Fermentation method based on improvement of deep processing quality of millet

A fermentation method and deep processing technology, applied in dough fermenters, structural parts of mixing/kneading machinery, mixing/kneading with vertical installation tools, etc., can solve problems such as low fermentation efficiency and uneven fermentation, and achieve improvement Fermentation efficiency, improved mixing degree, and easy-to-operate effects

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-24
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[0004] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a fermentation method based on improving the quality of millet deep processing, which divides the quantitative grain flour into equal amounts; adds equal amount of fermentation powder to each group of grain flour; the equal amount of divided grain flour and fermentation powder enters the primary fermentation device Ad...
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Method used

Wherein, primary fermentation device in step B comprises mounting plate 1; Mounting plate 1 surface is distributed in a circular array and has discharge port 2; Mounting plate 1 surface is positioned at center and has mounting hole 3; Mounting plate 1 surface is The circumferential display distribution is fixedly connected with the fermenter 4 through fastening bolts; the bottom of the fermenter 4 is an opening; the outer wall of the fermenter 4 is provided with a connecting pipe 5; the outer wall of the connecting pipe 5 is provided with a control valve 6; one end of the connecting pipe 5 is fixedly connected with a hemisphere shaped storage barrel 7; the outer wall of the hemispherical storage barrel 7 is arranged with flexible pipes 8 in a circular array near...
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The invention discloses a fermentation method based on improvement of deep processing quality of millet, and relates to the technical field of fermentation devices. The fermentation method comprises the following steps that the millet is ground into grain powder, and the grain powder and the ferment powder are equivalently separated; primary stirring fermentation treatment is carried out; the dough is put into a tank for treatment; and secondary mixed fermentation treatment is carried out. Grain powder is equally divided into a plurality of parts through a separation assembly, and a first stirring assembly is used for stirring; a first rotating motor is started to drive two curved surface extruding plates to extrude each group of dough, a servo motor is started to drive a pushing assembly to perform lifting motion, the dough extrudes an inserting column to be inserted into a leaking hole, the primarily fermented dough and the dough on the side face of a stirring plate are pushed into a mixing device, and part of the fermented dough is prevented from adhering to the device; stirring is carried out through a stirring rod, so that the small dough is mixed, and secondary fermentation is carried out; and through two times of fermentation treatment, the fermentation effect is improved, regional uneven fermentation of the dough is prevented, and the fermentation efficiency is improved.

Application Domain

Mixing/kneading structural elementsMixing/kneading with vertically-mounted tools +1

Technology Topic

Electric machineryProcess engineering +3


  • Fermentation method based on improvement of deep processing quality of millet
  • Fermentation method based on improvement of deep processing quality of millet
  • Fermentation method based on improvement of deep processing quality of millet


