Making method of honeydew beef

A production method and technology of beef, which are applied to the functions of food ingredients, food ingredients as taste improvers, food ingredients as taste improvers, etc., can solve the problems of microbial growth and reproduction, backward processing technology, and lack of beef flavor, etc., to achieve extended Shelf life, enhance health care effect, meet the effect of green food processing

Pending Publication Date: 2019-11-05
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[0002] Beef is one of the foods that people love to eat, and it is one of the most consumed meat products in China, second only to pork, and beef has high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, and is deeply loved by people; During the processing and storage of traditional beef products, they are affected by factors such as internal oxygen and external light, which easily cause pigment decomposition and discoloration
[0003] Honey beef has a unique flavor and is easy to eat. It is a traditional delicacy in my country. It has been loved by consumers for a long time. However, the traditional processing technology of honey beef is backward...
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The invention discloses a making method of honeydew beef. The making method specifically comprises the following content of firstly performing fishy smell removal on beef, and performing preservationtreatment; making nutritive honeydew, then performing mixing and decoction to obtain finished products, wherein in the decoction process, barrel-shaped bone juice and honey are added; and finally performing precooling, performing vacuum packing, and performing microwave low-temperature sterilization so as to obtain the honeydew beef. The honeydew beef jerky is rosy and uniform in color, fragrant,crisp and sweet in mouth feel, chewy and convenient to carry and eat; through kneading, the beef can be tenderized, and the texture of the beef is good; traditional Chinese medicine liquid is added for reinforcing the health-care efficacy of the beef; firstly, the beef is subjected to the preservation treatment, and then the preserved beef, the honeydew and the barrel-shaped bone juice are subjected to mixing and decoction, so that the taste and the nutrition can penetrate into the inner parts of the beef, and the honeydew beef is rich in fragrance, soft in mouth feel and convenient to chew; and in the making process, through enzyme deactivation and microwave sterilization, bacterium invasion can be effectively reduced, the quality guarantee period can be prolonged, and the processing of green foods can be met.

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Food ingredient as taste affecting agentNatural extract food ingredients +2

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Traditional Chinese medicineLow temperature sterilization +5


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Embodiment 1: the preparation method of honey beef, specifically includes the following content:
[0018] (1) Pretreatment of beef: Select fresh beef to remove fascia and blood and drain the water, then cut into small pieces of 4-5cm square and store at 10°C, and then undergo deodorization and pickling in sequence; The deodorizing treatment is to add 2 times the amount of cooking wine, and tumble and knead at 10 ° C for 35 minutes; in the salting treatment, the beef grains are put into the marinating solution and marinated for 3 days, and the marinating temperature is controlled to be 12 ° C, and the marinating is completed. After that, the beef grains are naturally drained, and the pickling preparation is made by mixing 1.5g of star anise powder, 2g of prickly ash, 48g of anise, 17g of cumin, 3g of ginger, 8g of salt and 1L of water;
[0019] (2) Production of honey juice: based on 1000g beef, honey juice consists of 45g of lemon, 60g of tomato, 15g of lotus leaf, 10g of mint, 10g of hawthorn, and 8g of wolfberry; the preparation method is to weigh the above-mentioned raw materials, wash them and chop them into pieces And add an appropriate amount of pure water, mix and beat, then add 4.5% cellulase and 3.0% papain to it, heat the water bath to 55 ° C, enzymatic hydrolysis for 1.5 h, continue to heat up to 100 ° C for high temperature inactivation of enzymes, and concentrate the slurry to 150ml , get honey juice;
[0020] (3) Mix the above-mentioned pretreated beef with honey juice, add 150ml honey juice and 90ml tube bone juice based on 1000g beef, simmer for 35 minutes to collect the juice, cool the beef naturally to 50°C, add 35ml honey, Stir evenly;
[0021] (4) The braised beef is pre-cooled to below 10°C by a vacuum pre-cooler, vacuum-packed, and sterilized by microwave at low temperature to make honey beef. The microwave power is 250W, the temperature is 38°C, and the sterilization time is 15s.
[0022] In the step (1), a Chinese medicinal liquid is added during the beef rolling and kneading process, and the traditional Chinese medicinal liquid is prepared by mixing and decocting honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, astragalus, and Codonopsis in a ratio of 7:4:2.5:1.


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