Quick replacing process for 600kg/m-or-under special-shaped blank continuous casting tundish

A special-shaped billet continuous casting and tundish technology, which is applied in the field of steelmaking and continuous casting, can solve the problems of vibration and other problems, and achieve the effect of shortening the process time

Pending Publication Date: 2020-04-03
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a process operation method and device for quick change of tundish for continuous casting of shaped billets below 600kg/m, and reduce vibration load by taking m...
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Method used

In above-mentioned " liquid surface pulls in place " project, the steel liquid level height in the crystallizer is dropped to the position of 450-600mm ...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of steelmaking and continuous casting of steel, and particularly relates to a process organization method for quickly replacing a tundish of a continuous casting machine with a section of 600kg/m or under of a special-shaped blank. The invention provides a technological operation method and device for quick replacement of a 600kg/m-or-under special-shaped blank continuous casting tundish. By taking measures, the process time of quick replacement of the tundish is shortened, the vibration load is reduced by reducing friction force, and the problem that vibration cannot be achieved in the small-section quick replacement process of the special-shaped blank is solved. The success of the small-section tundish quick replacement fills the blank of thesmall-section tundish quick replacement of the special-shaped blank continuous casting machine in China.

Technology Topic

TundishManufacturing engineering +6


  • Quick replacing process for 600kg/m-or-under special-shaped blank continuous casting tundish
  • Quick replacing process for 600kg/m-or-under special-shaped blank continuous casting tundish


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0025] Example 1
[0026] The tundish capacity is 30 tons, the cross-sectional thickness of the mold is 130mm, and the length of the mold is 1100mm. The specific implementation process is as follows:
[0027] The first step: about 10 minutes before the replacement of the middle package, the mold powder in the mold is reduced.
[0028] Step 2: After each flow is blocked, the operation box operation: pull speed back to 0→stop pulling correction→click quick change mode on P3 panel and confirm that the quick change button light is always on; use L-shaped oxygen tube immediately after blocking flow Stir the box body → put the plug-in connector in the liquid steel → open the package car and start the pulling leveling at the same time to pull the mold liquid level to a position of 600mm from the upper mouth of the mold, stop the pulling leveling and prepare for pouring.
[0029] During the above-mentioned operation, install the long cork centerer on the spare tundish in advance. After the connector is plugged in, the spare tundish and the online tundish will act at the same time. After the spare tundish is in place, the bale will be poured immediately.
[0030] Step 3: Issue a pouring instruction to quickly set the liquid level of the tundish to 10 tons and measure the temperature. Each stream starts pouring at the same time. When the liquid level of the tundish continues to rise rapidly to 15 tons, measure the temperature again, and adjust the tundish slowly according to the molten steel temperature. Liquid level.
[0031] Before pouring, adjust the pulling speed of the operating box to BB0: 0.3m/min, BB1\BB2: 0.2m/min, BB3: 0.15m/min, when the mold steel level rises to about 50mm from the bottom of the funnel (Operation box displays 20%-30%), add mold powder and start the correction (the vibration does not need to press the start button again, the mode of changing the package will directly change to the casting state, and the button with light will self-extinguish), and then according to the actual liquid level Adjust the pulling speed. Subsequent pouring is the same as single pouring.
[0032] Through the above embodiments, the success of the quick-change tundish for the continuous casting of special-shaped billets below 600kg/m has been realized, filling the gap in the small-section quick-change tundish of the domestic special-shaped billet continuous casting machine. The annual saving of material costs is 290,000 yuan, and the annual output can be increased by 300t*15 groups/month*12 months=5.4 million tons.

Example Embodiment

[0033] Example 2
[0034] A centralizer dedicated to the quick-change process for the continuous casting tundish of profiled blanks below 600kg/m as claimed in claim 1, the structure includes a columnar intermediate body 1, and cone-shaped extensions 3 are arranged at both ends of the intermediate body, one of the two There is an arc transition section 2 in between, the cylindrical intermediate length is 54 mm, the diameter is 33 mm, the arc transition section length is 18 mm, and the arc radius is 30 mm. The cone-shaped extension has an outer end diameter of 14.5 mm and an inner end diameter of 16 mm. , Length 205 mm.



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