Floating seedling raising method for Pinus yunnanensis

A technology for floating seedling cultivation and pine yunnanensis, applied in horticultural methods, botanical equipment and methods, horticulture, etc., can solve the problems of pine forest stand quality decline, low quality and low efficiency, and increased proportion of pine pine on the site, so as to improve the survival rate of seedlings , Good large-scale production, and convenient for centralized handling

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-01-14
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Yunnan pine is the main timber tree species in Southwest China. However, the local people have been harvesting and utilizing it for a long time in the way of "cutting big and leaving small, cutting straight and leaving bends", which has led to a decline in the quality of Yunnan pine stands, and the proportion of "bent twisted pine and ground pine" has continued...
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The invention discloses a floating seedling raising method for Pinus yunnanensis, which is characterized in that a floating tray is nested in a black seedling raising tray, 160 holes are formed in thefloating tray, light perlite is adopted in the holes to imitate the growth environment of Pinus yunnanensis, planting in a nutrient solution is performed, the room temperature is controlled at the same time, seedlings are raised until the roots reach 10 cm, and the seedlings are transplanted into nonwoven bags. The method has high seedling rate and lower seedling raising cost, and is simple, easyto perform and suitable for popularization.

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[0031] Example
[0032] The invention provides a floating seedling raising method of pine yunnanensis, comprising the following steps:
[0033] S1: Seed Preprocessing
[0034] The seeds were wrapped with gauze and soaked in 12.00mg/L indole acetic acid (IBA) solution for 2h, rinsed and soaked in clean water for 24h, then taken out and soaked in 70% anhydrous ethanol for 2.5min, sterile water Rinse for 4 times; then soak in 2.5% sodium hypochlorite solution for 15min, rinse with sterile water for 5 times, for use;
[0035] S2: Selection and disinfection of floating trays and nursery trays
[0036] The floating tray and black seedling tray of certain specifications are soaked and disinfected in 0.5% potassium permanganate solution, and then rinsed with clean water;
[0037] S3: Preparation of seedling substrate
[0038] The irradiated light matrix perlite is put into the cell of the floating plate with a depth of about 4.5cm, and then compacted;
[0039] S4: Seeding
[0040] Sow the seeds in the hole grid, sow 1 to 2 seeds in each hole grid, and then cover the perlite to be flush with the disk surface, and then put the floating disk into the black seedling tray, the upper part is in contact with the air, and the lower part is immersed at a height of 10cm of purified water,
[0041] Before the seeds germinate, put a black plastic bag on each seedling tray, and the room temperature is controlled at 25℃±2℃. After about 15 days, the seeds begin to germinate, and the black plastic bag is removed;
[0042] S5: After 50 days of seed germination, replace the prepared nutrient solution in the seedling tray, and replace it every two months; at the same time, add 5 drops of eye drops containing chloramphenicol to each seedling tray; add oxygen to the nutrient solution every week 1 time.
[0043] S6: Transplanting
[0044] When the root length was 10 cm, the seedlings were transferred to an open non-woven bag with a size of 20 cm x 20 cm.
[0045] The size of the seedling tray is 550mm×350mm×400mm.
[0046] The formula for 1000mL of nutrient solution is:
[0047] 996.50ml macroelements (KNO 3 0.34g·L -1 +Ca(NO 3 ) 4H 2 O 1.77g·L -1 +MgSO 4 ·7H 2 O0.49g·L -1 +KNO3 0.25g·L -1 )+1ml trace elements (H 3 BO 3 2.86g·L -1 +MnCl 2 ·4H 2 O 1.81g·L -1 +ZnSO 4 ·7H 2 O 0.22g·L -1 +CuSO 4 ·5H 2 O 0.08g·L -1 +H 2 MoO 4 ·H 2 O 0.02g·L -1)+2.5ml iron salt solution (FeSO 4 ·7H 2 O 2.78g·L -1 +EDTA 3.73g·L -1 ).
[0048] The floating plate is a polystyrene plastic foam with a size of 540mm×344mm×58mm, and 160 holes are evenly distributed, and the size of each hole is 27mm×27mm×50mm.
[0049] The floating tray is nested into the black seedling tray.
[0050] In step S6, the non-woven bag filled with the irradiated mixed light matrix is ​​a volume ratio of perlite and vermiculite of 1:1.


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