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Example Embodiment

[0041] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be apparent from the embodiment of the present invention, and it is clearly described, and it is understood that the described embodiments are merely embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments in the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the art will belong to the scope of the present invention in the scope of the present invention without any other embodiments obtained without creative labor.
[0042] In the description of the invention, it is to be understood that the terms "opening", "upper", "lower", "thickness", "top", "medium", "within", "around", etc. Indicates the orientation or positional relationship, is merely described in order to facilitate the description of the present invention, rather than indicating or implying that the components or elements must have a specific orientation, and therefore cannot be understood as limiting the invention. .
[0043] See Figure 1-12 , The present invention is a further processing millet fermentation process of enhancing the quality, including the steps of;
[0044] A, millet ground into cereal flour, cereal flour and baking powder equivalent amount of the partition process: quantitative amount of powder separated valleys; equivalent amount of each cereal flour at baking powder;
[0045] B, in each group, and baking powder into the tub farinaceous material handling: after Step A and an equivalent amount partition farinaceous baking powder into the primary fermentation apparatus;
[0046] C, initial agitation fermentation: adding an appropriate amount of warm water to the primary fermentation in stirred by the first stirring component, to achieve the initial fermentation;
[0047] D, the processing tank into the dough: fermentation by a sliding assembly means in the initial dough pushed to the mixing apparatus;
[0048] E, mixing the secondary fermentation: mixing means by extruding the dough mixture, stirred by the second stirring component dough, secondary mixed fermentation was allowed to stand.
[0049] Wherein step B, the primary fermentation apparatus includes a mounting plate 1; 1 surface a circumferential array of mounting plate distribution opened discharge opening 2; surface-mounting plate is positioned at the center of the opening with a mounting hole 3; 1 surface circumferentially mounting plate display Distribution through a fixed connection with a fastening bolt 4 fermenters; fermenter bottom opening 4 is provided; fermenter outer wall 4 provided with a connection tube 5; 5 connected to the outer wall of the tube is provided with a control valve 6; connecting tube 5 is fixedly connected at one end hemispherical storage barrel 7; 7 hemispherical outer wall near the top of the tub store circumferentially distributed array is provided with a hose 8; 8 fixedly connected to a hose connection pipe 5 via pipe flange; fermentor near the bottom of the outer wall 4 is provided with a liquid inlet pipe 9; mounting board 1 , a hemispherical storage tub 7 is fixedly connected between the mixing means and the cylinders 10; 10 driven by a hydraulic cylinder to start the initial fermentation device into a mixing device, so that the shutter 36 is inserted into the curved slot 50, a hemispherical storage barrel to 7 was added to the grist, the partition assembly 11 into the valley points separated powder, cereal flour each group an equal amount of baking powder was added, without weighing the partition, easy to operate.
[0050] Wherein, the tub 7 is stored inside the hemispherical sliding fit with a partition assembly 11; an annular spacer assembly 11 includes a handle 12; bottom-section annular handle 12 is provided with a circumferential array of arcuate profile the partition plate 13.
[0051] Wherein the fermenter Inner wall at the top is fixedly connected with a mounting case 14; 14 the inner wall of the mounting case rotatably engaged with a connecting ring 15; the connecting ring 15 of the outer wall is provided with an annular rail 16; connection 15 the inner wall of the ring is provided with an annular gear rack 17; connecting ring 15 the outer wall 18 is fixedly connected with a brush; step B was stirred in a first assembly, comprising a rotatable tub 19; surface of the rotating tub 19 is fixedly connected to an annular mounting plate 51; an outer wall of an annular mounting plate 51 is opened first annular channel 20; the connecting ring 15 open bottom surface 21 and a second annular channel; wall of the second annular channel 21 provided with a limit rail 22; 21 is rotated with the annular stop 22 and the second rail channel; surface of the rotating tub 19 is fixedly connected with a drive motor 23; a drive motor an output terminal 23 connected to a drive gear 24 is fixed; the driving gear 24 with the ring gear meshing with Article 17; driven by a drive motor 23 to start rotation of the drive gear 24, driven in rotation of the connecting ring 15, so that the grist and the brush 18 pairs of baking powder initial stirring, cereal flour and baking powder through the drain hole 33 into the inner bottom surface of the cylinder 4 fermentation.
