Formula and technique for producing natural bone calcium capsule

A technology for producing formulas and production processes, applied in the fields of application, food preparation, food science, etc., can solve problems such as unfavorable absorption and difficult quality assurance, and achieve the effect of easy absorption

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-07-15
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Now there are many kinds of calcium supplement products on the market, with various names. All kinds of calcium supplement products are dazzling, and it is diff...
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The invention discloses a production formula and a production technology of a natural bone calcium capsule which is mainly prepared by natural bone calcium, CPP, harp seal meat bone powder, VD3, lactose, VC, maltitol, VE, seadragon powder, VA and glycin according to a certain proportions. The invention has a reasonable formula according to the needs of human bodies, adds various vitamins and glycin, is favorable to the synthesis of collagen, is easy to absorb and is safe and nontoxic.

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Food preparation

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ChemistryMaltitol +5


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[0007] Now specifically describe the production process of the present invention: 1. Pretreatment: carefully select various raw materials, select clean and dry raw materials; 2. Pulverize: pulverize the treated raw materials in a pulverizer respectively; 3. Sieve: with 20 mesh sieves were sieved respectively; 4. Ingredients: according to natural bone calcium 40g, CPP 0.1g, sea dog meat and bone meal 2g, V D3 0.02g, Lactose 1g, V C 0.6g, Maltitol 1g, V E 10000IU, Sea Dragon Powder 8g, V A 800ug, glycine 0.1g formula for ingredients; 5. Filling: fill the capsules with the prepared raw materials with a filling machine.


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