External medicament cervical ointment for treating cervical osteoarthritis

A technology for external medicine and cervical spondylosis, applied in the field of medicine, can solve problems such as unsatisfactory operation effect, digestive tract damage, and inability to cure cervical spondylosis.

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-03-17
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Problems solved by technology

Existing treatment techniques can only relieve symptoms, such as traction, massage, physical therapy, exercise therapy, etc.
Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicines for softening firmness and resolving stagnation, promoting b...
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The invention relates to an external medicament cervical ointment for treating cervical osteoarthritis, which belongs to the field of medicine. The cervical ointment comprises 71 Chinese medicaments such as turtle shell, pangolin scales, ark shell, Chinese asafetida, fortune's drynaria rhizome, nux vomica, kudzuvine root, long-noded pit viper and the like. A method for preparing the cervical ointment comprises the following steps: 1, decocting fresh medicaments of impatiens balsamina and the like and the Chinese medicaments (except the Chinese asafetida and the like) in bean oil until the interior is light brown, filtering dregs of the decoction, continuously decocting the medicinal oil until the medicinal oil is 'shaped like balls when falling into water', heating the medicinal oil with intense fire until the temperature is 340 DEG C, and screening heated minium into the medicinal oil to obtain the ointment; and 2, crushing the Chinese asafetida, frankincense, myrrh, musk and the like, and screening the powder by a 100-mesh sieve for sealing storage and standby. During clinical use, the powder is doped into the ointment. The medicaments are used together, and because the ointmenthas the functions of removing food retentions consolidated in stomach for years, breaking blood coagulations formed with the passing of time, eroding malignant hyperplasia, removing crossbow meat, promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, and relieving pains, the ointment is absorbed by proliferative bones to restore the destroyed soft tissues, and has the function of activating cells. Thus, various tissue functions of the cervical spines are restored, and the cervical osteoarthritis is cured.