[0052] Wherein rotation of the outer wall of the tub 19 is provided with a circumferentially distributed array stirring plate 25; each stirring plate 25 is provided with a baffle surface 26 symmetrically; 4 fermenters inner wall 27 slidably fitted with a push assembly; pushing assembly 27 comprises a slide plate 28; slide plate 28 a bottom surface opened shaped sliding groove 29; shaped sliding grooves 29 with the stirring plate 25 sliding fit; the rotation tub 19 at the top is fixedly connected with a servo motor 30; servo 30 output of the motor is fixedly connected with a threaded rod 31; 29 the inner wall of the shaped slide groove is provided between the threaded sleeve 32; rotatable threaded rod 31 mate with threads of the threaded sleeve 32; a circumferential array of slide surface 28 plate 33 holes distributed leakage opening; bottom-section of the slide plate 28 is provided with a circumferential array of connecting springs 34 distributed; connecting spring One end of the rod 34 is provided with a plug 35; the plunger 35 and the drain hole 33 with the plug; bottom-section 28 displays the distribution of the circumferential slide plate 36 is provided with a curved baffle plate; an outer wall of the rotation tub 19 arrayed circumferentially apart mounting groove 37; stop surfaces the rotation plate 36 and the outer wall of the tub 19 sliding fit; the primary fermentation is completed, the hydraulic cylinder 10 by activating the first drive assembly away from the second stirred stirring assembly, the servo motor 30 starts driving the rotation of the threaded rod 31, driven by a push rod assembly 27 along the thread 31 do lifting movement, the plunger 35 pressing the dough, so that it is inserted into the drain hole 33, to ensure that when the push dough, the slide plate 28 remain sealed to prevent leak of dough block, slide plate 38 pushes Panasonic will initial fermentation dough is formed into a viscous fermenter comprises an inner wall 4 and the side surface 25 of each stirring plate with dough mixing device.
[0053] Wherein step E mixing apparatus, comprising a support base 38, the support plate 39 and the mixing tank 40; support base 3840 is fixed via a support plate 39 and the mixing tank; mixing tank 40 of the outer wall symmetrically sliding fit connecting rod 41; the connecting rod 41 One end is provided with a gear rack 42; lateral support plate 39 is fixedly connected with a first rotating motor 43; a first rotation motor 43 has an output terminal connected to the rotating gear 44 is fixed; two gear rack 42 and gear 44 rotatably fitted; the connecting rod 41 having one end fixed surface 45 is connected to the pressing plate; rotational gear 43 is rotated by activating the first drive motor 44, gear rack 42 such that the two synchronized reverse motion for the two curved pressing plate 45 in each group fall repeatedly pressing the dough, while stirring by a stirring motor 46 to start rotation of the second drive rod 47 the dough, mixing the dough to achieve groups to be allowed to stand after stirring sufficiently, the second fermentation, improve the overall efficiency of the fermentation of dough.
[0054] Wherein step E stirred in a second assembly comprising a second rotational motor 46; the second rotating motor 46 fixedly mounted on the bottom surface of the mixing tank 40; 46 output terminal of the second rotating electric machine 47 is fixedly connected with a stir bar; bottom-section 40 within the mixing tank distributed circumferential array of rotary disk 48 rotatably fitted there; mix tank 40 circumferentially distributed array is fixedly connected to the bottom of the third rotating machine 49; 49 output of the third rotation of the motor 48 is fixedly connected with the rotary disk; rotary disk surface 48 circumferentially arrayed apart card slot 50; 10 driven by a hydraulic cylinder to start the initial fermentation apparatus moves down into the mixing apparatus, so that the shutter 36 is inserted into the curved slot 50; 49 driven in rotation by activating the rotary disk 48 of each respective third rotating motor, such that each group of the first component is stirred in 4 fermenters farinaceous baking powder and stirred, initially form a dough fermented.
[0055] In the description of this specification, a description of the reference terms "an embodiment", "Example", "Specific Examples", etc., meant to incorporated at least in connection with the specific features, structures, materials, or characteristics described in connection with this embodiment. One embodiment or in the example. In the present specification, the meaning of the above term is not necessarily referred to as the same examples. Moreover, the specific features, structures, materials or features described may be combined in any one or more embodiments or examples.
[0056] The preferred embodiments of the present invention disclosed above are merely used to help illustrate the invention. The preferred embodiment does not detail all details, nor does not limit the embodiments of the invention. Obviously, according to the content of this specification, many modifications and changes can be made. These embodiments are selected and specifically described in this specification, in order to better explain the principles and practical applications of the present invention, so that those skilled in the art can understand and utilize the present invention well. The present invention is only limited by the claims and the entire range and equivalents.


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