Test platform for steel-rail milling and grinding machine

A technology for a rail milling and grinding car and a test bench, applied in the field of test platforms, can solve the problems of high cost, complex test structure, huge test site, etc., and achieve the effects of low cost, perfect function and simple structure

Active Publication Date: 2012-11-07
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There are working conditions such as straight running, turning, uphill and downhill when milling a...
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The invention discloses a test platform for a steel-rail milling and grinding machine. The test platform comprises a test platform frame, wherein the bottom of the test platform frame is mounted on the test platform by a first adjusting device which can adjust the inclination of the test platform frame; the steel-rail milling and grinding machine is arranged on a cross beam of the test platform frame; a guide rail is arranged on the test platform below the steel-rail milling and grinding machine; a guide rail vehicle driven by a low-voltage power supply is mounted on the guide rail; and a steel-rail test piece is arranged on the guide rail vehicle opposite to the working end face of the steel-rail milling and grinding machine by a second adjusting device which can adjust the rail distance of the steel-rail test piece. The test platform provided by the invention is complete in function, simple in structure and low in cost, and provides a powerful test technical support for the equipment debugging and study of the steel-rail milling and grinding machine.

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Structural/machines measurement

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Technical supportAutomotive engineering +2


  • Test platform for steel-rail milling and grinding machine
  • Test platform for steel-rail milling and grinding machine
  • Test platform for steel-rail milling and grinding machine


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Example Embodiment

[0013] A specific implementation of a rail milling and grinding car test bench will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0014] like figure 1 , 2 3. A rail milling and grinding car test bench includes a test platform frame and a feeding device. The test platform frame includes a beam 1 , a support 2 , a side support frame 8 and a first adjustment pad iron 9 . The feeding device includes a rail test piece 4 , a weight 5 , a guide rail car 7 and a second adjusting pad 6 .
[0015] The rail milling and grinding car 3 is hung upside down on the beam 1, the first adjustment pad iron 9 is fixed to the ground by anchor bolts, the support 2 is installed on the first adjustment pad iron 9, and the rail test piece 4 is fixed to the second adjustment pad by the pressing block. On the pad iron 6 , the second adjustment pad iron 6 is integrally fixed to the guide rail car 7 .
[0016] There are three working conditions when the rail milling car 3 works: normal driving milling, turning milling, and uphill and downhill milling.
[0017] Normal driving and milling: the rail milling car 3 is fixed on the beam 1 of the test bench, the grinding wheel at the working end of the rail milling car 3 is driven by the servo motor to rotate at a high speed, and at the same time the rail car 7 is driven by the low-voltage power supply of the lower guide rail 10 to realize In the feeding motion of this experiment, the guide rail car 7 moves along the lower guide rail 10 to realize the rail grinding that simulates the normal running of the train.
[0018] Turning milling: Since the gauge at the turn of the train is wider than the gauge during normal driving (see Table 1 for the specific widening ratio of the national standard), the gauge must also be widened when the simulated train turns. Adjust the gauge of the rail test piece 4 by adjusting the second adjusting pad 6. For example, the inner distance of the guide rail is 1435mm in normal driving. When the radius of curvature R<300mm, the gauge needs to be widened by 15mm. When the rail specimens are moved outwards by 7.5mm, the experimental gauge becomes 1450, and other movements are the same as normal driving to simulate the turning conditions.
[0019] Table 1 Widening of the track gauge of the secluded line
[0021] Uphill and downhill simulation: There are four first adjustable pads 9 under each support 2. According to needs, adjust the first adjustable pad 9 at one end under the support 2 to a height, and the first adjustable pad at the other end. The iron 9 is lowered, and the left and right supports 2 are adjusted in the same way, so that the test bench support 2 and the rail milling car 3 will be inclined at an angle as a whole, while the angle of the guide car 7 in the feed movement will remain unchanged, so that the direction of the linear speed of the grinding wheel There is an angle with the feeding direction, and the others are the same as in normal work, so that the simulation of up and down slope conditions is realized.
[0022] Simulation of the working behavior of the milling and grinding car: The rail milling and grinding car 3 is suspended on the test platform frame as a whole, which can realize the simulation of the working behavior such as feeding, retracting, and travel limit.


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