Wax oil treatment device and working method

A processing device and wax oil technology, applied in the direction of refining by filtration, etc., can solve the problems of low processing efficiency, poor operating environment, high labor intensity of cleaning and maintenance, etc., and achieve the effect of optimizing the processing process

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Shale oil contains some paraffin. At present, to extract paraffin from shale oil, the shale raw oil is usually distilled under atmospheric pressure and vacuum to obtain waxy distillate oil with a boiling range of 340-420°C. The wax oil is stored in the crystallizer. After cooling ...
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The invention discloses a wax oil treatment device and working method. The device includes a wax oil storage tank, a liquid supply pump, a tubular filter, a nitrogen gas storage tank and a waste oil storage tank. The method includes filling, filtering, pressurizing and deslagging. On a principle of not changing the wax oil composition and aiming at defects and weaknesses existing in a conventional neutralized juice clarification treatment device, improvement and reinforcement are carried out; and through optimization of a treatment process of the conventional device, the whole wax oil treatment device achieves on-line cleaning, continuous filtration and totally-enclosed operation, has no need of external connection with a cleaning liquid, and has no wastewater discharge.

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Refining by filtration

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  • Wax oil treatment device and working method


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[0015] like figure 1 As shown, the specific embodiment of the present invention mainly includes the following steps: the wax oil enters the filter after being pressurized by the liquid supply pump, the filter is kept at a temperature of 80-90°C to prevent the wax oil from coagulating, and the wax oil passes through the filter element from outside to inside Filtration, insoluble asphaltenes and colloids are separated by the filter element, and the clean wax oil goes to the next-stage processing unit. The asphaltene and colloid on the surface of the filter element are pressurized with nitrogen, and the residual wax oil is followed by blasting and backblowing to decake. Drain the filter.


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