Method for preparing liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material with three-dimensional reversible drive

A technology for liquid crystal elastomers and smart materials, applied in liquid crystal materials, chemical instruments and methods, etc., can solve the problems that the liquid crystal cells are not fully oriented, cannot produce reversible deformation, and the single domain is easy to disappear, and achieve stable orientation and method. Simple, low-cost effect

Active Publication Date: 2020-08-04
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Problems solved by technology

There is a main problem in this method, that is, the single domain is easy to disappear due to the rapid exchange reaction catalyzed by the catalyst after the material is deformed at high temperature and multiple times; another disadvantage is that the degree of orientation caused by external stretching...
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Method used

The preparation method of this three-dimensional reversible driving liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material that the present invention proposes, at first carry out external force deformation for the to-be-processed part of liquid crystal elastomer material, transform it into a three-dimensional...
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The invention discloses a method for preparing a liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material with three-dimensional reversible drive. A dynamic covalent bond is introduced into a liquid crystal elastomer, the liquid crystal elastomer is converted into a three-dimensional structure by using an external force, and an exchange reaction in a system is activated under external stimulation (such as light and heat), so that liquid crystal element orientation caused by external force deformation is fixed, and the liquid crystal elastomer reversibly changes between a three-dimensional shape and a film. According to the method, the liquid crystal elastomer can have three-dimensional reversible drive without a catalyst, liquid crystal element orientation through stretching or overall orientation ofthe liquid crystal element.

Application Domain

Liquid crystal compositions

Technology Topic

Composite materialThree dimensional shape +4


  • Method for preparing liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material with three-dimensional reversible drive
  • Method for preparing liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material with three-dimensional reversible drive


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Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 1:
[0028] The liquid crystal elastomer used in this embodiment is a liquid crystal elastomer that can undergo transesterification reaction and contains biphenyl mesogens. Specifically, 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl diglycidyl ether and sebacic acid are used at a high temperature of 180°C. The liquid crystal elastomer is obtained after melting, stirring, and heating for 4 hours.
[0029] See figure 1 , Specifically describe the method of preparing the liquid crystal elastomer smart material with three-dimensional reversible drive according to the present invention:
[0030] First, use external force to fold the elongated spline of the three-dimensional reversibly driven liquid crystal elastomer smart material of the present invention into 90°. At this time, the liquid crystal cells at the corners will be rearranged, and then the folding deformation is maintained at a high temperature. (180°C) for 2 hours, the transesterification reaction in the liquid crystal elastomer during this process will fix the orientation of the mesogen at the corner, and finally the corner shape of the mesogen will be fixed after it is cooled to room temperature.
[0031] See figure 2 , Specifically describe the process by which the preparation method of the present invention enables the liquid crystal elastomer material to achieve reversible changes:
[0032] figure 1 The liquid crystal elastomer after operation and treatment has spontaneous and reversible three-dimensional deformation at room temperature (the liquid crystal phase at this time) and high temperature (such as 120° C., at this time the isotropic phase). In this way, reversible changes between the two shapes can be repeatedly achieved.
[0033] The above embodiments use more common liquid crystal elastomer materials as examples, but it should be understood that the patent of the present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned materials. For transesterification reactions, transcarbamyl reactions, and transalkylation reactions. Liquid crystal elastomer materials such as alkoxy exchange reaction, olefin metathesis reaction, transamination reaction, imine exchange reaction, etc., can be obtained by adopting the method of the present invention to obtain a liquid crystal elastomer intelligent material with three-dimensional reversible drive.


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