High-performance narrowband fluorescent powder and preparation method thereof

A fluorescent powder, high-performance technology, applied in chemical instruments and methods, luminescent materials, electrical components, etc., can solve the problems of low external quantum efficiency and instability of red fluorescent powder, achieve low cost, improve moisture resistance, and excellent performance Effect

Active Publication Date: 2019-02-01
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the defects or deficiencies of low external quantum efficiency and instability in high-tem...
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Method used

The phosphor powder of embodiment 3 passivation is combined with β-SiAlON:Eu2+green powder and blue light chip to prepare the white light LED device of different light colors, one of them white light LED device electrolu...
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The invention relates to high-performance narrowband fluorescent powder and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises: S1, dissolving hexafluoromanganate in an HF solution, addinga silicon-containing compound and a cesium-containing compound under stirring to obtain a mixture; S2, carrying out a co-precipitation reaction at a temperature of -40 to -10 DEGC to obtain a precipitate, carrying out centrifugation, washing, and drying to obtain a Cs2SiF6:Mn<4+> fluorescent powder initial product; and S3, adding the Cs2SiF6:Mn<4+> fluorescent powder initial product into an acidsolution, adding a reducing solution under stirring, stirring, carrying out centrifugation, washing, and drying to obtain the high-performance narrowband fluorescent powder. According to the present invention, the preparation method has advantages of low cost, simplicity, easy operation and excellent performance, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production; and the prepared high-performance narrowband fluorescent powder has advantages of high quantum efficiency and good moisture resistance.

Application Domain

Luminescent compositionsSemiconductor devices

Technology Topic

NarrowbandPrecipitation +6


  • High-performance narrowband fluorescent powder and preparation method thereof
  • High-performance narrowband fluorescent powder and preparation method thereof
  • High-performance narrowband fluorescent powder and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0040] Embodiment 1~4
[0041] This example provides Cs 2 SiF 6 : Mn 4+ The phosphor is prepared by the following preparation method.
[0042] (1) K 2 MnF 6 preparation
[0043] K was prepared according to the method described in Angew. Chem-Ger. Edit. 65, 304-304 (1953) 2 MnF 6 crystal.
[0044] Put 0.45 g KMnO 4 and 9 g KHF 2 Dissolved in 30 ml of hydrofluoric acid (49%), stirred for 30 minutes, and then gradually added dropwise about 1.2 ml of hydrogen peroxide (30 wt.%), a yellow precipitate was gradually formed in the solution, and the solution was filtered to obtain the precipitate, and acetone was used to obtain the precipitate. After cleaning, bake at 80°C for 2 hours to obtain K 2 MnF 6.
[0045] Each embodiment starts with K 2 MnF 6 As the manganese source, other manganese sources, such as cesium hexafluoromanganate, also have the same effect.
[0046] (2) Cs before passivation 2 SiF 6 : Mn 4+ Preparation of phosphors
[0047] A certain amount of potassium hexafluoromanganate (K 2 MnF 6 ) was dissolved in 6.5 ml of HF (40 wt. %) solution; then, 0.93 ml of fluorosilicic acid (H 2 SiF 6 32 wt. %) and 0.8146 g of cesium carbonate (Cs 2 CO 3 ); transferred to a low-temperature constant temperature water bath, and stirred at -40 °C for 30 min to obtain a precipitate; finally, the obtained precipitate was centrifuged, washed with methanol, and dried at 50 °C for 2 h to obtain an orange phosphor.
[0048] (3) Cs after passivation 2 SiF 6 : Mn 4+ Preparation of phosphors
[0049] take Cs 2 SiF 6 :Mn 4+ The phosphor powder was added to 1 mL of acidic solution; a certain amount of reducing solution was added under stirring conditions, followed by stirring for 30 min; finally, the solid-liquid system was centrifuged, washed with methanol, and dried at 50 °C for 2 h to obtain the passivated phosphor powder .
[0050] In the embodiment 1~4, each condition is controlled as table 1:
[0051] Table 1 Cs 2 SiF 6 : Mn 4+ Phosphor Preparation Condition Control

Example Embodiment

[0053] Embodiment 5~6

Example Embodiment

[0054] Example 5 is the same as Example 3 except that the selected silicon-containing compound is ethyl orthosilicate (0.5208 g). Prepared Cs 2 SiF 6 :Mn 4+ The properties of the phosphor are similar to those of Example 3.


Particle size5.0 ~ 20.0µm

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