Health care wine

A technology of longevity wine and rice wine, which is applied in the field of fitness longevity wine, and can solve the problems of single effect and curative effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2003-10-22
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[0002] There are many kinds of medicated wines on the market, but most of them are single medicated wines. For example, Tonghua ginseng wine in Jilin, snake wine from Guang...
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The present invention discloses a health care life-prolonging liquor. Its composition is made from low alcohol liquor or rice wine, white granulated sugar and Chinese medicinal material consisting ofginseng, velvet deerhorn, lycium berry, ovate atractylodes root, poria, licorice, agrimony and jujube, and its white granulated sugar content is 50-70 g/500 ml of liquor, and every Chinese medicinal material content is 15-20 g/500 ml of liquor. Said medicated liquor has the functions of supplementing qi, nourishing blood, improving acuity of vision and strengthening kidney, etc.

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Alcoholic beverage preparation

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Ziziphus jujubaKidney +4


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Example Embodiment

[0009] Example 1
[0010] Soak selected ginseng, velvet antler, wolfberry, Atractylodes atractylodes, Poria, licorice, yellow flower, and jujube into 38° low-alcohol liquor. After 15 days, after filtering out the slag, put in 60 grams of white granulated sugar, and then filter and bottle the sugar to obtain fitness and longevity wine.

Example Embodiment

[0011] Example 2
[0012] Put the selected ginseng, velvet antler, wolfberry, Atractylodes, Poria, licorice, yellow flower, and jujube into 28° rice wine to soak. The content of each component is 19 grams/500ml of rice wine, the soaking time is 7-15 days, after filtering out the slag, put 65 grams of white granulated sugar, and then filter and bottle to obtain the fitness longevity wine.


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