module and the drive module;
[0054](6) The calculation and control module are the core components of the entire control module. The mainstream device TMS320LF28335PGFA of the American TI C2000 series is selected, the main frequency is up to 150MHz, the 32-bit floating point calculation unit, the on-chip 256K×16 flash memory, and the rich external Set to complete the control of the motor;
[0055](7) The power conversion module uses a classic power conversion module to input 28V control power to achieve 5V/1A, ±15V/1A power conversion;
[0056](8) The interface module 1 is connected to the outside through the connector, and the interface module 2 is connected to the drive module through the connector.
[0057](9) Through the above-mentioned device selection, circuit design and minimized layout, a 130mm×85mm control module product has been formed.


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