Combined packer filtering device

A combined packing and filtration device technology, applied in the directions of loose filter material filter, filtration separation, gravity filter, etc., can solve the problem of unsatisfactory filtration speed, etc., and achieve light weight, convenient installation and transportation, and large water treatment capacity. Effect

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[0003] The present invention provides a combined filler filter device. The present invention solves the unsatisfactory f...
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The invention discloses a combined packer filtering device, and relates to purified water treatment equipment, in particular to the combined packer filtering device which comprises a body (1), a raw water inlet (2), a filtered water outlet (3), a gas inlet (4), a gas outlet (5), a pressure gauge interface (6), an inspection manhole (7), a discharge opening (8), a water distributor (9), a blowoff valve (10), a filtration head (11), a filtration plate (12), a cobblestone supporting layer (13), a fiber ball packer (14), a fiber tow packer (15), a supporting bracket and the like. Through the adoption of the fiber tow packer and the fiber ball packer, which realize gas-water combined backflush, the skillful use of the advantages that the density difference of the two packers is relatively great and the porosities of the two packers are different and the full use of the space of filtering equipment, the combined packer filtering device has the characteristics of superhigh filtering speed, large quantity of pollutants received, easy backflush, high cleanness, simple structure and easy implementation and the like.

Application Domain

Loose filtering material filtersGravity filters

Technology Topic

PollutantWater treatment +7


  • Combined packer filtering device
  • Combined packer filtering device
  • Combined packer filtering device


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Example Embodiment

[0011] Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail with the best embodiment.
[0012] Such as figure 1 A combined filler filter device shown includes a body (1), a raw water inlet (2), a filtered water outlet (3), an air inlet (4), an air outlet (5), and a pressure gauge interface (6) ), maintenance manhole (7), discharge port (8), water distributor (9), drain valve (10), filter head (11), filter plate (12), cobblestone support layer (13) , Fiber ball packing (14), fiber tow packing (15) and supporting brackets.
[0013] The upper part of the filter device is provided with a water distributor (9), which is in the shape of a circular wedge-shaped net bucket, and a number of water distributor plates are arranged in the middle. The water intercepts the packing and does not flow out; the side of the main body (1) is provided with a maintenance manhole (7), and the inner side of the maintenance manhole (7) is provided with a retaining device, which is used as the entrance for the equipment in the main body (1) and the filler to be added; The side of the body (1) is provided with a discharge port (8) as an outlet for replacing the packing; the upper side of the body (1) is provided with a pressure gauge interface (6) as the connection port of the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge can be ordinary pressure Gauge and electric contact pressure gauge; the body (1) is provided with an exhaust port (5) at the top and a drain valve (10) at the bottom. When the body (1) is vented, the exhaust port (5) valve must be opened and drained Valve (10); the top of the body (1) is provided with a raw water inlet (2), which serves as the raw water inlet during filtration, and at the same time as the outlet for sewage and recoil gas during recoil; the bottom of the body (1) is provided with a filtered water outlet (3), it is used as the outlet of filtered water during filtration, and the inlet of recoil water during recoil; the lower part of the body (1) is provided with an air inlet (4), which is used as the inlet of compressed air during recoil; the lower part of the main body (1) An air inlet (4) is provided, which serves as an inlet for compressed air during recoil; the main body (1) is provided with fiber tow filler (15) and fiber ball filler (14), which are distributed in layers with relatively high density fibers The ball filler (14) is arranged under the fiber tow filler (15) with relatively low density. The fiber tow filler (15) is composed of a filter core and a fiber tow. The cross section of the filter core can be one or more polygons and circles. , Elliptical or irregular shape, the fiber tow can be one or more, and the length of the fiber tow at both ends of the filter core can be equal or unequal; the water and air distribution part of the body (1) is provided with a filter head (11), the nut is fixed on the filter plate (12), the center of the filter head (11) is hollow, the upper part of the side wall is provided with several air inlets, and the lower part is provided with a long recoil water inlet. The filter cap, the upper layer of the filter head (11) is provided with a cobblestone supporting layer (13) with a height of 10mm-1000mm, and a support and a gas distribution pipe are provided under the filter plate (12).
[0014] When filtering, the fiber tow filler (15) with low density is located on the high-density fiber ball filler (14). When filtering, the filter core of the fiber tow filler (15) plays a role in compacting the fiber tow. , And the filter core volume is small, which has no effect on the uniformity of the porosity distribution of the filter section. At the same time, because the packing density is similar to water, an adaptive filter bed with sparse top and dense bottom is formed, and the filtering effect is good; the fiber ball filler (14) sinks In the lower part, it has the function of supporting the upper layer of packing, and also has the function of filtration and adsorption. It has a good effect on reducing the thickness of the fiber tow packing (15) and increasing the filtration rate. The fiber tow The filler (15) is located on the fiber ball filler (14), and the sludge is separated from the filler due to the collision, friction and swing of air and water, and the sludge and sewage are discharged from the device in time.
[0015] Finally, it should be noted that: Obviously, the above-mentioned embodiments are merely examples for clearly illustrating the present invention, rather than limiting the implementation manners. For those of ordinary skill in the art, other changes or changes in different forms can be made on the basis of the above description. There is no need and cannot give an exhaustive list of all implementation methods. The obvious changes or modifications derived from this are still within the protection scope of the present invention.


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