Traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care

A composition and technology of traditional Chinese medicine, applied in the field of traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care, can solve problems such as inability to cure, poor curative effect, and easy recurrence of the disease, and achieve the effect of scientific and reasonable composition, no toxic side effects, and obvious curative effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-02-03
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[0004] Treatment usually uses lotion, cream, etc. with antipruritic effect, but it can...
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The present invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care, and belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines, wherein the raw materials in the formula comprise 10-15 parts of dandelion, 5-10 parts of sophora flavescens ait, 4-6 parts of cnidium monnieri, 4-6 parts of artemisia argyi, 5-10 parts of agrimonia pilosa ledeb, 10-15 parts of albizzia julibrissin durazz., 5-10 parts of herba cyperi micheliani, 4-6 parts of perilla frutescens leaf, 10-15 parts of sedum sarmentosum bunge, 12-15 parts of honeysuckle, 3-5 parts of forsythia suspensa, and 6-8 parts of smilax glabra roxb. According to the present invention, the traditional Chinese medicine composition is based on the awareness and treatment principle of the gynecologic disease pathologic mechanism, the traditional Chinese medicine is used as the raw material, and the repeated verification is performed through the clinical trials so as to prepare the traditional Chinese medicine composition; and the traditional Chinese medicine composition has characteristics of scientific and rational formula, unique compatibility and no toxic-side effect, has effects of heat clearing, detoxification, diuresis promoting, stranguria dredging, wind-evil dispelling, insect disinfestations, qi depression relieving, nerve calming, qi regulating, blood nourishing, significant gynecological disease treatment effect and the like, and meets the traditional Chinese medicine theory.

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Nervous disorderAntiinfectives +5

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Side effectHoneysuckle +18


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1:
[0025] The traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care in this embodiment is made from the following raw material formulations: 10 parts of dandelion, 5 parts of Sophora flavescens, 4 parts of Cnidium, 4 parts of wormwood, 5 parts of Agrimonia, and 10 parts of Albizia Parts, 5 parts of heart-protecting grass, 4 parts of perilla leaves, 10 parts of weeping pot grass, 12 parts of honeysuckle, 3 parts of Forsythia, 6 parts of Smilax china.

Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 2:
[0027] The traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care in this embodiment is made from the following raw material formula: 15 parts of dandelion, 10 parts of Sophora flavescens, 6 parts of Cnidium, 6 parts of wormwood, 10 parts of Agrimony, 15 parts of Albizia Parts, 10 parts of heart-protecting grass, 6 parts of perilla leaf, 15 parts of weeping pot grass, 15 parts of honeysuckle, 5 parts of Forsythia, 8 parts of Smilax smilax.

Example Embodiment

[0028] Example 3:
[0029] The traditional Chinese medicine composition for gynecological care in this embodiment is made from the following raw material formulations: 12 parts of dandelion, 8 parts of Sophora flavescens, 5 parts of Cnidium, 5 parts of wormwood, 8 parts of Agrimony, 12 parts of Albizia Parts, 8 parts of heart-protecting grass, 5 parts of perilla leaves, 12 parts of weeping pot grass, 13 parts of honeysuckle, 4 parts of Forsythia, 7 parts of Smilax china.
[0030] The medication method of the traditional Chinese medicine preparation of the present invention:
[0031] 1. After weighing the raw materials of Chinese medicines according to the formula, put the medicines in a casserole, add water according to the total amount of the medicines at 1:3, decoc on a slow fire, and extract the supernatant after 15-20 minutes after boiling; The amount of 1:1.5, add water, simmer and boil, 15-20 minutes after boiling, extract the supernatant;
[0032] 2. After mixing the two extracted supernatants, put them in a casserole and heat them until the amount of medicine is 150ml-200ml;
[0033] 3. Divide the medicinal solution into two doses, once in the morning and once in the evening, one pair a day, 3 days as a course of treatment.


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