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Example Embodiment

[0028] Weigh 150g of turtle shell, 150g of mountain shell, 150g of corrugated seed, 40g of horsefly, 40g of drynaria, 40g of dichotoma, 40g of chrysanthemum, 40g of kudzu, 40g of papaya, 40g of barley, 40g of two-faced needle, 40g of leech, and white flower Snake 40g, Black Snake 40g, Centipede 10g, Scorpion 10g, Stiff Worm 20g, Soil Worm 20g, Safflower 20g, Wulingzhi 30g, Peach Kernel 30g, Caulis spatholobi 30g, Sea Breeze Vine 30g, Trachelospermi Caulis 30g, Black Plum 40g, saponins 20g, calamus 20g, gastrodia 40g, black aconite 40g, alpinia 20g, single life 40g, hive 20g, Qianghu 40g, kansui 10g, euphorbia 10g, Sichuan aconite 20g, grass black 20g, ephedra 10g, white Aconite 20g, Achyranthes 40g, Hedgehog Skin 40g, Natural Copper 70g, Astragalus 20g, Hematoxylin 30g, Turmeric 40g, Triangle 20g, Curcuma 20g, Angelica 40g, Chuanxiong 30g, Salvia 50g, Black Chou 30g, Wang Bu Liuxing 30g, Liu Jinu 30g, Weilingxian 30g, Shenjiang 30g, Corydalis 40g, Turmeric 20g, Passepartout 20g, Brucea javanica 30g, Xungufeng 40g, Fangji 30g, Ginger 20g, Scallion 20g, Garlic 20g, Mulberry branch 30g, Xanthium 20g, impatiens 20g, Sophora japonicus 30g, willow branch 30g, peach branch 30g, hair ball 15g, soybean oil 8000g, Zhangdan 4000g, then weighed antelope horn 50g, asafoetida 60g, dry paint 30g , Dragon's blood 30g, Frankincense 30g, Myrrh 30g, Suhexiang 20g, Benzoin 20g, Shexiang 3g, Toad venom 5g. Crush and mix for 100 meshes, and seal for storage.
[0029] Put soybean oil in a pot and heat to 90℃, add ginger, green onion, garlic, mulberry branch, cocklebur, impatiens, locust branch, willow branch, peach branch, hair ball, and then add to the oil to torture, and stir to prevent The oil boils. After 10 minutes, add turtle shell and shellfish medicine. After another 10 minutes, add the remaining ingredients except Zhangdan, and continue to heat the oil until it reaches 240°C. During boiling, use a slotted spoon to sink the medicine floating on the oil surface, stir and sink once for 3-5 minutes, repeat 3-4 times, fry the medicine until the appearance is dark brown and the inside is browned, remove the medicine residue , Continue to boil the medicated oil for 10 minutes, filter with gauze, and then warm the medicated oil with a slow fire for 5-6 hours, and continue to stir. When the oil droplets are taken in the cold water, they will not disperse and clump. Beading is the so-called "drip water beading". Add fire to the oil to raise the oil temperature to 340℃ in 3-5 minutes, quickly remove the oil from the fire, add the fried Zhang Dan through a sieve into the oil while it is hot, and stir it continuously, 3- It becomes a paste after 5 minutes. Then add a small amount of cold water and stir for 3-5 minutes to remove smoke poison. Then pour the liquid plaster into cold water and stir vigorously. After the liquid plaster cools, it becomes a solid plaster. Then divide it into small pieces and soak in cold water. Change the water 3 times a day and soak for 7 days to remove the fire poison. . When in use, the plaster block is heated to dissolve, after a little cooling, the fine material prepared in advance is added, and the mixture is stirred evenly, and the plaster is spread on the plaster cloth with a weight of 15 g, which is the plaster of the present invention.
[0030] Effects of various drugs in the drug of the present invention
[0031] Turtle shell: soft and hard to disperse knots, to accumulate evil flesh. Pangolin: It moves blood to disperse knots, has strong penetrating power, and attracts all medicines to the disease. Corrugated seeds: eliminate blood clots, resolve phlegm accumulation. Dry paint: dispel blood stasis and dispel accumulation, dispel the stagnation of deep and strong years, and dispel blood clotting over time. Gadfly: Dispelling blood stasis and blood circulation to pass menstruation. Antelope horns: antispasm. Asafoetida: broken Spittoon, flesh accumulation. Rhizoma Drynariae: Dissolve blood stasis and create new, treat injuries and breaks. Continued: Continued muscles and bones to break blood stasis. Maqianzi: Disperse knots, activate collaterals, relieve pain. Pueraria lobata: Stops strong back pain and breaks blood. Papaya: To relieve muscles and collaterals. Barley: Relieve cramps, not flexion or extension. Ermian acupuncture: Stop numbness and pain. Leech: break blood stasis, clear meridians and activate collaterals White Snake and Black Snake: relax meridians and collaterals, relieve spasm, and treat numbness. Centipede: The fastest walking force, breaking blood and stopping spasm. Scorpion: Disperses knots and relieves spasm. Soil Insects: Disperse blood and remove blood stasis, disperse Knot, treat broken injuries. Safflower: Activating blood to remove blood stasis. Wulingzhi: Tongli blood vessels, dispel blood stasis and relieve pain. Dragon's Blood: Disperses blood stasis and relieves pain, depletion of blood. Peach kernel: to remove blood stasis. Caulis spatholobi, sea breeze vine, Trachelospermum vine: has a picking effect. Frankincense and Myrrh: invigorate blood and relieve pain, stretch muscles. Wumei: Go to crossbow meat, eat evil meat. Saponins: Reduce swelling, strong penetrating power. Suhexiang, Benzoin, Shexiang: Resuscitation. Shichangpu: Resuscitation. Gastrodia: antispasm. Wu Fuzi: Warming menstruation and relieving pain. Liangjiang: Promoting Qi to relieve pain. Alone, Qianghuo: To stop head pain is strong but difficult to stretch. Peak room: only pass. Kansui, Euphorbia: expectorant, relieve numbness and pain. Chuanwu, Caowu: Warming menstruation and relieving pain. Ephedra: Tunying Wei. White Monkshood: Relieve contractile pain. Achyranthes: Break the blood and eliminate , Tony joints. Hedgehog skin: remove blood stasis and relieve pain. Natural Copper: Disperses blood stasis and relieves pain, connects bones and renews tendons Stretching tendons: relieve tendons and dredge collaterals, relieve contracture and pain. Su Mu: Activating blood to remove blood stasis and relieve pain. Turmeric: Promoting Qi to dispel blood stasis. Sanleng and zedoary: to remove blood stasis, promote qi to relieve pain, go Lumps. Angelica, Chuanxiong: invigorate blood and nourish blood. Wang Bu Liu Xing: Promoting blood circulation through menstruation. Salvia: Activating blood to remove blood stasis. Liu Jinu: Breaking blood and removing blood stasis, healing injuries. Wei Lingxian: Heals bone choking, relieves collaterals and relieves pain. Hei Chou: The swelling is reduced by water. Toad Su: Reduce swelling, relieve pain and relieve pain. Yanhusuo: Relieve qi and relieve pain. Turmeric: To break the blood and promote qi, relieve pain. Passepartout: Tongluo relieves pain. Brucea javanica: Healing wounds, removing blood stasis and creating new ones. Xungufeng: strong pain relieving, treatment of muscles and bones. Defend self: dissipate masses and reduce swelling, relieve contracture and pain. Stiff insects: stop spasm. Shen Jiang: Dispel wind, relieve pain.


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